What most people simply call a PC is more accurately called an IBM-Compatible PC-AT: Personal Computer - Advanced Technology. Kind of funny that something from the early 1980's is advanced technology in common use today! Maybe it should be given a retronym of "archaic technology"? I point this out because there are several other computer systems that are radically different (i.e., incompatible) which call themselves a PC; it seems IBM was not the first (nor the last) to use the name "PC" or "Personal Computer".

For a computer to be useful to a human (it better be, if it is a personal computer), it needs to have an operating system. By far the most common operating system for the PC is Microsoft Windows. A distant second, but still quite popular, is Linux (by various distributors). Much less common, but still noteworthy, are OS/2, DOS, and CP/M. Who knows how many others exist?

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