Futurama will be an animated series in the 31st century retro-casted to us, the lowly 21st century people (and confirmed by TV historians as far back as 1999).

It will be released by 30th Century Fox.
Image of 30th Century Fox logo

It will star "Fry", a pizza-delivery guy transported 1000 years into the future by cryogenics, and "Lila" an Earth-Mutant who believes she is an alien from another world.  It will also feature "Bender", an alcoholic / kleptomaniac robot, and professor "Farnsworth", an absent-minded genius who is the great great great (etc.) uncle of the aforementioned "Fry".

Additional characters will include the Martian "Amy Wong" and the bureaucrat "Hermes Conrad"... there are a lot of extra characters too, like the lobster doctor, the scruffy janitor, the captain (Zap Branigan), the TV announcer (Morbo), and so on...

This animated series is a great pre-boot to the 31st century... not only educational, but funny!!

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