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Super Mighty G

  Description       Category       Combinations  
Protect, Shell, Haste, and Regen on party Non-elemental Defense 200
 Chocobo Feather + Chocobo Feather Lv.1 Key Sphere Clear Sphere
 Chocobo Wing Chocobo Wing Lv.2 Key Sphere Return Sphere
 Lunar Curtain Lunar Curtain Lv.3 Key Sphere Friend Sphere
 Light Curtain Light Curtain Lv.4 Key Sphere Teleport Sphere
 Star Curtain Three Stars HP Sphere Warp Sphere
Attribute Sphere MP Sphere
Special Sphere Strength Sphere Magic Sphere
Skill Sphere Defense Sphere Magic Def. Sphere
White Magic Sphere Agility Sphere Evasion Sphere
Black Magic Sphere Master Sphere Accuracy Sphere
 Chocobo Feather Map
 Chocobo Wing Rename Card
Hypello Potion
Shinning Thorn
 Chocobo Feather Healing Spring
 Chocobo Wing Mana Spring
 Three Stars Stamina Spring
Soul Spring
Purifying Salt
 Lunar Curtain  Light Curtain
 Star Curtain
Bomb Core Fire Gem
Lightning Marble Lightning Gem
Dragon Scale Water Gem
Arctic Wind Ice Gem
Frag Grenade
Chocobo Feather + one of
Pendulum Gambler's Spirit
Amulet Underdog's Secret
Door to Tomorrow Winning Formula
Wings to Discovery

 Healing Spring Frag Grenade

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