Welcome to this online gymnastics coaching handbook! 

The goal of this website is to be a resource of basic gymnastics skills and drills for the recreational gymnastics coach. This is what you will find: 
  • Basic skills on vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor.
  • Techniques to look for and teach.  (In many cases, there are various techniques to teach a single skill.  I provide the techniques I prefer.)
  • How to spot the skill.  (You will find written descriptions of how to spot a skill.  The best way to learn is to watch an experienced coach and to practice, practice, practice!)
  • Drills and progressions leading up to the skill and to teach body awareness and muscle memory.

*The more a skill can be broken down and taught into parts, the easier it is to master the skill.*

 This website does not condone practicing or teaching any gymnastics skills outside of a gymnastics facility and without qualified, professional supervision.  The information found on this website should not be a substitute for a qualified gymnastics instructor!


About the Author

Nicole Miller has been a coach of gymnastics since 1992.  She has extensive experience coaching preschool, girls' recreational, and competitive gymnastics.  Her years of designing class curricula based on USAG programs and writing lesson plans for her staff have made her aware of the need for easy-to-find, free coaching resources that provide drills and good technique for many basic gymnastics skills.  After putting together a handbook for her staff that included all of the information on this website, she decided to put her mental library of gymnastics knowledge on the web for other coaches to use.  Enjoy!

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