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Trio of 9999

  Description       Category       Combinations  
Any action of party at least 9999 points Support 53
 Door to Tomorrow Door to Tomorrow
 Wings to Discovery Shining Gem
 Gambler's Spirit Blessed Gem
 Underdog's Secret Lv.3 Key Sphere
 Winning Formula Lv.4 Key Sphere
Shining Gem
 Master Sphere Blessed Gem
 Pendulum Supreme Gem

 Shining Gem Warp Sphere
 Blessed Gem Amulet
 Lv.3 Key Sphere Pendulum
 Lv.4 Key Sphere Amulet
 Gambler's Spirit Gambler's Spirit

 Wings to Discovery Wings to Discovery
Dark Matter + one of
Bomb Core Arctic Wind Stamina Tablet Mana Tablet
Lightning Marble Farplane Shadow Stamina Tonic Mana Tonic
Dragon Scale Farplane Wind Twin Stars Pendulum

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