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Digimaster 128

Digimaster 128 is a C128 port of the "classic" Digimaster released for the C64.  Like the original, it only operates in "VIC Mode" (40-columns... sorry no 80-columns).

Allows recording (with a "user-port" capture device, like the SUX 6400) and playback (through SID chip) of 8-bit audio files in one of three quality levels:
 QualitySample Period Sample Rate Max Length 
 Low130 ticks 7.85 kHz 8.32s 
 Medium102 ticks10.0 kHz 6.43s
 High84 ticks12.1 kHz5.31s
Note that a 'tick' is approximately 1 microsecond (from the CLK line that drives the I/O chips).  The sample rate and max length are based on NTSC clock of 1.02 MHz.

The "standard" software allows many manipulations of an audio sample:
  • Crop (remove start/end "silence")
  • Enhance (increase "volume")
  • Combine ("add" current sample to a stored one)
  • Reverse (play audio sample "backward")
Oh yeah, the user interface (UI) is totally point-and-click (except for saving files... you gotta type a name).  You can use a mouse or joystick (sadly, no full keyboard support... in other words, a mouse or joystick is required).

  C128 Enhancements  
Of course, the C128 can load data much faster with a "fast-serial" device like C1571/C1581/CMD-HD/CMD-FD than the original C64 (although JiffyDOS helps a lame 1541!)

Regardless of the data storage device, the C128 version has access to almost a full 64K (62.75 in detail) for audio samples.  I hope you agree this is better than the C64 version (about 32K for audio)!

The original/classic (C64) version was written by Chris Brenner around 1993.  I just made it C128 "compatible"... enjoy!

I do not have any source code; I simple used C128's Machine Language Monitor (see MONITOR) to hack the C64 version.  My coding notes (linked above) describe memory layout and program organization.  Because they are my personal notes, they probably won't make much sense to anybody else.

  Screen Shots  

Here is 40-column screen shot of Digimaster 128...

Graphical waveform of audio sample from C128

If you want more, please Contact Me.

I asked the author, Chris Brenner, for permission to post his original software and documentation on my site.  He said that is okay, and also "[Now], I consider Digimaster to be in the public domain."

Audio Capture Device (SUX 6400) donated to me by Robert Bernardo in 2011; Thank You!
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