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{old} Media Player 128

  Historical Reference!  
This page is about the old/original (2010) version. The most recent (not exactly new) version is available here (better hardware support and better software [like images are centered properly]).
  Alpha Version - True C128 Users  
This download is for people with a real C128 (NTSC or PAL) and JiffyDOS-capable device (a uIEC card reader or CMD-HD are recommended).  It includes the video player, a few sample videos, source code, and encoders (for Windows) so you can make your own video!
  Alpha Version - VICE Uses  
This version is for people who don't have a real C128 or want to test Media Player 128 on an emulator first.  It includes the player, a special JiffyDOS ROM for the C1581, and a few videos.  Note: The videos are too big to fit on a C1581 disk, so they will end prematurely; press STOP to abort the video and return to the BASIC player program.  If you want to watch the full video, you need real hardware!
Which ever version you download, be sure to read the included "ReadMe" file(s).  If you still have trouble, you can always contact me.
  C128 SID Player  
Below you'll find screen shots of the video player, but I also created an audio-only demo for playing PSID files.  These are SID audio files intended for the C64 (you can download thousands of tunes here), but because the C128 can emulate a C64, it wasn't very difficult to create an audio-player for C128 mode (although it did require some work, which I hope you appreciate).  The SID Player functionality will eventually be integrated into Media Player 128, but for now you can download the stand-alone version (and read more about it).
  Screen Shots  
Here are some screen shots.  These were taken using the VICE emulator.  On a real monitor, the image will be slightly narrower (more so on NTSC than PAL).  On my real C128 connected to a CRT display, the images look better than these screen shots.  Maybe I have a subconcious preference for CRT as opposed to LCD displays? 
In the screen shots, you should notice that the border changes various colors.  This is for debugging purposes.  Sorry, I know it is annoying if you just want to enjoy the video.  Also the video is not vertically centered.  That would require a change to the already complex IRQ routines, but it is on the to-do list.
First are a few gray-scale images.  The gray-scale encoding is fairly mature, but the color encoding still needs quite a bit of work.  In fact some of the images that should be in color turned out in gray-scale, or nearly so.  Some of them are shown next.  Anyway, the gray-scale images are typical of what you'll see if you watch the videos.
Finally are some color images.  I picked some of the better-looking ones; if you watch the full video, about half of the color images are of lower quality.  As the color encoder is improved, it is hoped that most color images will be about this quality.
If you are interested in an in-depth discussion about the project, check out this thread on the C128 Alive Forums.  Warning: it is rather long and a bit technical, but is easier to understand than the source code.

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