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Koi Kitsune January 29, 2007

Going through some serious changes this month. I am looking for work and alot of the old members of GX² have left. So, me and my friend Louis is going to look for people who wants to do productive and epic stuff. When it comes to Films or making a Video Game. Hopefully all will work well in the end.

January 19, 2007 Koi Kitsune

I finally bothered to move everything to from 43i. to this site again. I kept the old style from the other site since 43i. claims that our site has broke one of their rules. So, fuck 43i.net. Back to googlepages.

Koi Kitsune December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas to everyone who has checked out our site, viewed our video's, and enjoyed our crap. And to those who have actually viewed our stuff and wondering what will happen next, you won't have to wait long. More stuff is coming 2007 and the etc. So stay tuned and have a great New Year!

Koi Kitsune November 8, 2006

Right now I am looking for Sponsers for our site. I don't need any right away, since I have to create a links box on the front of the website which I haven't done yet. (That's what other links is for, but I want a box that actually has the web browsers attention and other links is just for other GX² crap) So soon I'm gonna ask other video websites if they would be interested to collaborate soon so the word of GX² can be spread about to other people. Also we can do the same in return for other websites as well that does the same thing as us. So if your a video lover and have a website that has video's hosted, consider in giving us a message. At gx2productions01@gmail.com.

October 31, 2006 Koi Kitsune

A message from me to you.