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MASK Characters

MASK is the name of a fictional set of characters (and vehicles) from its corresponding line of Kenner toys.  This universe of characters consists of two major factions:
  • M.A.S.K. = Mobile Armored Strike Kommand (the good guys).  Note the last word of the acronym is spelled as "Kommand" contrary to the conventional spelling "Command".  This unconventional spelling predates (and perhaps influenced) the name of "Mortal Kombat" (a popular arcade game which was released a few years later).  This unconventional spelling was predated by Kool cigarettes.
  • V.E.N.O.M. = Vicious Evil Network Of Mayhem (the bad guys).  Note they passed 4th grade spelling class.
Each character (regardless of MASK or VENOM affiliation) has at least one physical helmet ("mask") and one primary vehicle, as listed below.  Note that some characters may be assigned to multiple vehicles.  In these cases, each individual character will have multiple masks (one per vehicle).

Finally, note that my table only includes characters/masks/vehicles from Season 1 of the MASK cartoon series (this is the majority of characters/masks/vehicles).  A complete list is available from Wikipedia but it lacks images.  Another great source of information is M.A.S.K. Wiki which includes a lot of images but is scattered across multiple web pages.

Allegiance Character Mask(s) Vehicle(s) Description
MASK Ace Riker
Image of Ace Riker
Image of 'Ricochet' helmet
Image of 'Slingshot' vehicle
Ace Riker is a former NASA test pilot.
His "Ricochet" helmet fires an energy-based boomerang.
His "Slingshot" vehicle is an RV (Recreational Vehicle) which launches
a simple-looking aircraft (reminiscent of USAF prototype Bell X-1).
MASK Alex Sector
Image of Alex Sector
Jack Rabbit
Image of 'Jack Rabbit' helmet
(sub) Rhino
Image of 'Rhino Trailer' vehicle
Alex Sector is a botanist and communications expert.
His "Jack Rabbit" helmet allows him to hover and fly (Hummingbird?).
He is usually the copilot of Rhino, but in a very few episodes he commands
(or rides upon) a 6-wheeler that detaches from Rhino.
MASK Brad Turner
Image of Brad Turner
Hocus Pocus
Image of 'Hocus Pocus' helmet
Image of 'Condor' vehicle
Brad Turner is an expert helicopter pilot (and musician).
His "Hocus Pocus" helmet projects holograms.
His "Condor" vehicle is a sport bike which converts to a helicopter.
MASK Bruce Sato
Image of Bruce Sato
Image of 'Lifter' helmet
Image of 'Rhino' vehicle
Bruce Sato is a mechanical engineer (and toy designer).
His "Lifter" helmet allows him to levitate (or at least stop descent)
of people and medium-sized vehicles.
His "Rhino" vehicle is a Kenworth W900 tractor which converts
into a mobile battle platform (provides "tank" and "anti-aircraft" support).
MASK Buddy Hawks
Image of Buddy Hawks
Image of 'Penatrator' helmet
Image of 'Firecracker' vehicle
Buddy Hawks is an automobile mechanic and a master of disguise.
His "Penetrator" helmet phases himself (and sometimes his vehicle)
out of normal space (allowing unhindered passage through matter).
His "Firecracker" vehicle is a dually pickup truck which converts
into a ground assault vehicle.  It can also carry a dirt bike.
(He was co-pilot of Firecracker until Hondo MacLean got his own vehicle.)
MASK Calhoun Burns
Image of Calhoun Burns
Image of 'Gulliver' helmet
Image of 'Raven' vehicle
Calhoun Burns is a construction and demolitions expert.
His "Gulliver" helmet temporarily changes the size of an object.
His "Raven" vehicle is a Chevrolet Corvette that converts into a seaplane.
MASK Dusty Hayes
Image of Dusty Hayes
Image of 'Backlash' helmet
Image of 'Gator' vehicle
Dusty Hayes is a stunt car driver (and pizza chef).
His "Backlash" helmet fires a kinetic pulse train.
His "Gator" vehicle is a Jeep CJ7 that launches a hydroplane
(which is armed with a "laser" gun and depth charge).
Image of 'Gator' vehicle
MASK Gloria Baker
Image of Gloria Baker
Image of 'Aura' helmet
Image of 'Shark' vehicle
Gloria Baker is a race car driver and master of Kung Fu.
Her "Aura" helmet can move and protect objects (including people).
Her "Shark" vehicle is a Porsche 928 that converts into a submarine.
MASK Hondo MacLean
Image of Hondo MacLean
Image of 'Blaster' helmet
Image of 'Firecracker' vehicle
Hondo MacLean is a weapons specialist (and history professor).
His "Blaster" helmet (two versions) fires an intense radiation beam.
His (first) "Firecracker" vehicle is a dually pickup truck which converts
into a ground assault vehicle.  It can also carry a dirt bike.
His (second) vehicle is called either "Hurricane" or "Night Stalker",
and is a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air that converts into a ground assault vehicle.
(Both vehicles feature a spare tire that can be fired as a weapon!)
Blaster II
Image of 'Blaster II' helmet
Image of 'Hurricane' vehicle
MASK Jaques LeFleur
Image of Jaques LeFleur
Image of 'Miraj' helmet
Image of 'Volcano' vehicle
Jaques LeFleur is a natural disaster expert (and hardware store clerk).
His "Miraj" helmet renders himself (and the vehicle that he rides) invisible.
His "Volcano" vehicle is a Monster Truck/Van that converts
into an anti-aircraft turret with ground-support abilities.
MASK Julio Lopez
Image of Julio Lopez
Image of 'Streamer' helmet
Image of 'Firefly' vehicle
Julio Lopez is an expert in cryptography (and a family doctor).
His "Streamer" helmet fires a variety of liquids (glue, fire extinguisher, etc.).
His "Firefly" vehicle is a hybrid Formula Three / Dune Buggy which converts
into quad turboprop airplane.
MASK Matt Trakker
Image of Matt Trakker
Image of 'Spectrum' helmet
Image of 'Thunderhawk' vehicle
Matt Trakker is a philanthropist and the leader of M.A.S.K.
His "Spectrum" helmet has large number of features:
  • Broadband photon scanner
  • High-power energy beam ("laser")
  • Reduced-gravity field ("hand-glider")
  • Classified (as the plot demands)
His "Thunderhawk" vehicle is a gull-winged Chevrolet Camaro that converts
into a jet fighter.

His "Ultra-Flash" helmet emits an intense, blinding light.
Occasionally he will command "Rhino" (see above / Bruce Sato).

His "Lava Shot" helmet fires globs of molten metal.
Occasionally he will command "Volcano" (see above / Jaques LeFleur).

Image of Matt Trakker Ultra-Flash
Image of 'Ultra-Flash' helmet
Image of 'Rhino' vehicle
Lava Shot
Image of 'Lava Shot' helmet
Image of 'Volcano' vehicle
MASK Scott Trakker
Image of Scott Trakker
n/a T-Bob
Image of 'T-Bob' vehicle
Scott Trakker is a juvenile hacker and the son of Matt Trakker.
He has no techno-helmet because he is not an official MASK member.
His "T-Bob" (Thing-a-ma-bob) is a robot that converts into a motor scooter.
(In a few rare episodes, T-Bob converts into jet ski mode.)

VENOM Bruno Sheppard
Image of Bruno Sheppard
Image of 'Magna-Beam' helmet
Image of 'Scorpion' vehicle
Bruno Sheppard specializes in unarmed combat and kidnapping.
His "Magna-Beam" helmet can attract/repel any metal object
which can be magnetized.
His vehicle, called "Scorpion" or "Stinger", is a 1971 Pontiac GTO that converts
into a tank (with a large extendable claw in the trunk).
VENOM Cliff Dagger
Image of Cliff Dagger
Image of 'Torch' helmet
Image of 'Jackhammer' vehicle
Cliff Dagger is an arsonist, brawler, and an expert in demolitions.
His "Torch" helmet shoots balls of fire.
His "Jackhammer" vehicle is Ford Bronco that converts into an assault platform
(providing both ground attack and anti-aircraft capabilities).
VENOM Floyd Malloy
Image of Floyd Malloy
Image of 'Buckshot' helmet
Image of 'Vampire' vehicle
Floyd Malloy is an expert in forgery and a former bike-gang leader.
His "Buckshot" mask fires a stream of ball bearings.
His "Vampire" vehicle is a sport bike which converts into a small jet fighter.
Image of 'Vampire' vehicle
VENOM Miles Mayhem
Image of Miles Mayhem
Image of 'Viper' helmet
Image of 'Switchblade' vehicle
Miles Mayhem is the leader of V.E.N.O.M.
His "Viper" mask shoots globs of concentrated acid.
His "Switchblade" is a helicopter that converts into a 4G Jet Fighter.

His "Python" mask fires a snare line (similar to "Whip"?)
Occasionally he will command "Outlaw" (see below / Nash Gorey).
Image of Miles Mayhem Python
Image of 'Python' helmet
Image of 'Outlaw' vehicle
VENOM Nash Gorey
Image of Nash Gorey
Image of 'Powerhouse' helmet
Image of 'Outlaw' vehicle
Nash Gorey is a hacker and spy.
His "Powerhouse" / "Samson" helmet makes him physically 10X stronger.
His "Outlaw" vehicle is an 18-Wheeler that converts
into a mobile battle platform with electronic scanning and jamming abilities.
Image of Sly Rax
Image of 'Stiletto' helmet
Image of 'Piranha' vehicle
Image of 'Piranha' vehicle
Sly Rax is a con-man and weapons expert.
His "Stiletto" helmet shoots tiny armor-piercing harpoons.
His "Piranha" vehicle is a motorcycle.  It features a sidecar which launches
into the water and can act as either a jet ski or submarine.
VENOM Vanessa Warfield
Image of Vanessa Warfield
Image of 'Whip' helmet
Image of 'Manta' vehicle
Vanessa Warfield is an espionage and intelligence agent.
Her "Whip" helmet can hit and/or grab things with an energy beam.
Her "Manta" vehicle is a Nissan 300ZX that converts into a jet fighter.

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