Skill Progressions

*Note that skills are grouped according to type first, then get progressively more difficult before moving on to the next skill grouping, which will begin at the most basic progression*






Under-arm circle/arm swing

Step hurdle onto springboard

Straight jump rebound onto 12”mat

Straddle jump rebound onto 12” mat

Tuck jump rebound onto 12”mat

Straight jump onto table

Straight jump onto resi mat

Straight jump dismount off table

Straddle jump dismount off table

Tuck jump dismount off table

Jump ½ turn dismount off table

Jump full turn dismount off table

Rebounds on mini tramp at table

Shoulder blocks on padded wall

Handstand pops

Squat on to table

Squat on to resi mat

Forward roll onto resi mat

Handstand flat back on 8” mat

Handstand on springboard, pop,  fall flat on 8” mat

Front handspring off rebounder into pit

½ on rebounder into pit

½ on ½ off rebounder into pit

Handstand fall flat on resi mat

Front handspring on resi mat

Front handspring on table



Chin up hang

Jump to front support

Forward roll to chin up and/or L-hang


Cast & push away to stick

Cast to horizontal

Cast to above horizontal



Run feet up wall to kickover


Cast back hip circle

2 back hip circles in a row

Back hip circle underswing

Cast to straddle sole circle dismount

Cast to pike sole circle dismount

Cast to squat on

Single leg cut

Single leg shoot through

Mill circle forward

Front hip circle

Straight body hang & walk hands across bar


Straddle swings

Pike swings

Pike glides

Straddle glides

Jump to low bar, then glide in pike or straddle

Glide kip

Tap swings

Long hang pullover/baby giant

Long hang kip

Underswing on high bar

Flyaway on pit bar w/ spot

Front support mount





Fall drills

Walk forward, sideways, backwards on flat feet

Walk forward sideways, backwards on toes

Step kick forward, sideways, backwards

Dip walk

Step lock

Combination walks

Straight jump

Tuck jump

Split jump

Combination jumps

Small split leap

Pivot turn

½ turn in coupé

1/1 turn in coupe

1/1 turn in passé

¾ cross handstand on low beam

¾ cross handstand on high beam

Side handstand hold on low beam

Cartwheel on low beam

Side handstand hold on high beam

Side handstand ¼ turn, drop to push-up from low beam

Full handstand hold

Side handstand ¼ turn dismount

Cartwheel on high beam

Back walkover on low beam

Back handspring on low beam w/ spot

Forward roll

Straddle forward roll

Dive forward roll

Punch front tuck


Tucked backward roll

Straddle backward roll

Handstand forward roll

Backward roll to pike

Backward roll to push-up position

Back extension roll

Donkey kick

Handstand on wall

Handstand hold

Handstand into bridge

Front limber

Front walkover

Front handspring

Front handspring step-out

Front handspring step-out front handspring

Bridge hold 1 foot up

Bridge kickover

Standing backbend

Back walkover

Back limber

Back handspring

Cartwheel on good side

1 arm cartwheel

Cartwheel from knee

Other side cartwheel

Hurdle cartwheel

Dive cartwheel


Side handstand

Round-off from stand

Hurdle round-off

Round-off back handspring

Round-off 2 back handsprings

Round-off, back handspring, back tuck