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This is a long (extended) version of my alphabetically sorted list of SAM's phonemes.  I went a bit overboard with silly / rare combinations of English vowels and consonants.  But it should help you translate almost any English text into SAM's phonetic language.  For some of them (which came from Reciter), I don't think they are the best way to pronounce certain words (for example, "al" in "talk").  Because my opinion is biased (by country and region), I've included them for your own investigation/enlightenment.

Speaking of country and region (i.e., dialect of English), I must point out that the example pronunciations are in "standard" American English.  Ha -- as if such a thing existed!  I'm thinking the Western America accent seems most neutral (of American accents), and I also believe it is how Reciter was designed to translate text into SAM phonemes.  The examples match with American dictionaries and Wiktionary US pronunciation (in general... I haven't verified everything).  Anyway, if you don't have an American accent, some examples may be misleading.

Regardless of your personal accent, the cool thing about SAM is you can make him speak with any accent you like... British, Scottish, Australian, Jamaican, etc.  Have fun!!

 SAM code
AX $0D fallen, gallon
a AE $08 Sam
EY $30 made
ae EY $30 sundae
IY $05 paean, caesium
AY $31 maestro
ai EY $30 main
EH $07 hair
al AO $0B talk
ao EYAA $30, $09 chaos
au AO $0B cause
augh AO $0B caught
ay EY $30 may
b B $36 bad
c K $48 come
S $20 receive, cede
ch CH $2A chew
K $48 chaos
K/X $48, $25 loch
d D $39 dog
dg J $2C fudge
e EH $07 beg
IY $05 he
ea IY $05 meat
EH $07 dead
IYAE $05, $08 react
eau YUW $1A, $35 beauty
IYAO $05, $0B reauthor
ee IY $05 free
IYEH $05, $07 reenter
ei IY $05 receive
IYIH $05, $06 reimage
eigh EY $30 weigh
er ER $0F herd
ew UW $35 new, crew
ey EY $30 they
IY $05 key
f F $22 fish
g G $3C go
GX $3F progress
J $2C huge
h /H $24 head
i IH $06 fit
IX $0E digit
AY $31 ice, bicycle, hi
ia AYAX $31, $0D bias
AY $31 diamond
ie AY $31 die
IY $05 chief
AYAX $31, $0D diet
igh AY $31 might
io AYAA $31, $09 ion
AYAX $31, $0D lion, biology
AYOH $31, $11 biomass, diode
ir ER $0F bird
j J $2C Jew
k K $48 kitchen
KX $4B necklace
l L $18 long
LX $13 call
m M $1B may
n N $1C not
ng NX $1D song, running
o AA $09 pot
OH $11 cone
OW $34 no
UW $35 do, who
oa OH $11 foam
oe OW $34 foe
OWEH $34, $07 poet, coexist
AH $0A does
oi OY $32 coin
oo UH $0C book
UX $10 loot
UW $35 boo
AH $0A blood
ou AW $33 couch
AH $0A touch
ough AO $0B thought
OW $34 dough
UW $35 through
ow AW $33 how
OW $34 slow
oy OY $32 boy
p P $42 poke
q K $48 queue
r R $17 red
RX $12 bar
s S $20 Sam
Z $26 bits
ZH $27 measure
sch SK $20, $48 school
sh SH $21 she
* $2B shtik
si ZH $27 vision
ssi SH $21 passion
t T $45 talk
DX $1E pity
th DH $29 then, the
TH $23 thin, path
ti SH $21 motion
u AH $0A bug
YUW $1A, $35 huge
ua AA $09 guard
UWAX $30, $0D dual
UWAE $30, $08 duality
UWAA $30, $09 nuance
WOH $19, $11 quart
WEY $19, $30 quake
uai WEY $19, $30 quaint
ue (Y)UW ($1A)$35 due, hue
WEH $19, $07 quest
WIX $19, $0E query
uee WIY $19, $05 queen
ui WIH $19, $06 quick
WAY $19, $31 quite
UWIH $30, $06 tuition
uie WAYAX $19, $31, $0D quiet
uo WOW $19, $34 quote
uy AY $31 buy
v V $28 vote, seven
w W $19 win, weather
WX $14 saw
wh WH $16 when, whether
/X $25 who
x KS $48, $20 exact, jinx
EHKS $07, $48, $20 X-Ray
Z $26 xylophone
y Y $1A you
YX $15 say
AY $31 my
IY $05 carry
z Z $26 zoo
ZH $27 azure

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