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Fire Storm

  Description       Category       Combinations  
Fire damage all enemies (6x medium) 'Bomb'; Elemental offense 43
Fire Gem + one of
Antidote Al Bhed Potion Grenade Frag Grenade
Soft Healing Water Power Distiller Power Sphere
Eyedrop Tetra Elemental Mana Distiller Mana Sphere
Echo Screen Bomb Fragment Speed Distiller Speed Sphere
Holy Water Bomb Core Ability Distiller Ability Sphere
Remedy Fire Gem Attribute Sphere Clear Sphere
Bomb Core + one of
Al Bhed Potion Special Sphere
Frag Grenade Skill Sphere
Lv.1 Key Sphere White Magic Sphere
Three Stars Black Magic Sphere
Healing Water
Tetra Elemental
 Bomb Fragment Bomb Fragment
 Bomb Core Bomb Core
Clear Sphere

 Bomb Fragment Lv.2 Key Sphere

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