MARIA HORSS choreographer

"the movement is life and the one who is moved is alive"

Maria M. Horss Panagiotopoulou, born at Piraeus, Greece,  she studied in the School of Dance of Koula Pratsika, in the professional department. She also studied under Harald Kreuzberg, Rosalia Cladek, Mary Wigman, Anna Sokolov.  She also studied Greek Literature in the Athens Univercity.


She organized the department of eurythmics of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women, where she taught also for many years.  She was for many years a member of the dancing team of Pratsika, and she danced as soloist in representations in Greece and abroad. She teaches “expressive movement”, dance and improvisation for 40 years in the Dramatic Faculty of Greek National Theatre, as well as for 10 years the same course in the Dramatic Faculty of State Concervatoire of Athens.  She taught also in the Theatrical Laboratory of Spyros Evangelatos as well as in the Studio of Greek National Opera.


 As chorographer , she presented her dancing works in presentations where she danced also herself.  In the Greek National Theatre she worked as permanent chorographer  above 30 years. She made the choreographies of  a lot of representations in each good of theatre, as well as above 120 different choreographies in 30 ancient tragedies (Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides),   tragedies that were presented in a lot of ancient theatres (Epidaurus, Dodoni, etc), in a lot of cities of Europe, as well as Japan, China, Canada, USA & Russia. She worked as choreographer  in the Festival of Vicenza (Italy), in the eminent  Theatro Olympico (“Oedipus Rex” of Sophocles, and “Medea” of Euripides), with Alexandros  Minotis  as stage director and Yannis Tsarouchis as stage designer. In Epidaurus, with the same artists, she made the choreography for Cherubini’s “Medea”. The same opera went up in the Scale of Milan, where she made the choreography, with Maria Kallas as protagonist.


She participated in the team of Koula Pratsika in 1936 for first time, as one of the priestesses of the Ceremony of the Touch of the Olympic Flame. From 1964 she makes the choreographies for the Ceremony of the Touch of the Olympic Flame, with dancers and actors, and certain times with group of adolescents. Each time the Ceremony is renewed with new musical and dancing elements.