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[parasite eve]

Here's a game from SquareSoft for the Sony Playstation that is dubbed 'a cinematic RPG'. It is cinematic with a lot of high-quality video cut-scenes. However it is barely an RPG. Like most RPGs, your character levels up, gains new skills, and explores the realm. Unlike most RPGs, there is very little in the way of character interaction, there are virtualy no side quests, and the game can be completed in less than a day. Even though there is little character interaction, there is quite a bit of good dialog since the game is based on a book.

This may seem obvious but just in case it isn't... The graphics in the game are good for the PlayStation. Compared to newer systems, like the XBox or PlayStation 3, the character detail and animation in the game is lacking -- even laughable. However the main character has good animation and the computer animated videos are impressive -- excellent when considering the technology.

The reason for discussing this game is it has great game play and re-playability. Note the "replayability" is the ability to enjoy it again after finding in the closet (etc.) after all these years (it's copyright 1998) -- it is not the kind of game you would want to play again and again during a week.  For one reason, it is a very short game as noted above and another reason is there no way to skip all those scenes (without debug options).  It's on this site because there are some important and interesting things I think you should know that I have not found anywhere else (Sony website, BradyGames strategy guide,, etc.). If you don't own the game, you may consider renting or borrowing it after reading more about it. The game sells on eBay (as of 2012) for about U.S.$20 used or over $100 brand new.  I doubt I would spend $20 bucks on the game today let alone over $100 (crazy).  Anyway, to help you make that decision, here are some things to consider.

  You might like this game if...  
  • You like dodge & shoot games
  • You like sci-fi (biology)
  • You like guns, all different kinds
  • You like customing equipment
  • You like exploring randomly generated areas
  • You like nice graphics (background, FMV)
  • You like vivid, grotesque, biological transformations
  • You like SquareSoft's ATB
  • You like a good sound track

  You won't like this game if...  
  • You don't like waiting for your 'turn'
  • You don't like managing your inventory
  • You want complete realism (different caliber ammo, etc.)
  • You want lots of interaction with many characters
  • You want highly detailed character graphics and animations
  • You want a long game
  • You are impatient (character jogs instead of runs, game loads every room)
  • You want first person perspective and controls (FPS)
  • You don't like sprites on pre-rendered backgrounds
  • You don't like playing a blonde lady
  • You want your blonde to look like Barbie (exagerated proportions)

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