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Impossible Compression

If you believe in mathematics (in particular information theory), or just based on some common sense, then 100% compression is impossible.  Imagine compressing your favorite high-def movie (multiple Giga-bytes) down into zero bytes... if you could do that, then you could fit every movie on an archaic floppy disk (which generally hold 1/1000 of Giga-byte, or less).
Some compression software does really amazing jobs in certain cases... compression rates of 90%, 95%, and 99.99% can be achieved with "highly redundant" data.  For example a file with all zeros.  Or a "video" where every frame is exactly the same (of course if you watched it, you would "see" a still image). I am not talking about 99.9% compression for "highly redundant" data.  I am talking about true 100% compression of non-redundant data!!!
Repeat: I am talking about true 100% compression of non-redundant data!
For example, take a look at the image below... note it was made for an old 8-bit computer so it is not very high-resolution (but the principle will work for modern systems too).  As you are looking at the image, ask yourself how many colors you see (my answers are listed below).
Image of Britney Spears with 100% color component compression!
Here is what I see:
 Pink (light red)
 Cyan (blue-green)
The image was created with a well-known technique of dithering which is designed to emulate colors by a dense mixture of colors... for example "red" and "black" kind of resemble brown (the eyebrows) and the "yellow-green" + "black" + "white" = blonde hair.  While "black" + "white" seems like a natural way to emulate gray, you can see in this image (look at the teeth) that sometimes unexpected colors are used (the gaps between the teeth are actually "cyan").
Before I posted this, I asked several people to give their opinion (just in case my color vision is wacko) and they said pretty much the same thing.  So I am not (totally) crazy!  Anyway, to be sure that you are not crazy, take another look at that image and ask yourself this: how many shades of red do you see?
The Truth  
To my suprise (and everyone who has responded to my inquiries), the image contains 0 shades of red... no red, no pink, no orange, and no violet!  So the pink / red you see the image is generated by 0 bytes of data.... 100% compression.  The impossible made real.  Are we living in The Matrix?
My impossible compression code may be purchased for $4 billion dollars.  Yeah, it is priceless, but because I like you, I am giving you a discount!
No Tricks  
I presented the impossible compression (above) without showing you the source image. This is so you can't blame me for introducing a "bias" in order to trick you.
No tricks; the image above really features 100% red compression!!
However, to allow you to make a better decision before ordering my expensive software, I now present the source image.... that is without dithering or color compression. Now you can compare the two images "after the fact" (after I told you what was impossible), and decide for yourself! I think you will agree this is 100% real and No Tricks were used. If for some reason you think I am being deceptive, please contact me and explain!!!
Image of Britney Spears before impossible compression

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