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Abaddon Flame

  Description       Category       Combinations  
Fire damage all enemies (3x large) + Darkness, Silence, Sleep, Poison, Armor/Mental Break, and Power/Magic Break 'Bomb'; Elemental offense 28
Fire Gem + one of
Sleeping Powder Poison Fang Healing Spring Farplane Shadow
Dream Powder Silver Hourglass Mana Spring Farplane Wind
Silence Grenade Gold Hourglass Stamina Spring Musk
Smoke Bomb Candle of Life Soul Spring Hypello Potion
Petrify Grenade Purifying Salt Shinning Thorn
 Bomb Core Dream Powder
Farplane Shadow
Farplane Wind
 Bomb Fragment Chocobo Feather
 Bomb Core Chocobo Wing
 Fire Gem

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