Gwyneth McClendon

Welcome. I am Assistant Professor in the Wilf Family Department of Politics at New York University. My primary research interests are in comparative political behavior, religious and ethnic politics, and political participation. I have done research in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and in the United States. My first book, Envy in Politics (Princeton University Press, 2018), examines how people's desires for high within-group status can influence their political behavior. My second book, From Pews to Politics (co-authored with Rachel Riedl, forthcoming from Cambridge University Press), examines how exposure to religious teachings can influence whether and how people participate in politics.

A pdf version of my CV is available here. My Google Scholar page is here.

I can be reached by email:


Envy in Politics. 2018. Princeton University Press, Princeton Studies in Political Behavior Series. Publisher's Website. Amazon. Reviews/Endorsements. Winner of the Robert E. Lane Award from the Political Psychology Section of APSA.

From Pews to Politics: Religious Sermons and Political Participation in Africa (with Rachel Riedl). Forthcoming, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics Series.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Voter Information Campaigns and Political Accountability: Cumulative Findings From a Pre-registered Meta-analysis of Coordinated Trials (with Thad Dunning and 27 coauthors). Forthcoming. Science Advances.

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Reducing or Reinforcing In-group Preferences? An Experiment on Information and Ethnic Voting (with Claire Adida, Eric Kramon and Jessica Gottlieb). 2017. The Quarterly Journal of Political Science 12(4): 437-477. Website. Pre-Publication Manuscript. Pre-Analysis Plan. Metaketa Project Description. EGAP Policy Brief. Winner of 2018 APCG Best Article Award.

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Book Chapters

Under What Conditions Does Performance Information Influence Voter Behavior? Lessons from Benin (with Claire Adida, Jessica Gottlieb and Eric Kramon). Forthcoming. In Information, Accountability and Cumulative Learning: Lessons from Metaketa I. Dunning, T., G. Grossman, M. Humpreys, S. Hyde, C. McIntosh and G. Nellis (editors). Cambridge University Press (Studies in Comparative Politics Series). PDF. See EGAP Metaketa I.

Religious Communication and the Effects of Priming. 2019. In Oxford Encyclopedia of Politics. Oxford University Press. Link. doi:

Working Papers

Breaking the Clientelistic Equilibrium: The Joint Importance of Salience and Coordination (with Claire Adida, Jessica Gottlieb, and Eric Kramon). 2017. AidData Working Paper #48. Williambsburg, VA: AidData. (R&R.) PDF. Pre-Analysis Plan. Metaketa Project Description.

In Progress

Motivating Peaceful Political Participation with Christian Civic Engagement Training (with O'Brien Kaaba and Elizabeth Sperber).

Lobbying the Media for Selective Attention: Empirical Evidence from Sub-Saharan African Countries (with Hye Young You).

Conducting Experiments in Multiple Contexts (with Graeme Blair). Invited for inclusion in the Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Political Science, Second Edition.

Other Political Science Writings

Cognitive Biases in Ethnic Politics (with Claire Adida). Comparative Politics Newsletter. Fall 2017 27(2): pp. 4-11. PDF.

As Pope Francis Calls for Compassion Toward the Poor in Africa, What are African Churches Doing? (with Rachel Riedl). Washington Post Monkey Cage 28 November 2015. Link.

Ethics of Using Public Officials as Field Experiment Subjects. Newsletter of the APSA Experiments Section, May 2012. 3(1): pp. 13-20. PDF.