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Mix List

Here is the list of all 64 effects possible with Rikku's overdrive, "Mix."  They are in the order listed in the game menu's Overdrive screen.  Click one to find out what it does and how many recipes there are!  You might also want to refer to my description of format.
  Grenade       Frag Grenade  
  Pineapple       Potato Masher  
  Cluster Bomb       Tallboy  
  Blaster Mine       Hazardous Shell  
  Calamity Bomb       Chaos Grenade  
  Heat Blaster       Fire Storm  
  Burning Soul       Brimstone  
  Abaddon Flame       Thunderbolt  
  Rolling Thunder       Lightning Bolt  
  Electroshock       Thunder Blast  
  Waterfall       Flash Flood  
  Tidal Wave       Aqua Toxin  
  Dark Rain       Snow Flurry  
  Icefall       Winter Storm  
  Black Ice       Krysta  
  Nega Burst       Black Hole  
  Sunburst       Ultra Potion  
  Panacea       Ultra Cure  
  Mega Phoenix       Final Phoenix  
  Elixir       Megalixir  
  Super Elixir       Final Elixir  
  NulAll       Mega NulAll  
  Hyper NulAll       Ultra NulAll  
  Vitality       Mega Vitality  
  Hyper Vitality       Mana  
  Mega Mana       Hyper Mana  
  Mighty Wall       Mighty G  
  Super Mighty G       Hyper Mighty G  
  Freedom       Freedom X  
  Hero Drink       Miracle Drink  
  Quartet of 9       Trio of 9999  
  Hot Spurs       Eccentric  

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