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Here's a list of things I find so great that I have to tell the world! These are listed in chronological order, that is, as I think of them and have time to enter them. So don't think anything or anyone here is better than another based on their order of appearance. Without further ado...

  Pluto: the 9th planet 
Take a look at the following image, captured July 2015 by the New Horizons space probe.  It looks more like a planet than Mercury (which looks like Earth's moon, or the giant asteroid Ceres).  If Pluto isn't a planet, then neither is Mercury!  Pluto actually has weather patterns and (at least) five moons... more than can be said about the 1st planet (Mercury).
Image of Pluto captured by New Horizons in July of 2015.

And when looking  closer, Pluto's ice sheets (the flat white regions seen above) show signs of growth and decay ("ebb and flow") very similar to Earth's plate tectonics.  Of course this is at low temperatures typical of Pluto (melting ice), as opposed to the much hotter mantle convection on Earth (molten rock).  Anyway, I hope you agree the surface of Pluto is "alive"... obviously not the same as Earth, but much more active than the "dead" worlds of Mercury and Mars.
Image of Pluto's ice sheets showing convection (similar to Earth's plate tectonics)

  NASA Space Shuttle    

Designed in the mid 1970s and constructed in the early 1980s (and another in the late 1980s), the space shuttle fleet made outstanding technological and scientific accomplishments.  This is due to the dedication of countless astronauts, engineers, laborers, managers, and scientists.  In its 30 year history, 1 space station was constructed, 2 shuttles were destroyed (Challenger and Columbia), 6 shuttles were built (Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour), 14 astronauts died (7 each in 2 shuttle destructions), and over 130 missions were successfully completed.  Below are a few images of the legacy...

Columbia and Atlantis space shuttles preparing for launch

Launch to Hubble space telescope

Lift-off of Atlantis

Docked to Mir space station

Servicing the Hubble space telescope

Endeavour docked to completed International Space Station (May 2011)

 Tax Assistant  

Below is a picture of really cool dude.  He helped me with my taxes this past winter. 

 'Best' Internet Scams  

"Best" as in "best to avoid."  Here is an article "The Internet's Most Successful Scams."  It goes into detail about the top 5 scams to avoid.  Good info there, and see my next entry below as well.  If you just want the highlights, then here you go:

  1. Online dating scams
  2. Fake anti-virus software
  3. Facebook impersonation
  4. Becoming a bot
  5. Fakosphere (fake ads, blogs, and websites)

In particular, number 3 may affect a lot of people but is fairly easy to thwart.  The author, Bob Sullivan, recomends upgrading your Facebook password.  You want to have a strong password to keep scammers from accessing your personal information (it should be confidential like your bank account and medical records).


 Your Social Security Number   

Here is an informative article about when you should and should not give out your Social Security Number (this is issued to US citizens by the federal government but is often requested by private organizations).  It also provides ideas about how to politely deny requests or otherwise avoid providing your SS Number.  It has a nice table telling what types of organizations have a legal need to obtain this number and which ones do not.

The article reminds of the time when I was in college and the school wanted my social security number to put on my Student ID card.  I think it's remarkable that I did what the article says.  First, I simply omitted the number.  When confronted with the omission, I explained my concerns and asked for alternatives.  Finally, I resorted to lying.  As a Christian, this goes against my nature, but when people insist on having information they don't need, well a lie is what they get!

So what SS Number did H2O use?  123-45-6789.  I keep the card because it is so funny!


 Dina Perez   

The first person to sign my GeoCities' Guest Book! The site had been up for over 2 years had several visitors according to web stats and comments heard elsewhere, but she is the first one brave enough to leave a comment. Thanks! I've got plenty of pix in my Games section for Parasite Eve, but I'll see if can get some for Final Fantasy X and the Hall of Shame. I added some pictures and screen-shots to the Commodore section. I hope you like it.

   Fluffy the Copy Cat   
Fluffy, a Caleco cat pawing a sheet of paper Fluffy is a Caleco cat who appears in a Staples TV commercial. Extremely memorable due to the absurd nature of her appearance: creating color 'copies' of a chart by pawing some paint and then pawing a sheet of paper. Copycat! This is a great play on words and the brilliance of the idea doesn't end there. At the end of the commercial, we see Fluffy's paw click on a Staples button. I'm no psychologist, but that seems to me like a subliminal message: copy (the) cat, go to (i.e., click on) Staples!

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