Game Nights!

No game nights currently scheduled.

Dedicated times when at least one other person will be online looking for others to play a game.


None currently scheduled.

How Game Nights Work

1. At the designated time login to the H2HAdventure chat room,, to see who else is online.
Don't be late.  Within 10 minutes everyone may be teamed up and off to play their games, leaving the chatroom empty.

2. Say you want to play a game.
There will be someone there making sure everyone gets to hooked up.  Say whether you want to play game 1, 2, or 3, and whether you want to make the game more difficult with options like faster dragons.

3. Decide if you want audio chat
You can setup an audio chat using some third party tool like Google Hangouts, and share the URL in the chatroom so all players can join and talk with each other.
Sorry, the chatroom blocks pasting URLs, so you have to garble it a bit.  For a URL like
add some spaces after https: and .com
    https: // /call/kwrOojoLIRnAAEEAHP4QzTiU
though the other people will have to take out the spaces before it works in their browser

4. Remember who you are playing.
You'll need those names when you run the game

5. Run H2HAdventure
6. Enter your name as you put it in the chat room
7. Select the game and options you agreed on
7. Under the "waiting for" section, enter the names of the other players you were going to play.
8. Hit Play

If it never sees the other players, you may have misspelled the names. Go back to the chat room and try coordinating again.