Chapter Summaries

Part 1 Ch. 1-4    Mick talks about how he and his dad play football in the back yard when he was a kid. His dad would draw a line and get on his knees and tell Mick to go back a few yards. He would say go and Mick would take off and try and get past his dad for a touchdown. His dad would never give it to him. Mick would tear up and his dad said football players don’t cry. Mick put his dad above ever other father because his dad was a football star. He played in the NFL. His dad was always pushing him and teaching him the knowledge of football he said if you know the game better than you opponent then you were already ahead of then.  Mick started a year later than everyone else. His dad said he would thank him later. Mick found this out when he started pop Warner football when he was faster and bigger than everyone else. He had already known more than most of the kids cause of his dad so this made him a star. He practices three hundred sixty five days a year and his more didn’t like it she thought it was to much pressure on such a little kid. Mick started to notice that his dad wasn’t so perfect. One, was because of his job. He was a talks person on a radio station but he didn’t talk that much. The person that didn’t play in the NFL talked most of the time. Then he asked him if had actually played in the NFL, his dad said he had suffered and real bad ankle sprain. The put him on injury reserve then finally let him go. Mick’s dad told him not to ever let anyone talk bad about him cause everything that he sees the house, cars, the cloths on his back and everything the NFL paid for it all. Mick had to write a paper on his favorite thing to do. This was a no brainer to him he wrote about football. The first time he wrote the paper it was very dull and not good. His teacher told him to write the paper so it felt like who ever read it they would feel like there in the game.

Part 1 Ch. 5-9    When he got done with the paper the second time he should have given it to his mom because that was the year she stopped coming to his games. She said it killed her to see him get hit ever play. She said that she wanted to come out on that field every time he hit the ground to make sure he was ok. He got drilled in a game on punt return one time and came home really sore and she said that’s why I don’t come cause it would have killed me to see u lie that. The night after that she asked him to quit her sake. Mick said no it was his life and he wouldn’t know what to do if he quit. He told his mom it was ok if she didn’t come he would just tell her what happen when he got home. The following week he got a new pop Warner coach. He was sad but excited all at the same time.   His coach played football at Oregon state. The new coach didn’t like Mick cause his dad made him look bad in a collage game. He stuffed him out the end zone and it was all over espn. The coach was just taking it out on Mick his dad told him not to worry about it. It made Mick so mad and he wanted to quit. Coach call Mick red and Mick hated it. The coach said that Mick was going to grow up like his dad a good athlete but a punk when he wasn’t playing the game. Mick wanted to know why he said this about his dad. He went and looked his dad up on the computer. He found and article about his dad were he had got kicked out the NFL. He kept reading and it said he missed meeting, got into bar fights, got into arguments with coaches, got into some trouble with a striper in the island, and argued with the players on his team. The chargers finally got tired of it and kicked him off the team. Mick was disgusted after this why his dad didn’t tell him why did he lie to him. His dad made Mick look like an complete idiot because he was always bragging on him and now it wasn’t even true. He wondered how many other people knew and how they felt about Mick bragging on him. Mick’s dad found out about Mick looking him up on the computer and was not happy. He said you read one article and u think I’m a frailer.  After he got done yelling at Mick he left and went into the mountains for a day. When he got back we had a talk. He took me to a park and we sat on a picnic table across from each other. He said this is why I’m so hard on you do your best. When I was in collage I missed meeting and dragged through practices but when I got to the pros where everyone was as good as or better than me it didn’t work out and that’s why they kicked me out. After that me and my dad was cool.

Part 2 Ch. 1-5    He is now pushing himself as hard as he can so everyone don’t think he will turn out like his dad. Mick, Drew and Deshawn all made varsity. Mick would put himself toe to toe with the varsity guys. He wanted to make sure the coach didn’t mistake him for his dad. Drew told him going full speed at practice kept the tempo up. Mick and Drew played pop Warner football together. When they were in the game together they would slice through there opponent. They had good chemistry playing together. They played flag football at Crown Hill Park every chance they got. Drew made sure there was room for Mick even if it meant five on six.  After Christmas break Mick got his own cell phone. My grandparents came up from Ohio. They still think I’m a little kid and take me to McDonalds for a kid’s meal. January, February, and March were some tough months for Mick and Drew. People stopped coming to the park and the days were short and rainy. We both didn’t talk much about getting invited to come out with the varsity but we both knew that we had a good chance. On a rainy day, the head coach Mr. Downs called Mick’s house and said you can come out with the varsity. He said this don’t mean you can play varsity but just work with us. Mick asked about Drew getting invited. He said he was next to call. Mick and Drew felt out of place the first day and they both played poorly but the second day everything started to fall in place. There were five running backs that Mick had competition. His dad told him to pick them off one by one starting with the sorriest. That’s how you get a starting position. We were on that field every day before nine practicing. I got my drivers permit late in June. I was embarrassed at first but when I seen everyone was jealous I wasn’t anymore.

Part 2 Ch. 6-11    Mick was still not starting varsity over Dragger. He had become captain of the special teams and was on every special team but still wasn’t starting running back. Mick was ok with this because he knew he had another year. His dad was not ok with this because he said if Mick was good enough to be captain then he was good enough to get some carries in a game. Mick’s dad made him go ask coach Down’s if he could alternate the starting spot with Dragger. The coach said he made the choices and it is how it stands. But Mick, Drew, and DeShawn got a break. Dragger and his buddies got caught drinking and was kicked off the team for the rest of the year. Mick, Drew, and DeShawn were in a big game against Foothill. It could get them in the play-offs if they won. Mick came up short on getting his team a chance in the play-offs. There was twelve seconds left in the game, it was 4th and goal on the three yard line. They gave Mick the ball he catches it on stride. He sees the line backer shed his blocker. He lowered his head and drove his feet. The turf came out from under him and he reached the ball out at the last second. The buzzer sounded and he looked up and he was twelve inches short. Mick took it pretty hard. It was one on one and the other guy won. He felt humiliated and disgusted.

Part 3 Ch 1-5    Drew and DeShawn was trying to tell Mick that the loss was not his fault, just because it was the last play and every one will remember it. Coach Downs called a football meeting after school for all the football players. He told them that he was leaving. He got a better job at Pacific Lutheran. He said he was leaving them in good hands. Coach Carlson would take over. He was the Janitor at the school. Dragger and Clark thought it was a joke so Coach Carlson kicked them off the team for good. The new coach made them go to a 4A football championship game. He said if you want to be the best you have to know what the best looks like. Mick finally got the big picture. He needed to be stronger in the red zone. The next day they got on a luxury gray line and went to the game. We watched the game but Mick didn’t really know what he was looking for. He watched the game not the player of his position. While they were watching the game, Coach was walking around talking to everyone on the team asking them who they thought would win the game. Mick told coach that he thought Pasco would win. So did a bunch of other kids on the team. Coach kind of disagreed with them by asking questions about the other team and why they thought that team would win. Late in the third quarter he asked all them to look at the Pasco team how they were bent over and gassed. In the beginning of the fourth quarter he said you let a team hang around and they will come out with the win. Roger’s got an interception and ran it in for a touchdown. Roger’s won and coach was right. Drew said coach knows about football. Christmas was good for the most part. I turned sixteen when school broke for Christmas break and mom took me to the DMV to get my driver’s license. I was really nervous at first cause some people said it was hard to pass the first time. I ended up doing well on ever thing except parallel parking. I still got the driver licenses. Dad told me the next morning to not make any planes he was going to teach me how to drive the jeep which was a stick. He took me to a cemetery were know one was so I wouldn’t get honked at or jam up traffic. Dad said that ii had a knack for driving the jeep. After we got done there we started driving and we ended up at a gun range. Dad said there was a point in your life when a boy becomes a man. He also said it is a good to know how to fire a weapon. He said don’t tell mom she would never understand. My grandparent came down for Christmas and we all opened present. I got one from everyone but dad he said I “later”. He gave me the jeep and it was great.

Part 3 Ch. 6-9    In January weight lifting started. Coach Carlson came down to let us in and when we got inside we could all tell some changes. Carlson had put up a bunch of posters that had a lot of motivating speeches on it. He had rearranged all the equipment and put up a clip board to record all the reps and the weight we lifted. Dragger and Clark had transferred school and now play for a three A school. I was sore by dinner time that had meant I had worked hard in the weight room. I wasn’t used to the stiffness from weight lifting. I was flipping through the channels on the TV when I saw this commercial with a cut and muscular guy on it. He said gone from ninety pounds wimpy kid to a rip muscular monster in just two weeks. That when it came to me. Everyone is trying to tell me I need to get stronger and bulk up. If there are supplement out there that are legal I’m stupid not to use them. I worked for my dad more so I could go buy a months’ worth and told him I’d be working more so I could pay for it month by moths he said that would be fine. My dad had me paint the upstairs room in our house. I was going to meet Drew and DeShawn at the park at three so I was trying to hurry up. When I was getting all my stuff up from where I was painting, dad motioned me over to my mom’s desk. He said he had something to show him. He pulled out a little box that had a secret door in it. He told me to push the button so it would open and I did. When it opened I saw a gun and dad said it was for mine and my mom’s protection cause his dad would be gone weeks at a time. He told him he is not a little boy any more he is becoming a man. My dad set me up with a member ship at Popeye’s. His work had bought the gym and his dad gets free memberships there. When Drew and Mick got there they thought the trainer was gay and didn’t like it at first. They had over a hundred machines for every muscle group and then a whole other section for free weights. I’m set I have the jeep the money and lifting weights every day. But when dad got back from Miami he asked if I had went back and I said I lift at school.

Part 3 Ch. 10-14 I got into it with Nolan Brown in weight lifting after school. He told me that I got everything handed to me. He said that dragger wouldn’t have come up a foot short like I would have. He said if dragger was still here I would still be on the bench. After that Dragger came into the cafeteria and asked me why I was saying I was the strongest. He took my protein shack and spit it all over my lunch. Later that day Dragger paid a visit to the weight room. He came in there and challenged me to a rep test of one hundred and eighty pounds.  Pumped it out five times and he did it twenty times. He got up and got in my face and told me to buff up or go home. I tried to punch him in the head but got the side of his ear. When I missed someone grabbed my arms from behind and Dragger punched me in stomach five times and then kicked me and spit in my face.  He was mad at Drew and DeShawn cause they just stood there and let them beat him up like that.

. I was mad and didn’t want to talk to anyone. I faked sick for two days to stay at home and recover. When I went back to school I ran into Kaylee Sullivan. I had liked her for a long time but never really told her. I really only saw her at brief times during school she told me that Dragger had left and went to a different school. That’s why they beat him up cause they could get away with it. I had skipped weight lifting all that week. When I finally got back Nolan came up to me and said it was wrong what they done to you. I went back to Popeye’s the following week and got a personal trainer. This time I made sure I didn’t think he was gay. He took me to get a smoothie and talk things over. He said he would push my body to the limit and then some more. He said who am I doing this for and I told him at first my dad but then said later I’m doing for myself. He said all the protein shakes I take will get me a little bigger but that’s all they will get me is a little bigger but not that much. He also told me if I wanted to get bigger and stronger faster there was this stuff call “gym candy” but I told him I was not taking steroids. I would not but that in my body and cheat myself like that. He said that was fine but he said that he should hear it from him than someone else and it was fine that he didn’t want to take them it wasn’t for everyone. I told coach about it. He wasn’t to happy he said u build a relationship when u lift in the weight room with your teammates. I was determined to get bigger faster and stronger. I told drew I couldn’t take him home no more cause I was going to Popeye’s now instead of going to the school weight room. Our first scrimmage came up with the new coach. I fumbled the ball twice and hardly put up any yards. Kane, put up more yards than I did. He was a freshman. I couldn’t believe it. I could see Dragger doing it but not Kane. I was disappointed in my self afterwards. My dad called later that night and asked if I was a starter yet but I said I think I am.

Part 4 1-7 I started on D-bol witch was a steroid. Peter told me to be careful with it. It had its highs and it had its lows. Peter said he wanted to help me not mess me up. He started me out on four a day. He said we may go up we would just have to see. It kicked in on Tuesday. When I got done with my work out I still had more in me so I did more reps. When I told Perter he gave me a whole new work out with more reps and higher weights. I was walking down the hall at school and this kid Russ Diver ran into me and knocked my books out my hand. He said he was sorry. I never really had a problem with the kid but he was the typ that I just didn’t hang out with. When he said he was sorry I just lost it. I slammed him against the locker and when a tear rolled down his face it made me even madder. I slammed him again them that’s when drew grabbed me from behind and said let him go. Drew said you no he don’t mean no harm and is harmless. I let him go and he went off to class. Drew said don’t do nothing stupid to get kicked off the team. That’s when I realized that the d-bol had taken over. I just exploded and didn’t think about it. I had to calm myself down and go think about what I had done. The D-bol was working and I could feel it. There was one thing, it was like I was an energy plant and anything could send the sparks flying. My body was growing and I was setting personal records and it felt great. I started to get zits and my nipples where getting puffy. I manned up and told peter. He said that was my body’s way of saying that’s enough. Peter told me to stay out the weight room a while and he got me some pills to clean my body out and when I come back we can get back started. Drew called that day and asked if I wanted to go plat volleyball on the beach with him Kylee and the crew. I said yes cause all I had done so far was work and lift. I didn’t know how to act at first but I warmed up. I was ok at volleyball. I had my ups and downs. Kylee pulled me aside and gave me a run down on how to set and bump. We ate nocoes and I told them that I would see them tomorrow. When I got there the next day a volleyball tournament was taking place. It coast $50 to join. So planes had changed. Everyone wanted to go swimming. When they got in the water I stayed back and said id pass. But they begged me so I got in the water up to my chin so they couldn’t see my zits and puffy nipples. When we got out we climbed up a doc and when I climbed up and was standing there every one was looking at me like something was wrong. I forgot about my zits and nipples. I just sat there like nothing was wrong at first. I couldn’t take it no more I got up and put my clothes on and left. I drove and drove just to think.

Part 4 8-12 I went to church that Sunday with mom and dad. Dad hardly ever goes and mom had to beg him just to come this once. I saw Russ and I told him sorry for everything and told him it was my entire fault. Drew had left me a message when I got home. He tried to make it seem like nothing had happen. I told myself I could make myself go back out there if id stop using but it was too simple. That’s probably why I couldn’t do it because it was way too easy. I started taking a real stack where I was taking more than one at a time. Peter told me that is was like I was on a roller coaster. I would have my ups and I would have my down. He said the ups where the good part at times. But the downs where the bad part. He said the down will feel like you are sinking down I a black hole and there is no way out. If I sit around and do nothing it will eat u alive. If I get up and move around it will gradually go away slowly. When I injected myself the first time it made me feel like a man. I felt a since of power just rush over my body. The depression hit me two days before tryouts. It felt like the elevator doors had closed and it was just falling. After I got done playing football with my dad it felt like it drifted away and I felt somewhat better. My forty times was two seconds faster my agility’s where quicker and I was way better in everything. In my scrimmage I ran slam over a linebacker and his helpmate hit the ground and knocked him out he got up and I could breathe again I thought I had really hurt him bad. I was thinking to myself this is what this stuff can do. I felt like I was on top of the world. The season was starting and I told Peter I wanted off the stuff. Now I could hang out with my friends and not feel like a lair. I got the starting spot and now it was my job was to keep it without steroids.

Part 5 1-8 our first game was at home. Carlson told the team that I was going to get the ball till they could stop me. They couldn’t stop me I was breaking tackles, getting yards and then they turned into touchdowns. I was on fire and coach new it. I had ran up the score 34-0 by the third quarter. Carlson told me the only reason he kept me in is because he want some of the other teams to fear us in a way. I had done it all by myself with no steroids. I read the paper that dad had put on the table for me to read the next morning. I wasn’t sore like I normally was after a game. I had missed Keyless volleyball game and that had probably ended what we had before it had got started. Dad framed the article and put it on the empty wall down stairs in the basement. Peter tried to get me to use a new steroid he had heard about but I told him no not that the season had started. I was doing well against Garfield. I had six touchdowns and over three hundred yards. I had more touchdowns and yards in two games than Dragger had in two years. After practice coach asked me to meet him in his office. I went into his office and he asked me how I had gone up in squat, bench and forty times so much. I told him I was working really hard at Popeye’s. He asked me was I on steroids. I told him no and that I don’t get into that stuff. I felt like such a lair but it was true because I had used them to get to where I was. He asked me what my trainers name was at Popeye’s. I told him Peter. He said he might give him a call or stop by there to have a chat. I was panicking. I rushed to Popeye’s and told peter right away. Peter said they always say they going to call but never do they try and scare you. Peter said it would all be fine and it would work out. He said it was against the law in the state to test high school athletes for steroids. Drew invited me to heathers party but I said I didn’t know if I was going to make it. I felt myself losing my starting spot. I was going backwards. I went back to the gym and asked peter about that new steroid and said I wanted some. It was called xtr. I used it before a game and scored every time I touched the ball. I got my starting spot back and clued it in so I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. Drew was going through my bag one day after practice looking for some tap. I froze the xtr was in there and if he found it everything would be over with. I took it out of his hands and told him not to go through my stuff and gave him the tap. It was a close one.

Part 5 9-16 I was still using the xtr before every game I still was doing great and running over everyone. I was changing I could feel it. I wasn’t hanging out with my friends. I felt depressed all the time and I felt I had to have the steroids to do well. When I didn’t use it Kane was doing better me then I would go to the locker room and inject myself so I would do better. I was losing control. This one kid tackled me and made me fumble the ball. The play was over and the kid that hit me had recovered the fumble and when the play was over I ran and hit him so hard when he was not looking. I got injected from the game and the following game after that. I felt bad but it was the roid rage taking over. It killed me to just sit on the side lines to watch them play and I couldn’t go out there and play with them. When I came back I was getting ready like I normally do for every game. I went to the bathroom and injected myself. When I unlocked the door drew was standing there. He asked me what I was doing in there with my duffle bag. I told him nothing and pushed him out the way and went and played. I was getting my name in the paper every week and was filling up my wall. When I was getting ready for practice one day dad walked in and started talking. I couldn’t take the xtr out my back so I went on to practice with it in my duffle bag. When I got out of practice I saw drew in it and he had found it. He just said I can’t believe u would cheat the team and yourself like this. Everything we got means nothing because u cheated. I called him that night and said I was going to pick him up. Before I had left I picked up the gun out the bottom draw of the desk. When I picked drew up we didn’t say a word to each other till we got to the park. When we got to the back of the park where the pic nic table was drew said I’m going to have to tell coach about this. I said no u want because that will be the end of my career. Drew said u should have thought about that before u started on steroids. I could feel the cold steel in my hand. I pulled the gun out on drew and pointed it at him. Drew said u see what this stuff does to you. You have gone crazy. When he turned his back to me and said you want shoot me. I turned the barrel of the gun to my head and pulled the trigger.