Romantic challenge(s) in Asia

After I finished my PhD. in 2011, I took a year off  (july.2011-july.2012) , to travel in Asia (mainly in China), together with my husband Anton Eliens and our 1 year and half old baby Yvette.

The photo book "romantic challenge(s) in Asia" is available online: (click on "start"). 
The travel book "romantic challenge(s) in Asia" might follow in near future.

Why travel in Asia for one year?

1. My PhD. research was applied in the domain of cultural heritage, especially in the Netherlands. How is the current status of the cultural heritage in China and the related scientific research in this domain? What and how can I contribute with my knowledge and experience? Very interesting questions for me to investigate. 
2. China is a big country with complex diversity. As a Chinese, I have a little knowledge about my own background. As a kind of field research, I want to see, to feel and to understand more about the culture, the landscape, most importantly, the people and their life. I hope I could get more information about my own identity and new inspirations for my future life. 

3. Because of the visa issue, we have to often move between China and other Asian country/areas (Laos, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong, etc.) by crossing the country border. Travelling in other Asian counties enriches our knowledge and experience in Asia, most importantly, it provides a comparative insight between China and its neighbors.

As an end of the travelling, we were back to Shanghai, my hometown in the east of China. Together with Anton, we both participated in the workshop "China Dream" (by JUCCCE 聚思) for which the sketch gives a visualization of the dreamer, taking the time to rest and reflect on issues of daily life, against the background of urban setting(s).