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Faction Test Result

After taking my faction test (the results were mainly text and bar graphs), I decided to convert the data into a pie graph... because I'm a nerd like that!  Here is my result...
Pie Graph showing my faction alignments (in summary, Divergent)

In case those obscure English terms leave you clueless, I'll rephrase them...
  • Erudite = Intelligent
  • Dauntless = Brave
  • Candor = Truthful
  • Abnegation = Selfless
  • Amity = Kind
Because I did not score significantly high for any one faction, the test was inconclusive for me.  Or in other words, I am Divergent.

I was thinking I would be easily (majority) aligned with Erudite, with Dauntless coming in a distant second... so I was surprised by the test.  I was also, initially, surprised I scored so high in Candor, but in retrospect, my blatant honesty explains that result.  I was also initially shocked to see my score for Amity was so low... until I thought about how some (most?) people consider me "cold"... that got me thinking that I really identify with the character Sameen Shaw on Person of Interest.  She has been described as a person who is not truly emotionless, but just has the "volume" of her emotions dialed down low...  Because I relate to her character, and based on others opinions of my emotions, I think the faction test was spot on!

I took another faction test available here.  This one didn't give any numerical results or any bar/pie graph; the result was simply "Inconclusive.  You broke the system.  You fit in two or more different factions..."  Hmm, well, at least I am consistent! :)

Finally, let me say I have no idea how the faction test is evaluated... with 5 factions, I'm thinking you should score less than 20% in each of 4 "residual" factions, and the remainder (21% or more) in the dominant ("result") faction.  Or in other words, if you score 21% (or more) in multiple factions then the test is inconclusive (the test-taker is divergent).  Just my theory...

This is really just a fun test based on a fictional novel (series) by Veronica Roth.  However, I think it is not complete garbage.  For example, on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (a.k.a., Jung Typology) test, I am classified as an INTJ.  Which has been described, in part, as

"[a type which] produces an unusual independence of mind, freeing the INTJ from the constraints of authority, convention, or sentiment for its own sake... INTJs have also been known to take it upon themselves to implement critical decisions without consulting their supervisors or co-workers."

Hopefully you see how my Jung Typology test aligns with the Divergent faction test!   (I'm guessing this is the main reason Divergents are feared and persecuted in the novels and films... they are difficult if not impossible to control).  I imagine there are other Myers-Briggs (Jung) personality types that would also be classified as Divergent (but I don't know what they are).

Anyway, I've reduced all of the above into a simple equation:
   ∇ • H2Obsession ≠ 0

Now I'm going off-topic.  I was bored and decided to create a graph of my Jung personality type...

4D graph of my Jung personality test (INTJ)

As you can see, I'm actually near the origin of the graph.  That is, fairly well-balanced (not extreme in any trait).  Kind of interesting, then, that I would be Divergent... but I'm thinking a lot of people from modern society (but, perhaps, not the majority) would be classified as Divergent.

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