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Save Files

Using the memory map I created, I made 12 Parasite Eve save games that you may enjoy -- most of them allow you to go straight to one of the many boss battles in the game, without having to go through all the cut-scenes and running around town. There are 12 save games on the memory card and 3 empty slots for your own use. The first two save games allow you to cheat if you want and are not boss battles; the remaining 10 were made by playing the game without any cheats.

The save games are all on one PS1 memory card image (.MCR) available now. I am still working to make .PSV files of the individual save games for use on PS3/PSP.
   Theater Office  

Aya standing in the theater office

Save game #1 is at the soonest possible point in the game.  Only two battles have been fought, the one with Eve on stage (no experience gained) and another forced battle with a rat (2 points experience, no level up).  No items have been used and no items have been picked up.  Everything is at the default values except the 'skip scene option' has been enabled.  So before a scene plays out, a message pops up and asks if you want to watch it or skip it.  Enjoy!  SquareSoft should have made this active for everybody in the ExGame... shame on them!

I think they did not enable it because it is buggy! Sometimes it will not ask, and will play a scene anyway. Other times it will skip a scene without asking -- this means in ExGame you loose bonus points at the start of Day 3 (if you are too weak to beat the ExGame in Day 2). Anyway, this feature not only saves you time during a replay, it will allow you to actually play/finish the game if your disc(s) have scratches and it hangs during an FMV (now you can skip it).

Oh yeah, this is a normal game not the ExGame.

   Debug Room   

Aya standing in the debug room

Save game #2 is just a few seconds later in the game, but now you are in the Debug Room. Open up any of the chests and you will get a menu of options. Some will give you items (medicines or key items) and some will let you warp to various points in the game. Others will give you weapons and armor. Have fun!  This save file is from a normal game (if you call Debug normal).

The next 2 save games are also from a normal game, and they are two of the latest boss battles in the normal game (disc 2). Enjoy!


Aya is burned while shooting T-Rex

Save game #3 is from Day 5 in the museum when you battle T-Rex. You start by some chests that you should open for some nice items. When trying to leave the room, T-Rex will appear. Defeat him and get a handgun (M8000?) with Command x2 ability. It could take a minute or two to defeat him using only your gun, but you can make quick work of him using Parasite Energy.

   Final Melissa   

Aya shoots at flying Melissa/Eve

Save game #4 is the final battle against Melissa/Eve. Too bad you have to kill her, she looks nice. When you do defeat her, she melts in a totally cool video. After that you can fight the FINAL boss (multiple forms) but he doesn't look as nice :(

   Chrysler Bosses   

The remaining 8 save games are the bosses from the Crysler Building. Half the challenge of the ExGame is making it through the maze of floors to get to the bosses and takes 30~90 minutes for each (except the last). With these save files, you start immediately on the boss level. Just take 2 steps south and the battle begins!

When you finish the battle (assuming you are victorious), you can easily return to the police station (to get more medicines or tune up your equipment) by simply walking south 2 rooms (no need to search for the elevator or stairs). This is because the hacked game thinks you are on the 2nd floor! If you want to continue up to a higher floor, you should go south to the 1st floor and ride the elevator up.

In each of these save games, you have a few bonus points to play with, a few revives and an adequate supply of medicines. You may wish you had more medicines, sorry about that! If it makes you feel any better, it should be easier for you than for me because the save games were made after the boss was defaeated and Aya leveled up (the bosses are easier when Aya is at a higher level). Well Aya didn't level up after the 70th floor boss, but you are completely stocked for the final boss.
Note the save file was hacked after defeating the boss without any cheats; they were all completed on disc one near the start of Day 2 (after Wayne explains the use of Tools).  I simply returned to the Police HQ after the battle (to Save), deleted the "boss defeated" flag, deleted the appropriate Crysler Key from Aya's inventory, set the "Crysler Floor" to the appropriate level, and finaly set the correct "Room Number" for the boss.  I'm still not sure why it thinks you are on the 2nd floor after the battle, but it saves you time from searching for the elevator/stairs! 
   10th Floor Boss   

Aya standing in a web and shooting a giant spider

Save game #5 is the first boss battle in the Crysler building. Aya battles a giant spider. If you hate those annoying spider webs, it seems you can prevent the spider from shooting them... just let it hit you! It seems to only use the webs when you dodge its leg swipe (it is okay to dodge the fireball).

   20th Floor Boss   

Aya battles two aligator men

Save game #6 is the battle against two aligator men. They have the same attacks as the aligator from Day 1, but they have a lot more HP and they are immune to the tranquilizer effect.

   30th Floor Boss   

Aya is blinded by a giant centepede's lightning attack

Save game #7 is a battle against a giant centipede. One of the hardest bosses in my opinion. If you stand close to him, he should not be able to hit you with his lightning attack which inflicts Darkness. But if you stand near him, he will pounce on you and deal major damage. You can try to get beside him to prevent that, but he can turn increadibly fast and will often back up against a wall/corner so you can't get on his side. And once you deal enough damage things get worse...

   40th Floor Boss   

Aya battles two aligator men

Save game #8 is the battle against a triceratops (sp?). This guy is well armored so more BP was put into Aya's weapon to do be able to do some reasonable damage. Of course this means she has a lower defense than you might like. His running charge will really hurt Aya and the only way I can dodge it is to use Haste. His lightening attack does pretty fair damage but does not cause any nasty status effects. It will often miss if you are positioned beside him.

   50th Floor Boss   

Aya battles two giant roaches

Save game #9 is a battle against giant, reproducing roaches. The battle starts with one, but soon it gives birth to another. Then the first one starts flying and dropping Poison bombs. The other one grows rapidly and once it gets big enough it will whip you with its antenna. If this battle gives you trouble, here's a clue: only shoot the one on the ground. When it dies, the flying one will land and try to reproduce, but it should be low on HP by then and you should be able to kill it before it gives birth again.

   60th Floor Boss   

Aya battles two aligator men

Save game #10 is a battle against a giant crab. Compared to the previous and next boss, this guy is easy. Try not to stand in front of him to avoid his claw attacks. If you do that, he will try his wide-spread bubble attack. Sounds pleasant, huh? It is not! Besides dealing substantial damage, it induces Defense-Down so further attacks will deal more damage (the bubbles can hit multiple times). You can avoid it if you can get right by his side, but he is fast so you will almost certainly need Haste. He also has a twin laser attack that ignores defense (it always reduces your current HP by 50%).

   70th Floor Boss   

Aya battles a queen bee and two drones

Save game #11 is a battle against a queen bee and her little companions. All the attacks (by any bee) do a fair amount of damage. The tiny drones are the easiest to kill, and you should kill them before they can heal the queen. A larger worker bee (appears later in battle) is harder to kill and it has a shotgun-like attack that inflicts Confuse; fortunately that attack is not as difficult to dodge as the squirell's attack (if you don't know what I'm talking about, consider yourself lucky). About half-way through the battle, the queen will start using a nasty attack that is unavoidable, does serious damage, often inflicts Defense-Down, and always renders Aya paralysed for several seconds. Although the queen will not attack again during this time, Aya is an easy target for any other bees. If you survive this, be sure to use Full Cure (item) or Medic (spell) in addition to restoring HP (with Medicine or Heal spell). A challenging battle, but at least Aya now has a gun with Command x3.

   77th Floor Boss   

Aya battles the pure bred

Save game #12 is the final battle at the top of the Crysler building. A little scene will play that should explain the scenario, so I won't bother. I will say this is a long battle, and be sure not to shoot the enemy when she stops circling around. If you do, she will very likely summon a little Maya who will heal with greater amounts each time summoned (the first time she heals 1000 HP, the next time 2000 HP, etc.). If you run out of P.E. and it does not recharge, then you can "die" (get knocked out but then Revive with an item automatically) or you can switch your armor (there is a crappy piece of armor in Aya's inventory if you want to try it).

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