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 " Reading is to your mind what exercise is to your body "

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Truth is not an abstract concept   to learn;

Truth is a Person we need to know.

 Jesus said: I am the truth 


 La verdad no es un concepto abstracto que tenemos que aprender;

La verdad es una Persona que necesitamos conocer.

  Jesús dijo: Yo soy la Verdad  

 Nuevo Testamento Griego 


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  Basic Level                                                           

 Unit 1: Start practice  Vocabulary  1 

 Unit 2: Start practice  Vocabulary 2 

 Unit 3: Start practice  Vocabulary 3  - Review Quiz 1 to 3 

 Unit 4: Start practice  Vocabulary 4

 Unit 5: Start practice  Vocabulary 5 - Vocabulary Test

 Unit 6: Start practice  Vocabulary 6 -  Review Quiz 4 to 6  

 Unit 7: Start practice    Test_6_7   :  Study Past verb forms 

Test you Past verbs

 Unit 8: Start practice 

 Unit 9: Start practice -   

  Review Quiz 7 to 9   :  Study Participles  

 Unit 10 : Start Practice

 Unit 11: Start Practice

 Unit 12 : Start Practice -  

 Review Quiz 10 to 12 : Take the quiz

 Unit 13 : Start practice

 Unit 14 : Start practice

  Free download : Grammar Structure Review       

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