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SID Player 128

I enjoy listening to SID tunes from time to time.  I'm not a big fan, but the fact that some commercial radio stations have devoted air time to SID music, and the fact of a huge publication of SID tunes (for the C64) under the name High Voltage SID Collection has been made available (and is frequently updated), it seems like a good idea to have a SID player for the C128!
So I made a version for the C128... it runs with any disk drive or video standard.  Just download the disk image and issue the command:
And you should be able to play any of the 'PSID' files from the HVSC.  It works fine with all the files I have tested, but since there are several thousand files, I have not tested them all.  If you have a problem with any of the tunes in HVSC, then please contact me... thanks!
Please note my program just runs the software of HVSC in a poorly emulated C64 configuration of the C128.  The main consequence is you only get the artist/title information if you run the program in 40-Column mode (like the VIC of the C64).  The program runs fine in 80-Column mode of the C128, but you get no information.  But the music is what is important, right??
Anyway, when you are done listening to a SID tune, press CTRL + C= + DEL keys to return to the main program (where you can load another file or quit).  If you think this is annoying, just remember a real C64 must be reset for every file!  So although I think the key combination is very annoying, at least you do not need to re-load the player for every file!
Finally, I would like to add that this is simply a 'stand-alone demo' version that will be integrated into the 'final' version of Media Player 128.  Of course the job of that software is to play various formats of audio / visual software on your Commodore 128... and obviously SID tunes are an important part!

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