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  Description       Category       Combinations  
Damage all enemies (very large) 'Bomb'; Non-elemental offense 242
 Shining Gem Lv.1 Key Sphere
 Blessed Gem Lv.2 Key Sphere
 Supreme Gem HP Sphere
 Lv.4 Key Sphere MP Sphere
Strength Sphere
Defense Sphere
Magic Sphere
Magic Def Sphere
Agility Sphere
Evasion Sphere
Accuracy Sphere
Clear Sphere
Return Sphere
Shining Gem
Blessed Gem
Supreme Gem
 Attribute Sphere Master Sphere
 Special Sphere Lv.4 Key Sphere
 Skill Sphere Warp Sphere
 White Magic Sphere Pendulum
 Black Magic Sphere Amulet
Door to Tommorow
Wings to Discovery
Gambler's Sprirt
Underdog's Secret
Winning Formula
 Shining Gem Shining Gem
 Blessed Gem Lv.3 Key Sphere
 Lv.4 Key Sphere Friend Sphere
Teleport Sphere
 Shinning Gem Shadow Gem
 Blessed Gem Musk
 Supreme Gem Hypello Potion
Shining Thorn
 Three Stars Frag Grenade
 Blessed Gem Blessed Gem

 Lv.4 Key Sphere Lv.4 Key Sphere
 Grenade Supreme Gem
 Frag Grenade Amulet
 Sleeping Powder Door to Tommorow
 Dream Powder Wings to Discovery
 Silence Grenade Gambler's Sprirt
 Smoke Bomb Underdog's Secret
Winning Formula
 Return Sphere Pendulum
 Friend Sphere Amulet
 Teleport Sphere Door to Tommorow
 Clear Sphere Wings to Discovery
 Warp Sphere Gambler's Sprirt
Underdog's Secret
Winning Formula
Warp Sphere + one of
Lv.1 Key Sphere Lv.2 Key Sphere
Lv.3 Key Sphere Lv.4 Key Sphere
Master Sphere + one of
Master Sphere Warp Sphere
Lv.4 Key Sphere Pendulum
Supreme Gem + one of
Bomb Fragment Electro Marble Fish Scale Antarctic Wind
Bomb Core Lightning Marble Dragon Scale Arctic Wind
Fire Gem Lightning Gem Water Gem Ice Gem

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