Potluck & Meeting
Wednesday, June 1
6:00 - 8:00 PM

Welcome to the Greater West Portal Neighborhood Association!

 Time Topic
 6:00 Meet & Greet with our Annual Membership Pot Luck!  Please bring Drinks and Desserts. Main Courses will be provided by GWPNA.
 6:55 Call to Order
 7:00 Approval of Meeting Minutes, Officers' Reports
 7:10 Committee Reports
  •  Traffic & Pedestrian Safety TAPS
  •  Friends of West Portal Playground
  •  Membership
  •  Economic Development
  •  Land Use and Zoning
  •  West of Twin Peaks Central Council
  •  Crime And Public Safety CAPS
 7:30 Supervisor’s Update by Jarlene Choy, Assistant to Supervisor Yee
 7:45 West Portal “Beat Cop” Officer Shawn Imhoff's Update
 8:00 GWPNA Officer Elections for 2016-2017
 8:10 Discussion: GWPNA’s Activities in the Community
 8:20 Old Business & New Business

Please note we do not meet again until September 7.

GWPNA Elections

Members will be electing officers for the 2016-2017 year at our June 1, 2016 meeting. Nominations are as follows.

 President  Thomas Kanaley
 Vice President  Lee Hsu
 Secretary  Sarita Gardner
 Treasurer  Libby Noronha

Committee Chairs:
 Crime and Public Safety  Andrew Segal
 Economic Development  
 Traffic and Pedestrian Safety  Robert Pressley
 Mike Nerney
 Land Use and Zoning  Arthur Perkins
 Membership  Libby Noronha
 Friends of WP Playground  Jessica Forys

Affiliated Groups Liasons:
 West of Twin Peaks Council  Matt Chamberlain
 Lee Hsu
 Libby Noronha
 Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods  Rae June Doyle
 West Portal Avenue Merchants Association  Robert Pressley
 Karen Tarantola

Steering Committee:
  • Sheila Bost
  • Ted Bowie
  • Matt Chamberlain
  • June Rae Doyle
  • Sarita Gardner
  • Marina Hardeman
  • Lee Hsu
  • Thomas Kanaley
  • Fred Martin
  • Cecile Michael
  • Emmett Miller
  • Mike Nerney
  • Libby Noronha
  • Robert Pressley
  • Andrew Segal

Is your Street part of
Neighborhood Watch?

Greater West Portal Neighborhood Watch

Streets highlighted green are setting up Watch Groups! To most effectively reduce crime, neighbors must work together to make their neighborhood safe. The SAFE agency manages the Neighborhood Watch Program for the City of San Francisco. GWPNA encourages concerned residents to volunteer as Block Captains. The first step in doing so is to register with SFSAFE, here is the direct link to the online sign-up form:
Please select Neighborhood Watch in the Service Request drop down menu.

Always Call 911 to report a crime or suspicious activity in progress!

Text a Tip!

Text a Tip to 847411... Type "SFPD" then type your tip.
Call 911 for Emergencies and Crime in Progress,
415-553-0123 for Non-Emergency Police Assistance.

Home Security Videos List

Here is another way we can fight crime in our area. SFPD Officer Michael Pheng maintains a list of home addresses with video surveillance. In the case that you have been burglarized, the incident may have been captured on a neighbor's video. Having such a retrieval list to tap into helps in prosecuting criminals! GWPNA urges everyone with video surveillance to contact

Upcoming GWPNA Meetings

GWPNA meetings are held the first Wednesdays of the month and are open to members and to the public. There are no meetings in July and August.
   Where:  131 Lenox Way
West Portal Playground Clubhouse, San Francisco [Map]
 When:  6:30pm - 8:30pm
Next Meetings: 
June 1, 2016
No Meeting in Jul.
No Meeting in Aug.
September 7, 2016