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Mega Mana

  Description       Category       Combinations  
Double max MP of party Support 146
Ether or Turbo Ether + one of
Ether Bomb Fragment Bomb Core Fire Gem
Turbo Ether Electro Marble Lightning Marble Lightning Gem
Elixir Fish Scale Dragon Scale Water Gem
Healing Water Antarctic Wind Arctic Wind Ice Gem
Tetra Elemental Chocobo Feather Lv.1 Key Sphere HP Sphere
  Chocobo Wing Lv.2 Key Sphere MP Sphere
Sleeping Powder Lunar Curtain Lv.3 Key Sphere Strength Sphere
Dream Powder Light Curtain Lv.4 Key Sphere Defense Sphere
Silence Grenade Star Curtain Clear Sphere Magic Sphere
Smoke Bomb Healing Spring Return Sphere Magic Def. Sphere
Shadow Gem Mana Spring Friend Sphere Agility Sphere
Poison Fang Stamina Spring Teleport Sphere Evasion Sphere
Silver Hourglass Soul Spring Warp Sphere Accuracy Sphere
Gold Hourglass Purifying Salt   Map
Candle of Life Special Sphere White Magic Sphere Rename Card
Petrify Grenade Skill Sphere Black Magic Sphere Hypello Potion
Farplane Shadow Attribute Sphere Master Sphere Shinning Thorn
Turbo Ether + one of
Phoenix Down Antidote Power Distiller Power Sphere
Al Bhed Potion Soft Mana Distiller Mana Sphere
Eye Drops Speed Distiller Speed Sphere
Holy Water Echo Screen Ability Distiller Ability Sphere

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