Gypsy Wagons Australia 
   Beautiful interiors of gypsy wagons and Shepherd's Huts, Australia,Tasmania. Sloping walls, curved ceilings, spacious, beds, bunks, cupboards, shelves, electrical work, feature lead-lights. Our gypsy caravans can be customized           
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Welcome to Gypsy wagons Australia.   
We are a Tasmanian based couple who design and sell gypsy wagons within Australia (est. 2003). 
Wagons make great instant spare rooms, providing that extra space needed for visitors, teenagers, or for family at the shack..  Wagons are also typically less costly and complicated than an extension, and look beautiful in driveways and gardens.  Previous customers have also found our wagons ideal as B&B's, studios, and romantic retreats. 
Each gypsy wagon we create is unique and highly detailed with feature lead-light windows and has been handcrafted and hand-painted by us.. Our wagons come in a range of sizes, and their dimensionsinteriors and licensed electrical work, and other features may be customized to suit your requirements.  Our Gypsy Wagon prices range from $20,000 for one that is 2 .4m x 1.5m to $50,000 for one 5.5m x 2 .2m.
We also make Shepherd's Huts, which range in price from $16,000 for one 2 .4m x 1.5m. to 
$36,000 for one 5.5m x 2 .2m.

We also now offer the budget Cracker Jack Junk Wagon ! $32,000
These magic little beauties are 4.8m x 2.2m and are clad in recycled roofing iron so no two are alike. Decorated with some traditional scroll-work for added gypsy flair and lined with beautiful Baltic pine it is light and airy inside with french doors and cosy with Earthwool insulation in the walls and ceiling.  They also include one feature leadlight.  

Delivery is free to most areas in Tasmania.  For mainland delivery: $2,500 to Melbourne, $3800 to Sydney and Adelaide, and $5800 to Brisbane (all prices include g.s.t)  Please contact us for other areas.

Have a peek at our most recent wagons and find out more about our history of building Shepherd's huts, house-trucks tiny homes,, wagons and caravans.
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