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My dad: here (just had to do this after he willingly gave me the shot...)

Thank you for visiting Max's Animations and Games! Here is where you can watch many animations and play even more games! Right now, the site is just getting started, so you'll find that it doesn't have that many. But the good news is, I'll be updating it weekly, sometimes daily, so please feel free to my ever growing site. My brothers site (http://andyhoward555.googlepages.com)is also being worked on. It has more tests, than anything, but it will have many more games and animations in the future. If you ever want something changed on this site or my brother's, or just have suggestions, please email my at BuffPizzaGuy@gmail.com. Thanks!

I was bored, so I made this fake social A.I. guy. Have fun! lol

This is a test to see if I could duplicate the same actions for multiple things. It worked. The result is as follows. (Click to make it snow)

Yup. It's that easy now. No need to thank me.


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