Trains Dcc

Control your Dcc Model Railway with an Android device!




Now let's see the architecture, how it works:


From the parts above, you probably already have most of them, like the Dcc Trains, the table and the booster. You may have a wi-fi router with wired LAN ports as well and even an Android mobile or tablet. To convert the TCP IP commands coming from the Android application (Trains Dcc) to the booster a circuit is needed. This is the PIC32 Starter kit in my solution, which can be purchased from a Microchip distributor (approx. 70$). But let's see each part, one by one.


Dcc Digital Locomotives

Your Digital locomotives must use the Dcc standard. It can be factory made or your own solutiona as well.
Continuous Dcc signals are provided by the PIC32 Starter kit, and it is tested cerefully to match with Dcc standards( 


The booster input can be any kind since the cable beween the PIC32 starter kit and the booster must be prepared by you.

PIC32 Starter kit

The PIC32 Ethernet Starter kit will receive the TCP IP commands from the Android device via its LAN connector.

I connected the Dcc digital output and Ground wires (2 inverted Dcc output and 2 GND) to the SMD pads of the starter kit buttons. These wires are connected to the booster which creates the Dcc standard signals with the power supply and supply it to the track. This is the only ironing you need to do to use this solution.
The PIC32 Ethernet Starter kit (DM320004)can be purchased from a Microchip distributor (approx. 70$). It comes with a USB-mini cable for programming and with free MPLAB IDE.
I already developed and tested the program which opens a socket port and communicates with the Trains Dcc Android application, then sends the dcc siganls with proper timing.
Please write me an e-mail if you would like to get the precomplied hex file for free.

Wi-fi router

Your Android device will connect to the Wi-fi router. The Wi-fi router must have wired LAN port as well because the PIC32 Ethernet starter kit is connected to it with a LAN cable.


Be aware that the communication port between the Android device(s) and the PIC32 Starter kit must be enabled.


Android mobile or tablet

The last part in the chain is your Android mobile or tablet.
The Trains Dcc application can be downloaded from the Google Play.

Trains Dcc application

This is the Android application, which must be installed on your Android device.
-add/edit/delete unlimited Trains
-take a photo of your Trains
-speed & direction commands
-Functions (FL, F1-F12)
-CVs (any address & value)
-Light button (FL)
-2 Horns
-supports Extended Packet Type
-supports 14 & 28 speed steps
-broadcast stop, e-stop and reset
-raw hex data sender
Further planned features:
-Accesory decoder control
-Diesel train sound
-Brake sound
-Multiply Trains control on one screen for tablets
-IPhone & IPad application