Curiosity.  Tenacity.  Wanderlust.  Adventure.

From Charleston, SC to Nova Scotia to Rockland, Maine.  How did I get here again?  In 2009, I sold everything, packed up the pets and traveled the Eastern Seaboard to the Canadian Maritimes. Why?  To see the A.S.T.A. Tall Ships in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Impressive at the dock, these beauties are truly magnificent under sail. It was the trip of a lifetime!  I learned so much about myself on that six month journey. More importantly, I learned to trust myself and others along the way. 






All Photographs by L. Jaye Bell.  © 2009, Gypsy Blonde Media.  All Rights Reserved.  

What an awesome thing to see: Tall Ships lined up on a mile long wharf.  The dream was vivid, the destination set.  Now how to get there?  

I didn't know how everything would come together, I just trusted that it would.  

The dog, cat and I drove our way up the coast, and in true gypsy style, we bartered  and sold art along the way to fund the trip.    

In Rockland, I went sailing on the Schooner J & E Riggin.  I was captivated by the beauty of the Maine coast.  The trees, rocks, tides and the ever changing colors of sea and sky absolutely fascinated me.   
The Beasts and I continued to Nova Scotia, eventually spending six weeks there.  

The warmth and welcome of people in Maine and the Canadian Maritimes is as incredible as the scenic beauty there.  

Rockland really made an impression, and now that's where I call home.
Currently, I'm working on writing a book and making a video about the trip.