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Stardust is the new mediocrity.

Originally uploaded by HeyGabe. It's been nine months. Wow. Today marks little Pod's hitting the nine month mark. She's now officially three months older ...
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Originally uploaded by HeyGabe. I’m Gabe Wollenburg. I’ma professional writer who’s been sitting on a stack of literary works that I’d like very much if you ...
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Happy Birthday Zelda! 20 years old today - Joystiq

Posted at 1:23PM on Feb 21st 2006 by HeyGabe 0 stars. 58. link 4E!!!!! wow, i remember when this came out.... getting to old..... ...
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Note that I'm publishing some clippings  on the   “Google Pages” service.

 The reason for this is because I don’t own the copyright on these columns, and I don’t want anyone to be confused as to if I’m releasing them under my standard Creative Commons license. 

While I wish that the corporation that publishes my paper were enlightened to the magic of Creative Commons licensing (I’m working on them, I swear), they’re not.
I am, however, entitled to keep copies of my work for the paper as examples, or “Clips” as they’re sometimes called.

 I really don’t see the difference between clipping these stories out of the paper with a scissors and putting them in a scrapbook and clipping them out of the paper with Photoshop’s cropping tool, or windows Cut and Paste commands, and putting them up on Google Pages, which is effectively a scrapbook now. So, please enjoy reading my columns. Some of them you’ve read before, I’m sure.