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  Description       Category       Combinations  
Overdrive of party rises 100% faster Support 86
Megalixir + one of
Stamina Tablet Stamina Tonic Twin Stars
Mana Tablet Mana Tonic Three Stars Pendulum
Attribute Sphere Lv.1 Key Sphere Strength Sphere Clear Sphere
Special Sphere Lv.2 Key Sphere Defense Sphere Return Sphere
Skill Sphere Lv.3 Key Sphere Magic Sphere Friend Sphere
White Magic Sphere Lv.4 Key Sphere Magic Def. Sphere Teleport Sphere
Black Magic Sphere HP Sphere Agility Sphere Warp Sphere
Master Sphere MP Sphere Evasion Sphere Accuracy Sphere
 Amulet + Elixir Twin Stars
 Door to Tomorrow Megalixir Three Stars
 Wings to Discovery Mana Tablet Pendulum
 Gambler's Spirit Stamina Tonic Amulet
 Underdog's Secret Mana Tonic
 Winning Formula
Exception: Amulet + Pendulum
 Dark Matter

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