Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best package for me?
There are several factors that you should consider prior to purchasing an InfoRadio Package:                             
  • Type of computer (Netbook, Laptop, Tablet or In-Car PC)
  • Existing equipment 
  • Budget
  • Mobile wireless service
For example if you have a Netbook or Tablet PC and mobile wireless service such as AT&T or Sprint, then the Basic Netbook/Tablet PC Package will work for you.  However if all that you have is a Netbook or Tablet PC, then the Premium Package is recommended to maximize your infotainment experience while driving.  Also, the GWizNex Premium Mobile Package will allow multiple users to surf the internet.  In other words, your passengers in the car will have access to the internet as well.  This premium package is a smart choice in this case.
Does the GWizNex InfoRadio work with the iPad?
The short answer is yes.  Of course, the GWizNex InfoRadio is based on Microsoft technologies and powered by Google.  However, it still has the capability of running on an iPad if you remotely link your iPad to a Windows machine.  In other words, if you install a program like the 
on your iPad and a Windows PC that has the GWizNex InfoRadio installed, then it will work on your iPad.  For more details, see the following link:  

Why do I need to add foam to the windshield mount?
The main reason for the additional foam in the Basic and Premium package is that the audio cable will need some room when the Netbook or Tablet PC is mounted to the windshield.  In other words, the additional foam helps secure the device in place without crowding the audio cable.  Depending on the location of the audio output of the Netbook or Tablet PC which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, the foam will be added below it to use as a spacer.   

Can I use a mobile or desktop app for the wireless router to check usage information or other important things?
For more information on apps, click on the following link and scroll down to the section that you're interested in currently:

How do I mount the iCON Mobile Wireless Router?

How to Mount the Mobile Wireless Router

How do I add or delete a music video, news article, album or other stuff in my playlist on the GWizNex InfoRadio?
The following link will help you with adding or deleting things in your InfoRadio playlist:

Can you provide more information about mounting a laptop, tablet pc or netbook?
Yes, please click on the following link to learn more about mounting:

Why do my mp3 formatted songs open outside of the InfoRadio?
Unfortunately, the mp3 format will typically be opened with the Windows Media Player after it is selected by default.  This makes it difficult to use while driving.  However if you change the format to mp4, then these songs will be opened in the InfoRadio and can be controlled accordingly.  Visit the following websites for more details about converting to mp4 format:

Of course, the good news is that you can download from YouTube with the   
already in the mp4 format which will work great with the GWizNex InfoRadio!