Welcome to the Nanophotonics and Microfluidics Lab at GW!


February 2016: Quan won an Honorable Mention Prize at the 10th Annual GW SEAS Research and Development Showcase. Congratulations Quan!

February 2016: Our work was featured on Reuters Moments of Innovations: 'Tricorder' brings diagnosis into the home

'Tricorder' brings diagnosis into the home

February 2015: Allan just won the First Place Prize (tied) at the 9th Annual GW SEAS Research and Development Showcase. Congratulations Allan!
You can watch Allan's presentation below.

YouTube Video

August 2014: Our paper on Handheld Microfluidics has been published in Lab on a Chip. One step closer to a medical Tricorder!  
Check out the GW Today article on this work.
             Videos: http://vimeo.com/105366789
May 2014: Our work on stretchable and bendable microsystems was featured in the GW Research Magazine.
The original paper on soft (i.e. stretchable and bendable) packaging of CMOS electronics with Microfluidics was published in Scientific Reports.
            deformable cmos_microfluidics

July 2014, Our paper on "Tethered-Bead Immune Sandwich Assay" has been published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics. This work is a collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Silver (NIH/GW) and Dr. Keir Neuman (NIH).
Jon's idea of using a DNA-tethered bead to detect a single immune sandwich complex is a very elegant way to achieve digital, or single molecule, biosensing with minimal equipment. All you need are a low magnification lens and a cellphone camera.
                  Tethered 2.8um Beads 
                    Tethered-Bead Technology                          Video: DNA tethered 2.8um beads

May 2014: Nano@GW 2014 Workshop on Nanophotonics was held on May 14th in Marvin Center 310.

March 2013: Nano@GW 2013 Workshop was held on March 29th in Marvin Center. It was a great success