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Crysler Building

Aya viewing Crysler building through a window After beating the game for the first time, hopefully you let all the credits roll because afterwards you are given the option to save a "Clear Data" file. Creating this file (1 block on memory card) will give you a new option at the game start screen: EX-Game. This new game mode has significant advantages and one major new challenge: the Crysler Building.

If you're able to make it to the top of the building and defeat the foe that dwells there, you'll be treated to the 'good ending'. Warning: The alternate ending features no new video footage, but does offer quite a bit of dialog to tie up the story and the credits roll with a 'new' soundtrack. 'New' means the audio track is not anywhere in the normal game, but a part of it was played somewhere before. Personally, it's my favorite.

Several things carry over from your original game to the EX-Game. Let's cover that first, assuming you don't have a 'Clear Data' file yet or you want to replay the normal game to have the optimal set-up for the EX-Game; below I have some tips if you already have a 'Clear Data' file and you don't want to replay the normal game.

BONUS: If you are in a hurry (or maybe lost your save file?) then you might want to look a memory card save file that I made that gives you instant access to each of the boss battles in the Crysler Building.

  Normal Game: On Land  

During the main part of the normal game (before boarding the ship), you should try to compile as many bonus points on your weapon(s) and armor(s) as possible. You should also try not to discard healing items or tools. If you don't need them, store them at the NYPD weapons department. For my EX-Game strategy, I recommend saving all Mod Permits, but feel free to use as many Trading Cards as you wish (Wayne will accept cards or permits but Torres only accepts permits).

Note: any Bonus Points you allocate to your character (Active Time or Item Capacity) will not transfer to the EX-Game. For this reason, some strategies recommend not allocating any Bonus Points to your character. Personally, I put a few (about 6) into Item Capacity and several (about 10) into Active Time. This is mainly because I don't like spending a lot of time leveling up or frequently running back to NYPD weapons storage.

Any Junk you collect for Wayne during the normal game will count towards the 200 required for an 'ultimate weapon'. But I recommend not bothering with collection because it is a lot of work and if you follow my EX-Game strategy, you can never get an ultimate weapon!

  Normal Game: At Sea  

When you get to the ship, definitely talk to Wayne and have him engrave your best armor and weapon for you. Ideally your best weapon will have the Command x2 ability and you will have a second weapon that also has Command x2. When you're getting your weapon/armor engraved, Wayne will also offer to store items/equipment. If you have a second weapon with Command x2, be sure to store it! Also have him store any extra weapons or armor that have bonus points added to them (or add them to your main armor/weapon now). I recommend your equipped weapon have Command x2 effect and your equipped armor have Anti-Stiffness.

Finally, store as many items and as much ammo as you can; that is, try to finish the normal game by carrying as little as possible while saving the rest for the EX-Game. I highly recommend getting 2 Cure-Cs from the soldier in the same room and storing those. For my Crysler building strategy, even lo-level healing items are good to store.

Any Bonus Points you have before entering the final battle(s) will transfer to your EX-Game. Plus you will get Bonus Points from winning the final battle(s) which also transfer to the EX-Game.

  EX-Game Day 1  

The EX-Game starts like the original, with your character arriving at Carnegie Hall for the opera performance. Before entering the first battle, you should open the menu to change to your 'good equipment'. Your 'good equipment' is whatever gun and/or armor you had engraved by Wayne in the original game; hopefully you didn't pass up that opportunity!

You should also allocate some Bonus Points to your Active Time. This may sound silly since the battles on the first day are easy in a normal game and usually an instant victory with your 'good equipment'. But the best time to allocate Active Time is when you have low levels (at the beginning of the game). This is because each Bonus Point raises your Active Time one full level, no matter how many 'sub-points' are needed and because lower levels need more than 10 'sub-points'.

  Active Time Sub-Points  

A Sub-Point is my term for the 'natural' cost of upgrading Active Time by one level. Since you get 10 sub-points whenever you Level Up and most of the Active Time levels require 10 sub-points, people easily assume that your Active Time increases when you Level Up. But more than 10 sub-points are needed to boost low levels of Active Time.

Simply put, you get more value from your Bonus Points if you increase your Active Time when it needs more than 10 'sub-points'. Conversely, if your Active Time needs fewer than 10 'sub-points' you are better off not using Bonus Points to increase your Active Time. If your Active Time shows exactly 10 sub-points then you are at the break even point: a normal Level Up will add 10 sub-points and thus increase your Active Time 'naturally'.

  Item Capacity  

Item Capacity is another statistic you may want to spend Bonus Points on and it can also be confusing. This is because, although Item Capacity relates to how many items you can carry, it does not equeal the number of items you can carry. To find out how many items you can carry, you need to open the Items menu and at the bottom you will see two number like 10/14. The second number (14 in the example) is the maximum number of items you can carry at the moment (in the example, 10 is the number actually being carried).

It may help to think of Item Capacity as total item sub-points. Similar to Active Time, you get more value at lower levels. When your Item Capacity is below about 10, each Bonus Point you add alows you to carry one extra item. At higher levels, you need to increase Item Capacity by 2 just to carry 1 additional item (a 2-to-1 ratio). And it gets worse, eventually the ratio gets to be 4-to-1. The maximum you can carry is 46 items (unless your armor has extra pockets, then up to 50).

  Day 1 Recomendations  

I recommend allocating 10 or so Bonus Points to Active Time at the start of the game and also 6 or so Bonus Points to Item Capacity (I keep checking the Item menu until the ratio drops to 2-to-1). Its may be okay to wait on the Item Capacity, but I highly recommend that you add as many Bonus Points to Active Time until the number of sub-points equals (or is less than) 10.

After allocating Bonus Points to your character, you should still have plenty remaining. You may want to add some to your weapon or armor, but it is not neccessary for day one. Also, note that the Tune-Up item is not available on day one. This means you can't use any of the Tools you are likely to find. You can not leave the theatre to store extra items. And any items you store in chests will be 'lost' when you complete day one (cops on duty won't let you back in!). I recommend saving all Tools. You might want to save a weapon or armor if it has any bonus stats. You really shouldn't need any healing or cure items but if you have room in your inventory, you might want to save some for the Crysler building. Be sure to get a Revive from the rats on the second floor of the sewer system.

  EX-Game Day 2  
  Guy talk and Inventory  

On the second day, you can't leave the NYPD precinct until you talk to Baker to get a Mod Permit and then show it to Torres in the weapons department. You don't have to use your Mod Permit at this time; you can just hit the cancel button and Torres will say somemmthing like 'No permit, no tuneup, no exceptions.' Next, Wayne will probably bore you with a tutorial about the menu system... but at least then you'll have access to Tune-Ups and your storage.

Ask Wayne to see what Items and Equipment you have in storage. He should have everything you left with him on the ship during the normal game (except key items). Hopefully you've got a good variety of Healing and Cure medicines, 2 Mod Permits (not counting the one you just got), and several Tools. A SuperTool would be fantastic but you probably don't have one. Hopefully your equipment storage has a gun with Command x2 ability (in addition to the one you should already have equipped) and has an armor with Anti-Stiffness (if not currently equipped).

  Prepare and Consider  

At this point, most strategies tell you to go and play through the rest of the game up through Day Five before entering the Crysler building. Playing through the 'normal' part of the game (outside the Crysler building) does have some advantages:

  • Additional Experience
  • Additional Items (particularly Tools, ammo, and medicine)
  • Most importantly, a lot of Bonus Points for each day completed
  • The chance to get an ultimate weapon
  • Equipment slots for Trading Cards
  • The chance to get a SuperTool Kit
I say Day One was boring enough and Wayne's menu speech has already ruined the start of Day Two! I say enough people died at the theater and if you don't conquer the Crysler building today, then even more people are going to die! I say you can complete the Crysler building at the start of Day Two if you are a real woman! And if you find yourself failing (because of your inferior mitochondria!) then you can run outside the Crysler building and complete a day for some easy Experience and Bonus Points.

Since you can't get an ultimate weapon from Wayne until the start of Day 4, you don't have to spend your time collecting Junk or thinking 'what if I brought him just one more piece...' Also the start of Day 4 is when Wayne will start accepting Trading Cards; until then they are as good as Junk. Since you're not going to wait around for Day 4, this strategy means you don't have to worry about holding on to any Trading Cards: Hakuna Matata.

Note: By completing the Crysler building on Day 2, you give up the chance to get an ultimate weapon or (Super)Tool Kit! However it's only a chance you're loosing: actually getting either of these requires dedicated collecting -- a dedication I despise and is unnecessary to save New York! Those two are minor considerations; the major consideration is you will not be able to add slots to your equipment with Trading Cards. In other words, you have a maximum of 3 slot expansions (assuming you saved 2 Mod Permits from the first game).

  Inside the Crysler Building  
There are several features to the 76-floor Crysler Building you should know about:
  • Every time you enter the building, most floors are randomly generated (they are constant/static while you stay inside the building)
  • Every tenth floor (10, 20, 30, etc), the 1st floor, and floors 71 to 76 are always the same
  • Every tenth floor (and floor 76) has a boss battle
  • There are no telephones to save your game inside the building!
  • Unless you have a special Crysler Key in your inventory, you can not use the elevators (with a key, the max floor is limited)
  • Each boss that is defeated (except the last) will drop a Crysler Key (allowing full access to all lower levels)
  • Items you store in a chest may be "eaten" (lost) by a nasty beast called a "Treasure Box"
  • Except for floors 1, and 71 to 76, every floor has a "Storage Room" (multiple chests)
  • Every floor has a set of stairs to reach the next (or prior) level
  • Every floor, except 71 to 76, has an elevator

So basically, each floor from 2 to 70 is a maze... try to find the "Storage Room" on every floor for some nice (occasionally great) items.  Obviously you also need to find the flight of stairs that will lead you to the next (higher) floor.

After defeating a boss (on floor 10, 20, 30, etc.), I highly recommend you go back and find an elevator, go back to NYPD, and save your game!!  While back at NYPD, also store any equipment or items for which you don't have an immediate use.  Also at NYPD, grab some ammo (you did save some in your locker, right?) if you are running low.

The main challenge/fun (my opinion) is slaying all the "more powerful" enemies while trying to navigate the maze on each floor... but almost as fun (usually quite challenging) is the "Boss Battle" on the 10X floors (10, 20, 30, etc.).  You can read more about these on this page of my site; enjoy!

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