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Process for getting utilities moved underground

posted Nov 18, 2011, 12:40 PM by GWPNA Account
by Avrum Shepard
Neighborhood groups are often asked by neighbors "Can I have my above ground utilities moved underground?" This article summarizes the process here in San Francisco for doing just that. Additional information can be found at the San Francisco City web site link below.

NOTE: The money that funded undergrounding ran out a few years ago, and that funding won't be available again until later this decade. However, property owners can form a utility undergrounding assessment district to pay for undergrounding.
For all property owners who are interested in undergrounding their utilities within their neighborhood, the Utility Undergrounding Tool Kit (PDF) provides San Francisco residents with a step-by-step approach to forming a property-owner funded undergrounding utility district. Listed below are the basic steps in the tool kit.

Utility Undergrounding Tool Kit Basic Steps

Step 1 Determine District Boundaries (1-2 months)

District boundaries are determined by the Neighborhood Committee made up of local residents

Step 2 Circulate Petition (2-4 months)

The Neighborhood Committee gauges support for the project, collecting signatures and meets with city officials at DPW.

Step 3 Legislate Underground District (2-4 months)

Once the Neighborhood Committee submits signed petitions to DPW, there is a Public Hearing required and then approval by Board of Supervisors for a Utility Undergrounding District.

Step 4 Form Assessment District (1-2 year)

Property Owners Obtain Funding for Utility Design Plan and Engineering Report.

Step 5 Construction (1-2 years)

DPW will oversee construction management and neighborhood notifications.

For more information, call (415) 554-4860.