YouTube Channels:

The Gymnastics Minute – This channel is sponsored by DGS

Rick McCharlesThis channel has some fantastic coaching information.  You have to sort through unrelated videos to get to it, though.

            Joe Langley – Supported by American Gymnast, this site is highly recommended for coaching tutorials of basic through advanced skills.

            JAOVideos - Find some wonderful drills for bar skills.  The focus is especially on kips and free hips.

            Troy Wright - This channel is created in conjunction with an excellent coaching blog called

            Coaching Gymnastics in the New Millennium - Discussions are about proper techniques, kinesiology, and physiology.  

            The Gymnastics Doctor - This channel is full of rehab exercises in case you have any injured gymnasts.

            Gymnastics Techniques - Video lectures on the mechanics of technique so you can teach virtually any skill.

Other instructional sites:

            Tumbling Drills - Created by a tumbling coach in Denmark, this site offers pictorial drills for tumbling.

            Gymnastics Rescue - dedicated to gymnastics injuries and their prevention.

            GymSmarts Community – This online community has blogs from some top coaches in the country with fantastic preschool,  recreational, and competitive coaching tips.  Sign up for their newsletters. 

            Gymnastics Interactive

            Tulsa World of Gymnastics Tips


Drills and Skills

            USA Gymnastics Technique Magazine - This link will likely send you to the USA Gymnastics home page. If that is the case, look for their magazines section to find Technique.

                Science of Gymnastics Magazine

           The Gymnastics Doctor

          Gymnastics the Great - This is a blog that has some pretty interesting stuff, from coaching to just news.

          Winning Gymnastics newsletter archive - The focus is on body mechanics and the science of gymnastics in layman's terms.