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Ntaifitness equipment for sale. Buy High-Quality commercial gym equipment for sale. We are Ntaifitness. Ntaifitness designs health club commercial fitness equipment. Shop Gym Equipment Designed for Every Exerciser, Regardless of Age, Ability, or Fitness Level. Ntaifitness gym equipment stores offer the best selection of home exercise equipment, Cardio Training. Bike Trainers. Elliptical Trainers. Exercise Bikes. Rowers. Step Machines. Treadmills.

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Whatever the season, cheap prices and a great workout are always at your fingertips! Browse through all of our indoor fitness options and get the whole family active with indoor fitness equipment like treadmills and weights. Whether you're looking for yoga equipment, elliptical machines, weights or exercise bikes, Ntaifitness has the gym equipment you are looking for - all on sale at cheap prices. Looking for something used? Why not check out our refurbished exercise equipment, or browse our new and like-new fitness equipment models.

Since your guests visit your facility expecting results, the equipment you provide can motivate them to go beyond their limits. To help your guests reach their goals, we make it easy for you to order wholesale fitness equipment with intuitive ordering, reasonable prices.

Shop Ntaifitness for a huge selection of Gym & Exercise equipment for sale to find top-rated Fitness Equipment at discount prices. Call or Email for Quotes. Order Online 24/7. Free Shipping. Expert Advice & Service.

Cardio Equipment

Boost Your Cardio With Running Treadmills

Shop Ntaifitness for great prices on treadmills for sale. Shop our refurbished models, or check out our cheap new and like-new treadmill models. Our cheap treadmills boast features like workout progress tracking, iPhone and other smartphone hookups, and customizable programs to let you decide the level and intensity of your workout.

Don't let the weather keep you from working out. With treadmills, you can get the feel of running outside from the comfort of your own home. Many running machines let you adjust the speed and incline to match your favorite trails, and if you're having trouble getting started, there are machines that have preset workouts to get the ball rolling.

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A high horsepower motor helps keep up with your improving performance. Small treadmills and folding treadmills are ideal when you live in a small space or want to be able to put away the treadmill with ease. fitness-china.com has plenty of walking machines and treadmills for sale to suit a variety of needs. And you can complement your workout with a selection of workout apparel, running shoes and supplements.

There are two main types of treadmills: electric and manual models. Manual treadmills are designed to move at your pace, and they're the perfect exercise machine for those looking to add other exercises to their routine. If you want to track your performance with a manual machine, you'll want to invest in health trackers to get an accurate picture. However, electric treadmills come complete with built-in heart monitors and preset workouts to optimize your runs. These models also allow you to adjust the incline mid-run to ramp up the intensity. Getting in shape can be tough, but Ntaifitness Gym Equipment is here to help with a large selection of affordable treadmills. A new electric or manual treadmill will allow you to run to your heart's content year-round.

There are many bells and whistles that help enhance your cardio experience. Many running treadmills with an LED display or LCD display inform you of important stats as you work out, such as calories burned, distance traveled and time spent exercising. Built-in heart rate monitors are often located on the handles to let you know when you've hit your peak, while various running surfaces are sized to give you breathing room as you run. Hydration is an equally important factor when it comes to working out, and as such treadmills with cup holders make sure you can keep going. Most machines have a specified weight capacity so that everyone has the chance to work out.

Many of our treadmills feature a spacious, shock-absorbing running surface that will help you stay comfortable as you work out. Sync your treadmill to Google Maps and recreate a variety of terrains for your walking and running workout. Take the reigns with speed and incline controls that quickly get your speed up to 10 miles per hour and 10 percent inclines with a touch of a button. Alternatively, you can also shop for other fitness equipment in our fitness & exercise section.

Start energizing your routine by building your dream home gym today. With varying ranges in sizes and fold up abilities, Ntaifitness has a cheap treadmill that will fit just about any space. When buying a treadmill, the decision to choose one model over another is difficult, which is why we offer a website filter to separate models according to price, condition, brand, height, width, and depth. Find the best treadmill for you by shopping through our wide variety of treadmills for sale today!

The main components of your treadmill are the belt, deck, motor, and electronic console. Use these guidelines to find the best treadmill for your home gym:

      • Treadmills designed with a thick belt help cushion your step and provide greater shock absorption.

      • A wide deck on your treadmill ensures you can maintain a natural stride as you train. Treadmills with a wide deck and sturdy frame allow you to stride more freely during your run.

      • To accommodate limited space in your home, buy a treadmill with a foldable deck from our folding treadmills collection. Safety features are key on your treadmill. Look for a machine with an emergency shut-off that powers off your treadmill. Side rail supports help you avoid injury from accidental slips.

      • Choose a treadmill with a vibrant read-out screen for user-friendly training. LCD, LED and touchscreens are all available.

      • Easy-to-modify features include incline, speed, and resistance. Real-time feedback can help aid your workout. Think heart rate, pace, laps and much more. You can also customize your workout with smartphone docking.

      • Built-in fans keep you cool and refreshed as you work up a sweat.

Find the Right Treadmill for Your Training. If you want to log miles without leaving your home, treadmills are the ultimate way to enhance your home gym.

Treadmills provide essential cardio training that can be customized to your goals and fitness level.

Shop for a high-quality machine and strength training equipment for a comprehensive workout.

Looking for other aerobic exercise options? Why not check out our ellipticals or try an exercise bike to get heart healthy!

Gym Machines for Sale
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Shop Ntaifitness for ellipticals for sale at cheap prices. Find the best elliptical exercise machines for you with our wide selection of elliptical trainers, elliptical bikes and cross trainer machines. Discover your most appropriate low impact, high-calorie burn routine. Need some motivation?

Most of our ellipticals let you plug your device into a music port on the console and rock your workout. Want a full leg workout? With adjustable incline ramps available on many of our machines, you can take your elliptical workout from 3 to 20 degrees to target and tone the muscles of the calves, hamstrings and gluteal muscles. Still, deciding? You can also browse other fitness equipment in our fitness & exercise section.

Exercise Bikes for Sale, Buy Stationary Bikes & Recumbent Bikes Online at Ntaifitness

Shop Ntaifitness for a full selection of exercise bikes, recumbent bikes and stationary bikes for sale.

With our wide selection of cheap prices on exercise bikes, you're sure to find the best cycling option for you. Choose between recumbent bikes or upright bikes, and shop our wide variety of stationary bike sizes. Check out special features like ergonomic design, adjustable lumbar-support seats and pulse grips. Still, deciding which home fitness machine is best for you? You can also browse other fitness equipment in our fitness & exercise section.

That is why we offer a website filter to allow customers to separate models according to price, condition, brand, height, width, and depth. You can find new and refurbished exercise bikes for sale at affordable prices. Additionally, we have customer reviews for most products, each of which can be found on www.fitness-china.com. Looking for other home fitness options? Why not check out our treadmills and elliptical machines.

Stationary bikes are a great way to benefit from bicycle exercise without having to leave the house or attend an indoor cycling class!

Climb to your fitness goals with steppers from NtaifitnessStair climbing is one of the most beneficial cardio exercises for good health. Exercise steppers and stair climbers offer a full-body workout with light resistance and great cardio benefits. Whether you're looking for a mini twist stepper or a full-size model, Ntaifitness has just what you need to stay in shape.

An adjustable aerobic stepper is easy to work with and convenient size for storage. With a shock-absorbing, non-slip surface, you can perform a wide variety of cardio exercises on this steady platform. For even more of a challenge, check out the twisting steppers.

They up and down movement with side to side action ensures a full-body workout that will tone your abdomen, thighs, and calves. Strap on your fitness tracker and track all your gains.

When you're building a home gym, a vertical stair climber is a great addition to your collection. It provides an efficient and productive workout right from the comfort of your own home. The head to toe toning abilities makes them a home gym must.

The full contoured support rails and bungee suspension system help reduce some of the shocks to make it a great low-impact workout. Whether you're looking for a top-of-the-line stepper or a highly advanced treadmill, check out Ntaifitness for amazing stepper machines and other fitness equipment.

Buy Rowers for Sale Online at Ntaifitness, Our Best Cardio Equipment Deals

Rowing is an intense yet extremely beneficial workout for the body. With a busy schedule, getting time for some daily cardio can be a challenge. Rowing machines are the ideal solution and will make a great addition to your home gymnasium. Challenge muscle groups and develop strength and stamina as you perform your exercises consistently over time.

Whether you're looking for a basic model or a more complex hydraulic rower, Ntaifitness has just what you need. Rowers are built to give you a full-body workout. Air rowing machines feature comfortable molded seats and sturdy metal pull-chains. Some models are foldable which enable easy storage, especially in smaller spaces.

With advanced display features, you can also track your speed, distance covered and calories burnt with every workout. A magnetic rower features a magnetic tension system with 8 levels of adjustable resistance.

Create heavy resistance slow rides or turn up the heat with a great HIIT row. Combining the right machine with a treadmill and weight training equipment allows you to start a home gym with plenty of variety.

If you're looking for a more realistic experience, stamina water rowing machines are the right choice. With real water resistance, you will feel like you are actually out on a lake or river. Faster, harder pushes will increase resistance which in turn will lead to an intense workout session.

From rowing machines to ellipticals, you can build a great exercise space with amazing equipment from Ntaifitness.

Ready to Work Out: Gym Equipment & Strength Training Gear

Get after your goals with weight machines, gym equipment and strength training gear from Ntaifitness Gym Equipment Sporting Goods. Our equipment range includes - Selectorized equipment, Lat Pulldown-Row, Multi-Press, Pec-Fly Rear Delt, Biceps/Triceps, Dip-Chin Assist, Leg Press, Leg Curl/Extension, Inner-Outer Thigh, Abdominal-Back, Seated Row, Wrist Curl, and Cable Crossover.

What Types of Strength Training Equipment are Available?

The variety of strength training equipment available today includes products for people who are just learning the benefits of performing this type of exercise as well as those for people who are always looking for the next best way to increase their muscle volume and strength. For those who are serious about strengthening their core muscles and creating a washboard stomach, and Ab Solo machine offers a fun and effective solution for building abdominal muscle.

People who are unable to use weight lifting equipment or who have been unsuccessful with weights, resistance bands and other exercise equipment use resistance to build strength. There are also recumbent bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, kettlebells and much more that will boost your muscle mass.

Whether you’re a skilled weightlifter or just starting your strength-training regimen, grab the gear you need to make your fitness goals a reality. DICK'S has state-of-the-art weight-training equipment, fitness accessories and weights and free weights. Browse all of our products to read product descriptions and reviews and more!

Browse these complete collections:

    • Bench Press & Weight Benches: Benches help you perform a variety of strength-training exercises. They’re versatile, functional and a must-have for any home gym.

    • Smith Machines & Squat Racks: Professional-grade weight-training racks and cages help you tackle squats, inclines, declines, and military presses, plus so much more. The use of weight benches will give you a better workout, allowing you to strengthen various muscles or several muscles simultaneously. Give your body balance with a full-body workout, chest presses, one-armed dumbbell rows, etc. These can be found in pretty much every gym you go into and lay down the foundations for your strength training. Weight benches are a key piece of equipment in any gym. Whether they’re used at home or in a commercial gym, they allow you to train almost any muscle from any angle. The use of an exercise bench is primarily used to strengthen the upper body but it has been seen to also improve cardiovascular health. To aid you in maintaining proper form while lifting, a weight bench will offer you support and an increase in the efficiency of how many reps you can do. It will also allow you to focus fully on the weights rather than ensuring you’re balanced. Due to the support, you will receive you will be able to do a wider range of motions, this would allow you to focus on more targeted muscle areas. If you’re looking to optimize your muscle tone, especially in your upper body. As a strength training exercise, the bench press can help your body increase muscle mass and reduce fat. Along with strengthening muscles, you are also able to improve flexibility and strengthen bones and joints, reducing your risk of arthritis. While most versions are flat fixed styles we also have a range of adjustable benches available too, with adjustable seating options to perform various movements with ease.

    • Dumbbells & Dumbbell Sets & Weight Sets: These fitness staples are perfect for athletes of all skill and strength levels and help you easily customize your home workout.

    • leg press machine: Leg Press & Squat Machines, Best Deals On Leg Press Machine. The leg press is a popular piece of gym equipment that can help build key muscles in your legs. The leg press requires you to drive resistance upward using your lower body. Leg Press Work at Quadriceps, Soleus and Gastrocnemius, Gluteus Maximus, Hamstrings and Hip Adductors.

    • Weighted Vests & Body Weights: Vests and adjustable wrist and ankle weights help amplify your current workout routine, so you can maximize your results.

    • Home Gym Equipment: One single home system can replace multiple pieces of smaller gym equipment, so you can take on a variety of workouts.

    • Shop trusted fitness brands for weight-training and strength-training gear you can count on, including Fitness Gear®, Body-Solid®, and Bowflex®. Browse ETHOS® training equipment for a variety of commercial-quality equipment for all of your strength-training needs.

If you find a lower price on weight machines and gym equipment somewhere else, we’ll match it with our Best Price Guarantee.


A quality power rack is by far the most necessary piece to any gym. Essential for barbell workouts and other free weight exercises, power racks improve overall gym safety while keeping everything from bumper plates to barbells all in one place. Plus, they have bars overhead so you can perform pull-ups with ease.

Power racks for sale come in two specific styles:

Full Racks: This type of power rack gives you all-around protection. It’s a full cage that keeps your heavy weights contained no matter the situation. If you have space, definitely consider getting a full rack because it’ll allow you to lift heavy with maximum safety and offers the most benefits for your strength training.

Half Racks and Wall Mount Racks: These racks are ideal for saving space in your gym while offering similar advantages to a full rack. Half racks don’t have the backside vertical bars, keeping the horizontal safety bars rather short to accommodate a smaller surface area. Wall-mounted racks rarely have the horizontal bars at all, instead giving you a spot to rack your barbell when you’re done with your squats or standing military presses.

As for accessories, you’ll definitely want an olympic barbell complete with a set of weight plates. Some of the racks found below even come equipped with a lat pulldown / low row system tucked into the middle, creating a comprehensive workout station.


Your back is the foundation of your upper body. Yet we underutilize it in the gym, opting instead for chest day or working out the arms. That ends now. Choose a back or lat machine and create a wide frame upon which your body will be built.

There are three main types of back machines that give you a major boost in posterior chain development:

Lat Pulldown Machines: A classic machine in any commercial gym, the lat pulldown machine is the most popular machine for back exercises other than a simple pull-up bar. This machine can either have a weight stack and a pulldown bar or a place for plates and two individual handles above. (Or a combination of the two.)

Seated Row Machines: This machine includes a low cable attachment and a long bench to perform seated horizontal rows. It’s crucial to work both the vertical and the horizontal portions of your back, hitting all angles of your lats and even your traps.

T-Bar Row Machine: T-bar rows are tremendous for packing on serious weights and gaining middle and upper back strength. With a T-bar row machine, you rest your chest on a pad and your feet on a platform, grab the T-bar that’s situated below your body, and row up. It’s like a renegade row, except you use both hands and you can put on some serious plate weight.

Dual-Function Back Machines: It’s the best of both worlds. This machine includes a horizontal row cable attachment, as well as a pulldown section. Within seconds, you can perform a set of lat pulldowns, let go of the pulldown bar, grab the D ring, and perform seated rows. If you want to work all areas of your upper back, a dual-function machine is the ticket.

Now, there are two versions of weights: plate-loaded and weight stacks. This isn’t just found in lat pulldown machines, but also seated row and dual-function machines. And there are other back exercises you can do with simple machinery. For instance, you can use a traditional barbell, stick one end into the corner of a room, and perform T-bar rows with plates on the other end and a D ring. And, of course, there’s always pull-up bars.

It’s time to widen the frame, build up the back, and achieve a healthier posture with these back exercise machines.


A Smith machine, or Smith gym, is perfect for lifting heavy while keeping yourself protected from injuries. Smith machines are essentially boxes made out of durable metal that not only has security measures that keep you from crushing your body with a weighted barbell, but also saves others from getting hit by said barbell.

On top of that, a Smith machine gym has a barbell bolted into the framework, complete with two curved holds on the bar and multiple bolts up and down the vertical poles, giving you the ability to stop your rep at any point in the movement.

It’s basically a barbell attached to a power rack, creating a linear plane of motion that assists you with your lifts. You load the bar up with external weights and you can keep yourself safe during your workout because the Smith Machine allows you to twist the bar and secure it in place. This is an option for those looking to get into free weights but wants that extra security.

If you pair your Smith machine with a high-quality workout bench, you can also do all sorts of presswork safely and in a linear plane of motion. You can do all of your free weight exercises with this machine, including squats and squat varieties, chest press at any angle, military press, strict deadlifts, standing shoulder press, and barbell shrugs. In short, it’s a complete gym, all in one.

Exercise benches

Exercise benches are an essential part of any gym! They serve many purposes and come in all different shapes, sizes, and varieties. Below you'll find some information about the benches we recommend! First, here's a quick summary of the different styles:

Flat Bench Exactly as it sounds. This style of bench has a flat backpad, parallel to the ground and does not have any frills or other features.

FID Bench By far the most popular style. Let's break this one down. F - Flat, I - Incline, D - Decline. FID Benches are adjustable! They can come with a minimum of (3) backpad settings all the way up to 7 or 8! An FI Bench would only offer flat or incline settings, while and FID bench would offer the full gamut.

Utility Stool/Utility Bench These generally come at a 90-degree upright position. They may or may not have foot hold downs out in front of the bench. These are great for military presses, concentration curls, or anything from a normal seated position.

Folding Benches Folding benches are perfect for residential use in home gyms or other smaller spaces. They will fold up and be easier to store and move around!

Optional Attachments Many benches offer leg developer or preacher curl attachments. This should factor in to your decision making as it can certainly help save space in your gym. You wouldn't have to buy another piece of equipment to get the same exercises in.

Even after incorporating cardio and weight lifting into your exercise routine, it can still be difficult to sculpt and tone the midsection. Ab trainers from Ntaifitness are specially designed to work core muscles that can be severely neglected while using other equipment. Get more from your workouts with the latest core trainer.

If you're short on space, an ab roller is a compact device that can be easily stored away under the bed or in a dresser drawer between sessions. Lay down an exercise mat for extra comfort before you get started, then simply grab the handles and move the roller slowly forward, then back in towards the body. You'll feel the effects right away as the machine challenges your abdominal muscles.

Larger equipment, like ab benches and rockers, make excellent additions to home gyms that already feature a weight bench. Incorporate heavy-duty steel sit up bench into your upper body routine. The durable materials are built to withstand demanding workouts session after session.

Adding a slimming belt to your fitness accessory collection can help you focus on the appropriate muscle groups, making it easier to tense and release at the right time as you go through the motions. Work towards a stronger, slimmer core with a new ab trainer from Ntaifitness.

Weights for Sale: Free Weights, Dumbbells & More

If you're serious about your fitness and workout, you need to be serious about your weight training too. At Ntaifitness Gym Equipment we have a great selection of weights for sale at cheap prices. So whether you're looking for new weight machines or just updating your weight lifting equipment, Sears Outlet has got you covered.

We carry functional fitness equipment that can be found in thousands of gyms around the country, gear that will help you set up the perfect home gym, and commercial quality equipment to set up your venture into providing fitness for others. We specialize in manufacturing equipment that offers high quality at an incredible value. Whether you want an equipment package for functional training, a bar and plate package, or you want to outfit your affiliate, we have multiple options to suit your needs.

Each product we carry is thoroughly tested and designed to meet the needs of athletes that use their equipment on a daily basis.

Our bumper plates are some of the most durable on the market, while our kettlebells offer an incredible value. Our Olympic bars are capable of handling the heaviest loads without becoming bent, and our steel equipment is all made to offer great value without sacrificing the strength of the steel used, which makes them safe and useful for home and commercial use.

Sculpting a body is all about making every muscle of the body to challenge itself. Free weight strength training is the best route to challenge all the muscle groups in the body. To give your customers the best possible way to gain muscle, choose our Free Weight Strength Series Equipment.

Unlike weight machines, these equipment are not constrained by fixed vertical movement. They can be moved in different directions to target the required muscle groups. Weight plates can be loaded and unloaded as per the need.


If you’re looking to build out a gym (home or otherwise), you cannot overlook the classic gym must have: free weights.

Weight plates are the type of weight used to add poundage to your barbell or dumbbells. There are a few different things to think about when it comes to buying weight plates depending on your fitness goals and intended usage. Let’s break down the different options:


The main difference between olympic and standard plates is the size of the hole used to fix them to your barbell. Standard plates have a 1-inch diameter opening and Olympic plates have a 2-inch diameter opening.

You’ll want to make your purchase decision based on the diameter of the collars on your barbell. Usually, standard plates cannot be used on an Olympic bar, but Olympic plates can be used on both standard and Olympic bars (with the right adaptor), making them a little more versatile.

Olympic plates are the most common style in today's day and age. Most barbells and plate loaded machines being manufactured are made for use with olympic plates.

Standard plates are cheaper, less versatile and are limited. However, they are not a bad choice for beginners or home gym enthusiasts looking to save money.


Cast iron or steel plates are old-school and the most commonly used weight plates. These are usually a cheaper choice. They are durable, but can rust, and are a great option for traditional bodybuilding workouts

Coated Iron & Steel plates will come covered with a thin layer of either rubber or urethane. This can be beneficial to prevent rust and scratches, and they are usually a little easier to grip and move around.

Rubber coating serves its purpose and is a fine option if you are storing your plates indoors. Urethane is a stronger, more durable material than rubber and is usually a bit more expensive.

Bumper plates (not to be confused with coated plates) have a much thicker protective covering and a steel core. These (usually brightly colored) plates are incredibly durable and can withstand being dropped. This type of plate is great for workouts where weight is being lifted and dropped quickly - like olympic lifting and crossfit style movements (deadlifts!).


Industry standard tolerance is +/- 5% from the listed weight. There are plates that have tight tolerances, but this will come with a higher price.

For true accuracy when it comes to weight plates, the best option is to buy calibrated plates. As opposed to the other types of plates, these are built to be more true to weight. This accuracy becomes important if you are competing in powerlifting or weight lifting competitions.

For this reason, calibrated plates which are made with either cast iron or machined steel are typically used in competition or elite sports environments.

Change plates allow you to customize your lifting even further. These weigh less than regular weight plates, so that you can incrementally add more poundage. They're usually found in 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 or 1.00 (lb or kg) plates.

The amount of weight you want to lift and what features are important to you can help you determine the right weight plates to add to your gym.

No matter the type, weight plates are necessary to take your gym setup to the next level

weights for sale
weights for sale

Strength training can help athletes of all skill levels, and working out with weight machines offers a variety of benefits. Before taking up a weight-training regimen, you should think about your fitness needs and goals. Are you looking to build lean muscle mass, shed pounds or boost your functional stability?

Here are some tips to keep in mind before purchasing gym equipment and weight machines:

    • Home gym systems are designed to perform a variety of functions and can come with features like leg-curl stations and bench-press options—must-haves for dedicated powerlifters.

    • Consider the amount of space you have when purchasing gym equipment. A large power tower can give you the same workout you’d find at a commercial gym, while simple pull-up bars can be mounted in any doorway—an ideal option where space is limited.

    • Portable strength-training tools have increased in popularity in recent years. Kettlebells and kettlebell sets, for example, are designed with a simple, versatile structure that provides a variety of training options for many athletes. A weighted vest is a simple way to boost your regular workout routine. Compact hand weights are a great way to add more of a workout to your morning jog.

    • Switch up your weight-training routine to maximize your results. Rotate the use of bars, bands, free weights and weight machines alongside your cardio conditioning to keep your workout fresh.

    • If you’re new to weight training, start slowly to help protect yourself. Remember, using too much weight can negatively impact your form and lead to injury. Always give your muscles time to rest and recover and consult your doctor before any change in routine.

Shop everything you need for weight training, from weight benches and power racks to dumbbells and free weights. There's no need for a gym subscription! Save on your workout by shopping weights for sale at Sears Outlet. Looking for used weights, benches and workout machines? Shop refurbished workout machines and weights for cheap prices on a great workout. Getting in shape has never been so affordable.

If you like what you see here, make sure to explore our other fitness collections at Ntaifitness Gym Equipment including a variety of treadmills, ellipticals, inversion tables and racks, boxing gear, yoga mats and so much more.

Weight Rack for Sale

Whether you just need to consolidate a few weight plates or have a growing collection of dumbbells that is getting out of hand, a new weight rack can help you organize weight lifting gear more efficiently. From multi-tiered dumbbell racks to plate trees featuring built-in bar holders, Ntaifitness has the weight storage equipment you need to get organized while you get fit.

Find a place for every dumbbell in your collection with a dumbbell rack. These compact, easy-to-use storage centers can organize anywhere from just a few pairs to dozens of weights.

Choose from horizontal tiered racks, collapsible models and vertical styles to find an option that's right for your space. Most dumbbell racks are designed to hold vinyl and neoprene-coated weights as well as cast iron hexagonal dumbbells for quickly coordinating different gear.

For those who incorporate free weights into their workout, a sleek weight tree can help prevent individual plates from chipping and cracking. Instead of leaning plates up against a wall or laying them down on the floor after a set of bench presses or curls, simply load each weight onto the storage posts before moving onto your next exercise.

Add even more versatility to your home gym with a multi-purpose squat rack that features plate storage posts and weight supports. Prioritize safety and efficiency in your workout area with new weight racks from Ntaifitness.

Buy Dumbbells for Sale Online at Ntaifitness, Our Best Fitness Exercise Equipment Deals

You can sit on your cycle all day long, but you won't build up those biceps without some strength training. A balanced diet and daily cardio are best supplemented by the right weight training techniques. Whether you're looking for a small dumbbell set to tone up your arms or a bigger set up with a bar and discs for a full-body workout, Ntaifitness has exactly what you need.

Smaller dumbbell weights are great for beginners, but many sets come with a wide variety of options for novices and experienced lifters. The latest hand weights allow for a flexible upper body workout and also feature a cushion grip that is safe and secure.

A hexagonal 5 lb. the dumbbell can enhance your exercise session when you're walking, doing yoga or taking that painfully boot-camp-like aerobics class.

If your living space is small, an adjustable dumbbell set is compact and easy to store. With a vinyl-coated surface and steel-welded construction, this versatile set ensures that you will have firm muscles in no time. Pull out your weight bench or clear some room in the basement, and you're good to go.

If you're looking at a more challenging workout, barbells will work for both, upper and lower body exercises. Barbell sets come with weight plates and spin-lock collars to keep these plates secure when in use.

The W-shaped handlebars provide a safe and comfortable grip, challenging you to go above and beyond with every session. From inversion tables to dumbbells, get all the fitness equipment you need at Ntaifitness to make a leaner, toned body.

kettlebells for Sale

Even if you already have a comprehensive collection of strength training equipment for your home gym, kettlebells can be used for a variety of beneficial exercises that other common gear simply cannot recreate. By extending the weight beyond the grip of the user, these devices require more core muscles to maneuver than standard barbells and dumbbells. Perform squats, curls, presses and more with a new kettlebell set from Ntaifitness.

Beginners and advanced lifters alike will appreciate the versatility of a new kettlebell. Choose an individual bell in weights ranging from 5 lbs. all the way up to 26 lbs. or more. While one kettlebell is more than sufficient for many common workouts, including swings, holds, presses and extensions, two can be used simultaneously for added versatility.

With a complete kettlebell set, you'll be able to work from lowest to highest, or mix and match to fine-tune muscle groups that need more or less work. No matter which type of kettlebell you choose, gym tiles can help protect flooring from damage caused by dropping the weights.

While kettlebells can easily be used in conjunction with other strength training and fitness equipment like a home weight bench, many of these exercises require absolutely no additional equipment and take up very little space. Set up a versatile workout space in the bedroom, living room or expand a home gym with new kettlebells from Ntaifitness.

Medicine Balls for Sale

Every workout routine eventually reaches a point of diminishing returns, but adding medicine ball exercises into the mix allows progression to continue even with familiar exercises. Ntaifitness carries a wide selection of weight balls in various weights. You'll find models that beginners should have no trouble adding into routines.

When you're ready to ramp up a session, choose from balls in heavier weights. Medicine balls are also a smart alternative when you're looking to build muscle but may not have space or desire to invest in weight sets just yet.

Weight balls make an excellent complement to kettlebells in a home gym. While adding a medicine ball to your exercises can help burn calories, they also make it easier to train for specific sports-related moves and enable plyometric exercises by using quick bursts of energy to build muscle. Both ball and kettlebells help build muscle during regular exercises like lunges or squats and alternating between these pieces of weight training equipment helps create balanced workouts.

When weight balls start to feel light like a basketball, it might be time for something more challenging. Ntaifitness carries find weight balls that weigh more than 25 pounds to suit what you need. Make the most of your exercises by adding medicine balls to your daily workout routines.

How Do I Know Which Strength Training Equipment to Choose?

Everyone will benefit from doing strength training for their core and abs. The core muscles support the body and provide balance. You can purchase a kit that includes everything you need to build a stronger core. A weight bench and an assortment of free weights will provide you with the equipment you need to build strong arms and shoulders while an Earthquake Bar will help you build stronger legs.

A variety of equipment will give you more flexibility to prevent you from getting bored with the same workout while also increasing the number of muscles that you impact. Make sure the strength training equipment you choose will provide you with the diversity you need to build a uniform appearance to your body.

At Ntaifitness Gym Equipment, we know the importance of strength training has in everyone’s fitness plan. Building muscles and increasing strength isn’t just for bodybuilders. Our wide range of strength training equipment includes items that are available in a variety of weight ranges needed by everyone from beginners to pros.


Browse through our extensive range of used gym equipment that has been refurbished to be just as good as new. Refurbished in-house by our team of experienced engineers to industry-leading standards. You will be able to find gym equipment that offers you everything you expect from brand new but without the price tag!

Purchasing used gym equipment can be a great alternative to buying a brand new piece of equipment that can come with a hefty price tag. Whether you’re looking to add more machines to your commercial gym or starting to put together a home gym, it is worth considering refurbished equipment to help reduce the cost. From upright bikes to treadmills and cross trainers, you’ll be able to find something that suits your fitness needs.

When beginning your search for used gym equipment, we recommend you begin by accessing your goals which will help you decide what fitness equipment will be most appropriate. It is often a case of selecting a brand or gym equipment that you are familiar with or have used before, this helps you to understand how the machine should work and what it feels like when you use it. We have a showroom at our facility, we welcome customers to book a time to come over and view the gym equipment we have available and provides a chance for you to try before you buy.

Our used commercial gym equipment has undergone refurbishment thanks to our team of highly experienced engineers who ensure that all machines are given a full service and replacing any parts where necessary. You can rest assured that we provide a 3-month warranty as standard with an option to purchase an extended 12-month warranty.


We offer a wide selection of used strength equipment which has all been serviced and is in full working order. Whether you’re looking for home gym equipment or something for commercial use, we’ll be able to source the product you’re looking for.

Choosing to buy used strength equipment is a great way to save money but it’s important you find items that are still excellent quality. We offer you a wide range of used gym equipment that has been serviced by our team of experienced engineers and is in full working order. For that added peace of mind, all our equipment comes with a 3-month warranty, so if anything does go wrong you know we’re here to help.

While we offer a great selection of weight training equipment, it is important that you have an idea of what equipment you are looking for. Whether you’re looking for commercial use or home gym equipment, you should be thinking about how much space you have available and what equipment is the most suitable. We’re on hand to offer advice to help you decide which weight lifting equipment is best for you if you’re struggling to find the equipment you’re looking for then we may be able to source it for you. If you’re looking for more than one piece of used strength equipment then we can put together a great value package deal for you.

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Keep your fitness game on track with new exercise equipment at Ntaifitness

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