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After a knife-attack against the police chief in German town Passau which allegedly was committed by a right-wing extremist, chairman of interior committee in German federal parliament Bundestag claims a ban of national democrat's party NPD, which is right-wing, however socialist. Three balloons above in picture read: shitty leftist, shitty rightist, shitty German. Commenting these attacks is Sebastian Edathy, from left to right: No suspended sentences anymore for right-extremist motivated bodily injuries. Ban NPD. -- No suspended sentences anymore for right-extremist motivated provocations. Ban NPD. -- No suspended sentences anymore for right-extremist motivated integration neglect. Ban NPD. Caption: Uncle Edathy gives good advise.


E-health-card and data privacy: presently only your bank account data can be found on the internet for everybody. Soon it will be your varicosities and your halitosis, too. On signs leaning at wall: Internet-connector, intranet connector. Sign on box in background: central server, electronic patient's data. Balloon worker: darn it, which connector was which now? Caption: "Doesn't matter, this technology is fool-proof, as you know well.





Reported circumstances of the deathly accident of Austrian politician Joerg Haider aren't consistent at all. The contradictions remind of German politician Uwe Barschel's death who died 1987 in a Geneva hotel apartment, officially and stubbornly declared as suicide by police, politics and judiciary - without final evidence. A few days ago an expert named Harald Weinlaender refers to new findings that Haider's car did not overturn even though this had been one fundamental paradigm for the explanation of the massive destructions the car suffered. Now the destruction theory is pivoting around a mysterious hydrant which Haider's car should have been crashed into. This hydrant, however, has never been shown in a photo to the public. The disappearance of Haiders wristwatch, of the registration plates, of the headlamps, the loss of both doors on driver's side remain unexplained - unless the hydrant is a being with devilish intelligence, as shown here. Caption: prime suspect: hydrant -- desperately sought.


Government strives for extending its influence on the sphere of private conduct of life. It claims to observe secretly private habitations and computers in case of suspicion of terrorist activity. For each surveillance measurement an independent judge has to give his assent, but time will tell whether this will be a remarkable obstacle for curious persons in investigation authorities. Caption: Highest attentiveness to the guest. Under the bed is lying a judicial permanent assent. Portrait shows minister of the interior, Wolfgang Schaeuble. Hotel boy is saying: Feel as if you were at home.




Family-owned Schaeffler enterprises group strives for a takeover of automotive, especially tyre producing company Continental since earlier this year. Now it is said that Schaeffler faces difficulties in financing the purchase. Person in black, left (stock exchange): Are you fine? No difficulty in swallowing? On the right Schaeffler family (mother and son) and general manager. On sign: financial district. Caption: Yes, yes. Not at all, not at all.

Caption: If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your climate-'protection'-plans. On peak -- climate summit -- stands federal chancellor Angela Merkel, who altogether with her EU colleagues passed a new so-called climate protection package on EU summit in Brussels.



Renewable Energies and Warmth law passes German federal cabinet and waits for approval by parliament Bundestag. Every law that is designed to protect earth climate has hidden and obvious beneficiaries - the producers of insulating material, solar cells and wind-driven generators belong to the latter. It is a politically mighty group that has the potential to create pressure on every single member of parliament who argues against these energy laws. The deeper sense of political correctness ideology is that there is no difficulty to find severe pc-offenses in anybody's past (perhaps a quote, perhaps any contact or trivial everyday-life action). By citing/falsifying/perverting this it's mere child's play to compromise any inobedient coeval. If this should be a member of parliament, he/she will look no longer affordable for such a position. So, members of parliaments, you better listen to what the inner party is telling you to vote for. Caption: Still in lobbyism preparation: ready-to-wear-fashion for the german taxpayer. On dress: insulating standard EU - 24/19-BC. H2O-water-collecting-bag. On back: heat reservoir. On papers: draft law. Balloon: I know something more ...! -- On grey bodies: Eco-industry amigos.


EU commission searches for incentives for the Irish government in order to let it repeat the referendum on Lisbon treaty. The result last time was not amusing for ruling eurocracy, therefore the Irish people must be called to the polls as often as necessary until the result is satisfying. Democracy? That's what masters of the EUniverse spit on. Spoken text teacher: It will return not until the annnual referendum on Lisbon treaty takes place on the same day as easter - in the year 2061. -- Caption: descriptive lesson in astronomy at Irish schools.




Provided that EU-parliament consents to a decision of EU commission made in these days, light bulbs will be forbidden in member countries of european union bit by bit during next years. Consumers thereafter may buy only cold-light dispensing, poisonous and stinking energy saving lights in order to curb the effects of human-caused global warming, as it is said. The part of energy consumption caused by private lighting, though, is neglectible low already nowadays. A more symbolic measurement, as always when politicians trumpet that they are about making big steps for mankind. On picture, text above: soon now it is mercury time, EUSSR-coldlight-time. On boxes lying on car-roofs: 1'000 bulbs. On building: building center. Caption: A population, fed up with climate-re-education and EU, takes care for preservation of a cultural achievement into the next century.


Athens. The torch of left-wing-radicals-and-immigrants-winter-games is lit. On editorial-office-monitor: Incendiaries and looters devastate Athens. Balloon: As long as I am editor-in-chief here, these young talents are named 'disappointed, demonstrating, autonomous youngsters', are we clear on this? -- Caption: Another one of such blunder and you will get the opportunity of looking for a new internship.



German constitutional court Bundesverfassungsgericht turns down the tax legislation initiated by federal government of Angela Merkel. It deals with cancelling of taxation advantages for commuters. Only commuters bridging a distance of more than 20 kms to their workplace were privileged to receive the taxation advantage called Pendlerpauschale. Bundesverfassungsgericht now judged this discrimination were not compatible with norms codified in the constitution. Text in picture: Federal cabinet. Merkel to finance minister Peer Steinbrueck, each of them with tart in their faces: What I'd like to say is: we both know in advance what will happen as soon as we open a box sent from constitutional court ... -- Caption: ... but nevertheless we are each time made a mock for the whole republic.

EU member states quarrel about who will have to shoulder which CO2 reduction burden to achieve the europe-wide EU-commitment of 20%-reduction until 2020. Federal chancellor Angela Merkel newly emphasizes the value of jobs when talking of so-called climate protection and so-called greenhouse gases. She utters now that she won't consent with climate protection rulings that will endanger jobs or investments in Germany. Her minister of economy, Michael Glos, underlines the importance of competitiveness that must not be endangered by climate protection measurements. Quite new sounds from this government. On building: German industry - fine jobs. On little cart: climate protection. Merkel yelling: hooooold it! Caption: wrong assessment of danger when playing immaturely at incline.



Then-director of christ democrats' fraction in parliament of federal state Rhineland-Palatinate, Markus Hebgen, admits that he had paid the bill of a visit in a Berlin night club with the credit card of his fraction. This embezzlement already took place in 2005 but comes to public in these days. Allegedly but still unproven Hebgen in his years of being director (2003-2006) was accompanied by several fraction colleagues when visiting night clubs. On card between breasts: CDU credit card. Caption: Well, Mr. friction director? Shall we play man in the middle again?


The failed try of Andrea Ypsilanti of being elected as governor of Hesse in November, 2008 delivers another story. Social democrat members of parliament in Hesse report that members of their party urged them to make a cellyphone-photograph of their ballot paper as a proof that they voted for Ypsilanti before throwing it into the ballot box. If this was true it would be highly illegal. Social democrats' leaders deny this allegation eagerly. Spoken text: You will show us that cellyphone-photo of your ballot paper immediately - otherwise we will force you to join the SPD ... --- Caption: ... and will thereafter initiate a party exclusion procedure against you.




Attac-Antifa, first year of apprenticeship. Two antifascist activists in front of emblem of socialist international movement. Within colour splotch: stop globalization. Caption: national ... socialist ... inter ... - und all of a sudden it shall be wrong what I'm doing here?


Do-gooders in prevention of global warming try to re-educate the public opinion in its view on sports-utility-vehicles (SUVs). Owner of such type of cars are openly defamed as environmental swines, as children overrunners, as owners of small penises. Text in picture: Resistance against eco-dictatorship and its babbitts. Below: The sun makes the climate and it shines for all. Caption: The fear-freed knowledge of our great-great-great-grandchildren: the oil reserves of the planet will still last for more than 10.000 years.




Government strives for extending its influence on the sphere of private conduct of life. On one hand the state waves fiscal incentives in order to increase birthrates and extend participation of fathers in homebound children upbringing, on the other it claims to observe secretly private habitations and computers in case of suspicion of terrorist activity. For each surveillance measurement an independent judge has to give his assent, but time will tell whether this will be a remarkable obstacle for curious persons in investigation authorities. Balloon: To avoid suspicion of terorism against demography you are now called up to conduct sexual intercourse. Using contraceptives will be regarded as suspect of terrorism. On radio set: This device is equipped with judiciary permanent assent. Mueller. Judge at local court. Caption: Obligatory piece of furniture from 2010: BKA (federal crime persecution authority)-peoples' conception receiver.



German ISAF forces in Afghanistan: bad equipped and bad supported. Caption: Welcome to Afghanistan -- breakup for first mounted patrol. Signs on left half read: Topseller: safety jacket EUR 250 - Equipment here, look, buy, survive -- Bundeswehr shop Kundus -- be armed, because it's better -- protection goggles EUR 50 -- machine gun EUR 1.000. --- Balloon on right half reads: Are you gone crazy? Leave the weapons here! With them you will only go to provoke the indigenous population!



 Representatives of turkish minority in Germany complain about christ democrat's resolution to make an amendment to German Grundgesetz (provisional constitution) which reads: the language in federal republic is German. According to turkish lobbyists this was undemocratic and caused undue assimilation pressure, as they put it. Possibly these persons don't know the constitution of Republic of Turkey. Balloon: III. Unity, official language, flag, national anthem and capital of state. Article 3. The state of Turkey is in its state's territory and in its state's people an indivisible unity. Its language is Turkish. Its flag, the form of which is determined by law, is the red flag with white crescent and star. Its national anthem is the "independence march". Its capital is Ankara. On book: constitution of Republic of Turkey as of July 11th, 1982. On t-shirt: Turkey-German. On construction site signs in background: Here a grand church with 3.500 seats is erected. Caption: What a turkomania! What an undemocratic assimilation pressure!


 Vouchers for consumers: the substitute currency of spending-power-plundering fiscal state is named relief in taxation. German coat-of-arms-eagle as representing the german state says: You will get a drink of water if you give your wares to my plucked taxpaying michels for free. -- On glass: Voucher for consumers. On canister: increase of public debt. On iron balls burdening entrepreneur: Costs of judicial regulation,  costs of antidiscrimination legislation, tax burden, costs of climate delusion. Caption: the next torture level.



The nutrition commission of German Bundestag parliament didn't save itself while in service for the German people. It nourished itself until it was totally exhausted. On sign in background: Agenda. amuse gueule, soup, antipasti ...


Council of EU-justice ministers resolve punishment range for hate and racist speech. That intenton per se is laudable, however indetermined. Whatever speech wil be regarded/ interpreted as hate/racist will expectably be determined by islam friends within the EU. On roof: new EU-legislation. On front of building: quickly deciding court of law for racism suspects -- for non-muslims --- for muslims. On sign behind building: Please respect your conditions of probation. Grafitto: fugg you!. Caption: Prototype for high-prioritized EU-building program.



 CDU-chairwoman Angela Merkel in uniform of Free German Youth of socialist former German Democratic Republic which wasn't democratic at all. Neither is Merkel against a strong and influential state. At Stuttgart convention of her christ democrat's union party she postulates a world financial council which controls investments in order to prevent deterioration or any further crisis. Apart from that she toys with credit lending enforcement by law. Text above: Thanks to grand chairwoman ... -- Caption: for the true consummation of german unity (unification, in truth). Small pictures are described as: single sex, single health insurance, single car (climate hooray), single tax rate, single political party, single privacy, single pluralism.


Climate researchers meet at UN-conference in Poznan/Posen, Poland. As financial crisis requests much of tax resources, out of which their research programs as well as their personal income are financed, they articulate their concerns of the climate issue being neglected. On flames: financial crisis. On person with fire hose: politics. On box between hoses: empowerment (of government in buying bad mortgages from crisis-shaken banks). On sign: Tax-lake. On ship: Queen climate panic. Five stars research steamer. Balloon persons on ship: we warn against wrong priorities! Caption: New horror-forecast-fireworks-display already prepared onboard.




 On cupola: Islam is peace --- contaminated by bloodshed of Bombay terror. On bucket with cleansing foam: islam has nothing to do with islam. Holding the ladder is federal minister of the interior, Wolfgang Schaeuble. -- On sign carried by person: europe-wide candle-lit demonstration of muslims against violence in the name of islam - when will it ever happen?! -- Caption: Back off!

Christian Klar, a german terrorist sentenced to prison for life, will be released after 26 years of imprisonment in january 2009. Director of Berlin stage Berliner Ensemble, Claus Peymann, says he received an application of Klar for an internship at Berliner Ensemble. Peymann is willing to accept him as an intern. Caption: nimbus-afflicted person of my youth days! Hero! We both will make a play in which Koehler pules for mercy. -- Federal president Horst Koehler refused to reprieve Klar before expiration of that 26 years in 2007. Signs over doors on right half: ordinary applicants -- aplicants with RAF past. (RAF= red army fraction, a german terror group in the 1970s.)




 Antifascist action groups in Germany are widely financed with subsidies from the government. The worse the seeming threat from fascist agitation, the more money antifascists can expect. On balance a paper: up-to-date study. On balance: Danger from the right -kgs-. On tray with chits: Self-written fascist comments on the internet. On tray with swastikas: freshly self-sprayed. On right person: Fight against the political right. On sack: funding mio. EUR from government. Text left person: Is a little more ok? -- Caption: Always well-provided at your antifascist opinion-butcher.


Balloons, from left to right: Hey you shitty christ - you're not allowed to carry a knife at all! What else do you have in your pockets, pork-eater?  -- Policeman: I have to say he's right -- Swear on Quran that you will hold back nothing! -- Caption: judicature under highest instance of muslim offendedness.



 President Ernst Uhrlau of BND - Bundesnachrichtendienst - federal news service - explains the imprisonment of some BND agents in Kosovo state. Balloon: The imprisoned agents in Kosovo are our best men ... --- Caption: who already made their mark when buying addresses of German persons defrauding taxes in Liechtenstein, spying on an Afghan minister and collecting target data in the first days of Iraq war.


 German automotive producer Daimler AG is still holding 19,9 per cent of Chrysler shares while wishing to sell these to Investment company Cerberus, which already bought 80,1 per cent from Daimler. Now, before buying this last parcel of shares, Cerberus claims additional payments from Daimler pointing out that Chrysler were badly managed while being under Daimler's trust. These payments are of higher amount than that sum Cerberus paid for the 80,1%. Shown as a waiter here is Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler AG. Caption: Bad digestible - this charged on the bill, you owe me 7.2 billion dollars, cash on the barrelhead.




 Angela Merkel on diving board "tax lowerings" yelling at banker on diving board "credit lending": Jump, you coward. Pushing Merkel from behind is, as a representative of christian social union CSU, Michael Glos, minister of economy in Merkel's cabinet.


Quarrel in socialist parties both in France and Germany. In Parti Socialiste of France there was a narrow decision for chairmanship between Martine Aubry and Segolene Royal, who lost and appealed against that result. Her partisans accused a supposed fraud at polls. Today, Royal's defeat turned out to be definite. In Germany there were many quarrels in social democrat's party SPD, especially in respect of Ypsilanti's failed attempt to be elected as governor of Hesse, apart from that the worst-ever election result of SPD after war, namely 18%, suffered in Bavaria earlier this year, and the party-exclusion-procedures against those SPD-members of parliament who refused to elect Ypsilanti on one hand and against former SPD-minister of economy Wolfgang Clement who recommended not to vote for Ypsilanti on the other. Caption: Whenever we quarrel side by side/ and bring up the old strifes ...




 Federal minister of the interior, Wolfgang Schaeuble, faces menacing failure of his legislation project BKA-law. BKA is the federal crime prosecution authority. If signed into law, the draft would extend the BKA's rights of intruding into citizen's private sphere massively. As there will expectably no majority in the House of federal state representatives (Bundesrat) in favor of his plans he intends to change the regulations on how abstentions from voting are counted. If those were deviating from present regulations no longer counted as no-votes, a majority would come into reach again. Balloon: Good morning. Everybody who is about to vote in favour of BKA-law - hands up! -- Caption: For ballot day a new staff-wheelchair


Christian Klar of former terrorist Red Army Fraction, imprisoned since 26 years, will be released out of jail in january 2009 following to a decision of Oberlandesgericht Stuttgart court. There are many protests against this ruling throughout German society. A former Lufthansa airline pilot, Juergen Vietor, who was one victim of airplane hijacking to Mogadishou in 1978 which was designed by PFLP-terrorists to enforce release of RAF terrorists in Germany, announces to hand back his federal cross of merit as an expression of protest. Some weeks ago the widow of RAF-murdered then-Dresdner-Bank-CEO Juergen Ponto announced to return her federal cross of merit, too, as a protest against a wrong and degrading scene of murdering her husband in the recently published movie "Baader-Meinhof-Komplex". Until today all German federal governments since the 70's didn't manage to install a memorial for RAF victims. Standing at the window here are federal president Horst Koehler and a co-worker, saying: That's the tenth truck today - the cellar will be filled up soon .... Caption: ... we could possibly make a point in offering them to muslim immigrants as a welcome gift. -- On Bellevue building, the Berlin residence of the federal president: Here federal cross return dumpsite. In clouds: political climate for RAF-victims.




Off the Somalian coast  indigenous pirates are operating more and more impudent. Recently even a super tankship was captured by them and now they claim a two-digit million dollar amount as a ransom. German navy is there, but is only allowed to monitor and displace pirates if possible and necessary. Politicians in Berlin say navy soldiers may not detain any pirates because this was a police job only. Leading political personnel and military personnel seemingly are in the first line afraid of loosing their career, afraid that they could be publicly accused of breaking written oder unwritten laws when one pirate should get bodily or materially damaged. Lucky pirates ... shown here on the bridge of captured German frigate Karlsruhe saying (caption): if you want to make a german soldier hors de combat, make him phone his government. -- Kneeling german captain talks via phone with german minister of defense, Franz-Josef Jung: Understood, Sir: remain on knees and take care that pirates under no circumstances are injured.


Grand opening of Dubai beach resort The Palm, Jumeirah. Luxury party with world star prominent guests and the biggest firework display the world has ever seen. On pylon: You pay for The Palm, Jumeirah. Opening event. 100'000 fireworks, 1'700 kgs of hummer, 1'000 quail eggs, 4'000 oysters. Caption: fuel prices volatile once again.





Technological progress extends possibilities in using human tissue for many medical issues. Thus the human body becomes a source of raw material that is worth a numerable amount of money and that specialized transplantation companies are very keen on. At the same time judicial issues of patient's decree are discussed in parliament. Patients shall have the right to rule that they will not be kept alive by technological means in hospital when expectably being in state of heavy suffering or unconsciousness for long-term. Another issue is patient's declaration that he is prepared to donate his organs provided he dies and his organs are still suitable for being transplanted. Greed for worthy tissue could take influence on how life-saving is practiced in future. Texts in caricature: Cost-curbing-suitcase (with red cross), on van in background: Tissuetransplant Inc., on car right side: emergency doctor (Notarzt in German. If the last two letters of this word are left out, it becomes Notar. That is notary in English, which describes quite well the action of that depicted doctor.) Caption: Please sign with your fingerprint the patient's decree and the organ donor agreement.




Federal chancellor Merkel and some governors of German federal states make a splash of securing endangered workplaces at Opel car factories, a General Motors subsidiary. Confer caricature as of 20081118. When some 400 small and medium enterprises pass away over a few years and 100'000 workers are laid off there is no political nervosity at all. But if there are 100'000 jobs at one time at stake, politicians can't be busy enough to present themselves as saviors. All principles of market and competition are forgotten when they think they can earn easily some voter's sympathies paid with taxpayer's money. A few years ago then-chancellor Schroeder tried the same in the cases of Babcock and Holzmann, which were private limited companies. Both were temporarily saved in a big political presentation but went nevertheless into bankruptcy a short time later. Shown here is governor of Hesse, Roland Koch. 1.) In front of him a counter: bankruptcies of medium-sized enterprises: 400 times 300 jobs gone. 2.) On monitor: 1x100'000 jobs endangered. Koch, sweating: summit ... highest priority ... governmental aid ... -- in thought-balloon: on Opel-emblem, which is also a lifebelt for Koch: Dedicated to Opel-savior, to election-winner. -- Caption: Two operational states in Hessian state operational chief's office.

Mama-mimi-policies in order to achieve more justness in salaries: maximum limits for manager's wages, minimum wages for ministers. Spoken text, left half: The relation of Mr Ackermann's wages to his managerial performance is not okay ... Deutsche Bank will not see any more cent from me! - Finance minister Peer Steinbrueck: Bravo! Bright head! -- Right half: The relation of Mr Steinbrueck's wages to his political performance is not okay, too ... - Steinbrueck: Hey, police and judiciary!! Teach this &@;((% some basic rules of justness. -- Caption: Fight against misconceptions of justness in salaries.




Central council of jews in Germany repeatedly caused an uproar when prominent persons used some words in public that have a connotation with Holocaust, even if those speakers didn't mean that connotation. Council even goes so far as to emphasize that certain words shouldn't be used especially in november because of the widespread crimes committed against Jews on november 9th, 1938. Politicians who went into this trap were repeatedly demanded to resign from their posts on that account. It seems as if it is wished to prescribe a feasible thesaurus of German language to Germans, seen as little children. Moreover, it seems as if it is wished that Germans should behave like children and ask council first before they choose not knowingly any German words that may have been used by national socialists. Thus an atmosphere is created in which anybody at any time can be incriminated of using nazi words when he dares to use German day-to-day language. Shown here as teacher is President of central council of jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, saying: I dictate to you... -- On blackboard is written: words that I must not say +in november +in january +at all. Caption: Under the rod of German-supervision-ministry.

Federal chancellor Merkel and some governors of German federal states make a splash of securing endangered workplaces at Opel car factories, a General Motors subsidiary. After Merkel's government for years made the conditions worse for carmarket with new and higher taxations, climate policy bullyings and a permanent refusal to grant tax reliefs it now pretends the economic desaster in automobile industry was a consequence of financial crisis. That is not the case. The problems were home-made by this government. Balloon (Merkel): Entered into a sherd ... wellwell, financial crisis destroys everything. On bat: Taxation politics. On ball: climate mania. On sherds: Jobs in medium-sized enterprises -- economic prosperity in automobile industry. Caption: Dropped her favorite toy suddenly and play-acted as a savior.





Wikipedia in Germany experiences censorship by a law court's ruling. Member of parliament Lutz Heilmann didn't like the information concerning his person presented on Wikipedia, especially the passages on his past in GDR-secret-service (Stasi). The law court Landgericht Luebeck followed his application and Wikipedia.de had to take its internet site offline. On sign: Now entering field of German Democratic Republic history. On tower: personal rights' jurisdiction in Federal Republic of Germany. On wall: Stasi-biographies. Caption: The fire order is unchangedly valid. (Fire order: During existence of borderline between the two German states 1949-1989 the GDR border patrols were ordered to fire at any person that tried to leave GDR territory without given permission. Many people died at the border in these years.) 

Chairman Franz Muentefering of social democrats and chairwoman Angela Merkel of christian democrats form a coalition since 2005. Spoken Text: Let's go - we will perform big reform steps. --- We could sell this here to voters as a milestone of our reform politics, couldn't we? --- By no means! We will take this one here! -- Caption: Lost years 2005-2009.



Member of German federal parliament Bundestag, social democrat Helga Lopez of Hesse, condemns the voting behaviour of four parliamentary members that refused to support Andrea Ypsilanti in Wiesbaden parliament and insinuates they were paid traitors. A few days later she is sentenced herself, namely by a law court in Giessen for having perpetrated tax evasion. On T-supporter: tax evasion. On demonstrator's sign: we don't vote for Andrea Ypsilanti. Caption: Eyes of justice are everywhere, you judas-rewarded betrayers.


 New law rules competences of Bundeskriminalamt, a federal authority for persecution of crime and terrorism. Its options of intruding into private sphere of citizens (especially into private computers) are remarkably extended by this legislative reform. On monitor: system failure. Balloon: Hey, infidel eavesdroppers, my hard disk is break. Just send me quickly your evidence-saving backups, otherwise I must feel religiously insulted! -- Caption: Surveillance of living space - convenient, safe, at service.



Federal government tries to grant relief to crisis-shaken german automobile industry by lowering the taxation of car-ownership. Its assumption: this may be an incentive for customers to buy more cars. Unfortunately, the government, as generally known a coalition of ever-quarreling christ-democrats and social-democrats, is notoriously unable  to stick to a regulation that once is presented to the public. Rather this government takes it into revision again and finally the customer does not buy a new car as he is deeply unsettled about how long any new regulation will last. Car seller: Can I persuade you of buying? Customer (caption): Yes! Turn off this awful Merkelfering-rap! -- Balloon out of Berlin-speaker on ceiling: Tax exemption until 2010 for new cars ... buy ... butnotwithus ... emission standards Euro 3 to 4 ... butnotwithus ... exemption for one year ... butnot ... Euro 5 exhaustfine is just a must ... coalition is able to act ... butnotwithus.

German as a foreign language for certain underclasses. Text in head's silhouette, written in immigrant's broken German: I'm respecting German constitution -- I'm going to stab you -- I didn't do anything. Caption: Sufficient vocabulary for street and law court.



A common practice in Germany to accomodate children to newspaper-reading are newspaper in school-campaigns. On blackboard: newspaper in school. Caption: Oh man, where does this stuff have its earphone-interface?



Castor-transport of nuclear waste to preliminary depot in Gorleben, federal state of Lower Saxony, again is accompanied by a high number of lawbreakings. Rails are blocked and damaged by demonstrators, rail signal devices are damaged by fire raising, police is helpless, as it is politically adviced to obey to a so-called de-escalation-strategy which is, in truth, a charter for infringements of the law of all kinds perpetrated by demonstrators. Amongst the aforementioned railblockers also green members of parliament, the Bundestag, were seen. Scarcely understandable that the transport was to take place on a saturday. Balloon: I planned your travel day on Saturday, as some of your friends may have to work during week. Text on left extremist: legal, illegal - not give a shit. On sign on table: Better-world tour operator. On envelope: Castor - your timetable, your railsignal wire-diagrams. Caption: .. don't pay anything - it will do if you re-elect us!

 After failing to form a left majority social democrat leader in Hesse, Andrea Ypsilanti, refuses to be top candidate for new elections in 2009 though she wants to keep her top jobs in party and fraction. It is expected that social democrat party SPD will receive a dramatic defeat because of Ypsilanti's deceiving politics during the last months. Balloon of Ypsilanti, sitting in sedan: Just do it , Schaefer-Guembel. I must look for my face in here. On plaster: Break of promise. On sedan: Chairwoman of party and fraction in Hesse. On chair with thorns: Top candidate SPD 2009. Caption: Top candidate? Me?? Supersupersuper!!




 Reform of inheritance taxation in Germany. Shown here the chairmen of social democrats and christ democrats in Bundestag, Peter Struck and Volker Kauder, saying (caption): Hehe, we only get just back what is state ownership anyway. Spoken text: We have taken for a ride again the inheriting kids, haven't we? On roofs: 199 sq. m. living space, 201 sq. m. living space. The limit beyond which an inheriting child will have to pay inheritance tax for an inherited  house accordingly to reform will be 200 sq. m. If below, the inheriting child or spouse will be suspended of paying inheritance tax only if it makes a commitment not to sell the house during ten years after death of testator. On iron ball left: ten years. On sign in front of right house: For sale (payment of inheritance tax.)

 Governor of federal state of Lower Saxony, Christian Wulff, takes part in a TV discussion and defends the high wages of managers: I find, if somebody saves tens of thousands of jobs and pays millions of taxes, one should not spread pogrom-mood against him. The central council of jews in Germany attacks Wulff thereafter with reproach of unjust comparison in respect of German Holocaust. Even his resignation is demanded. Many politicians and media supported this accusation, and Wulff had to make an apology. Thorough research for more sources of citing German word 'Pogromstimmung' shows that it is broadly used in very different contexts. In fact, the use of this word is semantically not specific for the sufferings of jews in history only, the accusations against Wulff are therefore not justified and, accordingly,  other, earlier users of this word were not reprimanded by councils of jews. Text shows several citations using the word pogrom-mood found on internet today. Interestingly, a swiss source uses it even for the persecution of 60.000 christs by aggressive Hindus in India. Caption: You downplay jewish sufferings, Mr Wulff! You should resign.



Barack Obama elected President of the United States. Caption: And he went there and walked on the waters (note disclaimer!). People shouting: savior, redeemer, messiah, rescuer. Obama saying: But keep in mind if I go under: It is Bush who is responsible for the water level.

On signs in background: breast enlargement operation, catalogue here -- hymen-reconstructional operation, catalogue here. Balloon woman on the left side: Otherwise I have no chance to find a spouse. Balloon woman in muslim burka: Otherwise I have no chance to survive my wedding night. Caption: Hidden in this picture: a) a misogynist perversion that has to be abolished at once. b) a respectable cultural tradition that requires payment through national health system.



On barrel: governmental-aid-vine. On belly of lying man: the west. On bottle: mortgage-bubble-crisis has to be solved without governmental aid. International monetary fund, 1997. -- On going person: Asia. Text: Hey, hypocrite! I do know a good homespun remedy ... that worked in my case, too. Caption: An old water bottle comes to honors again. -- In 1997, the IMF granted financial aids to crisis-shaken Asian countries only under rigorous conditions which led to the closing down of banks and limiting the savings' guarantee for savers. A run on banks followed.

After social democrat Andrea Ypsilanti's attempt of being elected as governor of German federal state Hesse with a one-vote-majority ended in a desaster, left politicians and media people are very keen on calling names the four social democrats' members of parliament that refused to support Ypsilanti (Carmen Everts, Silke Tesch, Dagmar Metzger, Jürgen Walter). They did so because of Y.'s plan to cooperate with the fraction of the extreme left despite her explicit promises given in her election campaign not to do so. Man shouting: swines, criminals, traitors, gang of four. Caption: Warming-up talk of a hessian socialist (red!) before red light of camera turns on.




Fairy: You may utter a wish ... -- German taxpayer Michel: All distress in Germany shall disapp ... -- socialism guys: Stop! Don't do it! What will turn out for us and our charming hildren if that wish becomes reality? -- On monsters: AGG-anti-discrimination act, CO2-politics, political correctness, gender mainstreaming.

Federal chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance minister Peer Steinbrueck trying to distribute financial rescue packages amongst banks in Germany. There is no overwhelming response. Balloon: Pay attention now! If you run after the both, maybe you will get rid of that stuff. Caption: Billions, rain and sour beer (=Sauerbier, which is in German proverbial for something that can't be sold easily).



In box above: Climate research on pole. On sign in ice: Official announcement. Man is to be seen guilty of the icing over of our green Greenland. Signed: Gronius I. 845  A.C.. -- On device right below: IPCC-climate-simulation model. On sheet of paper: Man is guilty. In balloon: Archeological valuable? Are you kidding? If the world public gets knowledge about this ... -- Caption: the two of us can grow tomatoes from next week. IPCC is abbreviation for International Panel on Climate Change, situated at the United Nations.

Wannabe-Governor of Hesse, Andrea Ypsilanti, fails in preserving her one-vote majority one day before the arranged date of election in parliament. Four members of her SPD-fraction declare their dissent with Y.'s political plans of cooperating with the leftist Linkspartei and announce their intention of leaving the fraction. Caption: She can't do it anymore - the legs, the legs are too short (freely quoting German author Thomas Mann).




Transport minister Wolfgang Tiefensee reaffirms not to have known about a plan to pay bonuses to Deutsche Bahn Executives after a successful initial public offer of Deutsche Bahn stocks. Tiefensee, in order to underline his opposition against that plan, fires his secretary of state Matthias von Randow who signed  that bonus agreement on behalf of Tiefenseee's ministry in june 2008. Text Tiefensee, speaking to Deutsche Bahn CEO Hartmut Mehdorn: Listen Hartmut - the holiday postcard I wrote to you before financial crisis ... -- Caption: ... may I get it back from you? On card: postage stamp as of May 2008. Text: Dear Hartmut, of course you will get a bonus after IPO of Deutsche Bahn. Holiday greetings your W. Tiefensee.

German foreign miniser Frank-Walter Steinmeier on diplomatic mission in Riad, talking to Saudi King Abdullah. Balloon: Please! Please! Donate for the Pakistan-rescue-package. -- Answer Abdullah, who was reluctant in this meeting: Hm. I will think about it if you commit yourself to naturalize all our imprisoned violent criminals as German citizens! -- Caption: Steinmeier: That's okay, no human is illegal! Please, please think on it!



Hanged Obama-dummy: racism! Hanged Palin-dummy: freedom of speech! Horror-hypocrisy on Halloween. Left. Balloons, group of journalists: Look, did anybody just hang up there an Obama-dummy? -- That would be a major racism-headline! -- Come on, let's go there! Right: Ha ha, who was nailin' Palin? ((title of a recently appeared pornmovie by Hustler-publisher Larry Flint, which was sardonically reported by German media)) -- Oh ... it's a Palin-dummy. That will throw off a funny halloween-picture for the mixed-news-page! Caption: Even if Mrs Palin gained all wisdom of the world - she would remain only a white-coloured!

On box: Treasury. Angela Merkel on top of elephant (as finance minister Peer Steinbrueck represents) shouts: Out of the way! I've lost control of his whip! -- Helvetian border police answers (Caption): Tell him simply, he should keep his proboscis out! That will do! -- Elephant trumpets: I-want-my-money. Steinbrueck accuses Helvetia of being a tax oasis inviting German taxpayers committing tax evasion. Announcing measurements designed to hinder the Helvetian government in doing so he used the word whip, which lead to anger in Helvetia against German government.



On bale of straw: regulation of credit lending by U.S. government (CRA, community reinvestment act, 1976/1995). In flames: banks' crisis. On flamethrower: regulation. Caption: politics is fighting the fire with all it has to offer.

Three balloons, left to right: -- Politics: Welcome! You will enrich us and secure our pensions! In her hand a gift pack with social security benefit (in Germany named after the so called Hartz laws one to four) -- Media: The spike bucks of immigration-absorbing german society may not carry knives - so: good cut and stab! -- Judge: If you need another - criminal offense will do! In his hands a voucher block for a hundred times suspended punishment. On the left an upside-down turned German flag that in 2008 was repeatedly presented in a falsified manner by German public-financed TV broadcasting stations so that one meanwhile feels urged to assume that these acts were done on purpose in order to express contempt against that German national symbol. Caption: The that way greeted one managed soon to get talked about in the news as 'man with white shirt and dark pants'. German media are very often reluctant to describe an offender as precisely as police-reports do whenever that offender presumably has a muslim background. Instead the hints are then as general as possible: shirt, pants.



Left: women's liberation movement activist Alice Schwarzer saying 2007 when the Boerne Prize was handed to her: ... the evident parallels between the Jew's question and the women's question... -- Responses from audience: Bravo - very true - very courageous! --- Right: President of ifo-institute for economic research in Munich, Hans-Werner Sinn, saying: In every crisis people look for people at fault, for scapegoats. In 1929, the Jews had to play this role. Nowadays managers. Responses from audience: Booo! - Yuck! - outrageous! -- Caption: Forced to apologize was only the male speaker, though - or even because - he also had meant female managers.

Election computers are deadly for equal, free and secret elections. Voice coming out of computer says: Alarm, folks. Voter has voted for XXX. Balloons of antifascist goons: Hey, you neoliberal piece of shit ... can we be helpful somehow, you fascist swine? Caption: New in polling station: election computer with antifascist soundcard.


German Federal Government brushes up its appearance to voters as elections 2009 approach. Balloon: Occasion card. Elections are about to take place. Start talking about stimulation programs for the economy. Increase pensions. Pass the Go-field and gather 5 percent points of increase in voters' sympathy. Increase taxes and contributions after elections.

Wannabe-Governor of Hesse, Andrea Ypsilanti, causes internal quarrels in her SPD party with her decided distribution of cabinet competences that were negotiated with her designated coalition partner, the greens. Y. has, the votes of leftist/ communist parliamentary members included, a majority of one vote in parliament of Hesse. Spoken text by Ypsilanti: so keep still, only that moment until we ... -- Caption: The big airy high-wire act on the one-vote-majority-wheel. On right post: election of governor Hesse.



Federal chancellor Angela Merkel on visit in China. Spoken text: For avoiding that you forget climate while achieving technical progress and observing financial crisis ... Caption: ... I brought you as a present an original rising sea level from Potsdam! -- (sea level is in German Meeresspiegel, Spiegel alone is the German word for mirror. The 100% tax-financed Potsdam Institute provides German federal government regularly with bad climate news.)

 Commision of European Union recommends establishment of scanner devices at European airports that allow to depict a dressed human body naked to skin electronically. It is said to be a useful tool to detect potential offenders carrying weapons, drugs or explosives near to their body - substances and objects that are difficult to be found in certain body areas by simple palpation. Using the scanner is quicker than a thorough body search. Critics are concerned about which personnell will be permitted to look at the scan pictures and how it will be prevented that personalized image data will be saved and drawn into extended use. Caption: No honestly mom, you are on front page. You are a star!



Reported circumstances of the deathly accident of Austrian politician Joerg Haider aren't consistent at all. The contradictions remind of German politician Uwe Barschel's death who died 1987 in a Geneva hotel apartment, officially and stubbornly declared as suicide by police, politics and judiciary - without final evidence. Spoken text: Haider's car crashed with this part against a traffic sign and a signpost, but both those were given the creeps by a right wing populist's bumper and left therefore no imprint on it. Due to nausea, too, both doors on driver's side dissolved themselves just before the car crashed against a hydrant and a concrete pillar. That's why they landed later nearly undamaged on the street behind the car. Caption: Concrete pillar, hydrant and car's registration plates fled then because of nausea, therefore a close-up photo of them never could be produced.

 Designated new chairman of Bavaria's CSU party and designated candidate for the chair of federal state of Bavaria's governor, Horst Seehofer, kicks finance minister Erwin Huber. The time in office of the aforementioned was the period in which the financial desaster of Bavarias state-bank, the BayernLB, bit by bit became apparent to the public. As it seems, Huber always knew more about the dimensions of the crisis than he publicly admitted, especially in advance of recent Bavarian elections. As long as he was in office, the new Bavarian leader Seehofer would have had a good scapegoat in his person for every new problem that emerged at BayernLB. Now that he is about to leave Bavaria's government Seehofer himself will be taken responsible for all new scandals that possibly will happen. In background: BavariaLB-crisis mountains. Caption: We now have passed the finance-hole stretch. The broken tyre can be thrown away.



Balloon: Lighten your luggage on a stony path? That would not be good for you! On sack lies Frank-Walter Steinmeier, social-democrat foreign minister and candidate for chancellor. On sack: fiscal contributions. Caption: (On an even path it would be neither good for you, of course!) Stones are heads of Steinmeier and finance minister Steinbrueck (stone equals Stein in German).

Public prosecutors make a raid at German state-owned bank KfW. A month ago this bank transferred EUR 320 million (mostly tax money) to Lehman Brothers bank which at that time already had declared itself bankrupt. One month later the attorneys are about to secure probably pieces of evidence in KfW offices. Why so late? On truck: shredder service. Attorneys count down from 320 million and say then: we now come in for a raid. Caption: State's public prosecutors draw attention by quick perpetuation of evidence in the state-owned bank scandal.



Caption: How financial crisis works. On pipeline: savings -- bank system. Standing thereupon: Angela Merkel with typical German citizen saying: The pipeline has run dry. If you want to get back your money you will first have to refill it with your money. Sign on other end of pipeline: U.S. governmental mortgage guarantee. On suitcase: Joe, the non-creditworthy housebuilder-owner.

Caption: Is your sense of humour politically correct? Text on left side: Agitation! Racism! Stuermer-style! Hate crime! -- Der Stuermer (roughly: the raider) was a disgusting anti-semitic, propagandistic periodical that was published by a certain Julius Streicher during nazi era in Germany. Therein often caricatures were shown with the intention to stir up the flames of hatred against Jews. This is the setting on which nowadays some people refer to the Stuermer always when being annoyed by a caricature they don't like. This is bad and slurring practice because it means to accuse the cartoonist of wishing or propagating the annihilation of people he drew - in a way the nazis did with their victims. There is in fact no evidence for this claim even if a cartoonist draws somebody in a very defamiliarizing way. Only if a nazi-like regime already exists there can be caricatures that have dangerous and hate-mongering features. Look at Iran's denying-the-holocaust-cartoon-competition. Where there is freedom of speech and thought no caricature should be named a hate-crime, because it can be discussed and frankly named outlandish if necessary. No reader or critic of the Stuermer had had that oppurtunity in those awful nazi days.



Politicians talking about excesses of capitalism referring to global financial crisis are tacit on the little thing that their state banks for years took advantage of very good interest rates when being invested in American housing derivates. These banks therefore again and again were able to transfer billions of Euros into the fiscal budgets of governments. At those times scarcely one of these persons made any public remark on the dangers and risks that were attached to collateralized debt obligations. Instead, they told their fiscal officers to go with god and bring home the money. Suddenly, as the situation has changed and crisis is evident, two big scapegoats are needed in Germany: The US financial system on the one hand, and capitalism on the other. Sign on burning house: Here a quick extra-billion for your budget. Small sign underneath: for regular customers. Balloons: The yankees ... do have houses ... that are really bad! Caption: German financial ministers on search for a bailout to cover their nakedness.

Climate news reporting media and commenting politicians make a splash about polar bears and stylize them into symbol figures of climate development insinuating that these animals cannot survive without ice. Balloon: Do you wish to deny your responsibility for climate cange at any chance? Caption: Everybody knows that they need ice for survival.




Embarrassing debate between TV people on the quality of German TV. After a prominent critic refused to accept a television prize that was dedicated to him by some TV companies he complained in front of the cameras the bad quality of German television. The presenter of that tv show, trying to pacify the critic's anger, asked him whether he was prepared to discuss the issue in a separate broadcast. Balloon (presenter Thomas Gottschalk): Dunno what the matter is ... -- Caption: ... this is obviously a flawless picture. Sitting aside is critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki.


Third presidential debate. German media journalists fail miserably in hiding their obvious sympathy for Obama when reporting on the US presidential campaigns, with an enormous ambition to motivate their readers in becoming Obama voters if, yes if they were Americans. They hire even anti-republican-party bloggers to publish on their websites (Huffington). On newspaper: Obama wins third debate. Balloon: Welcome to third presidential debate, gentlemen ... -- Caption: The result managed to get printed yet in the next issue.




Federal chancellor Angela Merkel muddling through the zeros of the gigantic numbers she announced as a state-guarantee for the citizen's savings. Balloon: Don't panic! In just one moment I'll be in the center of the crisis ... I do believe this at least. Over zeros: millions, billions, trillions, state guarantee. Caption: desoriented between zeros.



 Federal government increases the governmental transfer payments for families with children, called Kindergeld, by 10 Euros each and per month. On sack: Bailout package for banks. In sorrow cloud: inflation in food prices, fuel taxes, energy taxes, value added tax. Balloon: Here you go. 25 billion relief. But don't guzzle it away at once. On trousers: federal governgreed. Caption: goodness and graciousness for inhabitants of souterrain.



Nobel prize for Paul Krugman. He who now points on free, unregulated markets as being responsible for the financial desaster, is not being honored for his academic past but for his current criticism on Bush. On dump: Krugman's for-years-cheering at governmental regulations of US-mortgage market. On flag above: credit crisis is the fault of free markets (and Bush). In laurel wreath: nobel prize for economics. Caption: Bravo, Krugman! You fixed the right flag!

Text in box reads: During times of feudalism there were in german principalities special jurisdiction and judiciary for members of the social class of nobility. They had not to bow themselves under the law that was valid vor farmers, craftsmen and ordinary people. Who is it that belongs to the new nobility of the year 2008? -- Texts under heads, from left to right: goon, stoner and firebug with antifascist background -- entitled stabber for warning purposes with muslim background (balloon: shitty german) -- informer and unlawfully authority-assumpting individual with GEZ-background ((GEZ = german institution that collects contributions for TV and radio stations that are under public law, on paper in his hand: enforced registration)). Caption: for this nobility applies: state practices de-escalational strategy in case of criminal offense.



Germany's federal government announces a state's guarantee for all bank savings in the amount of EUR 470 billion. For every Euro the government as a guarantor will have to pay in case of need it will have to increase the public debt or the tax rates. On the left a bank where the public performs a run on cash dispensers. On the right Mrs Merkel leans against a --bank's rescue automat-- with a deposit slot, from which a tube --rescue package -- leads back to the bank's building. Merkel says: I'll make sure that your money is safe. Caption: Confidence-recycling by government.

Austrian politician Joerg Haider dies in an accident south of Klagenfurt city. German media still after his death put very much value on calling him controversial and a  right-wing populist, which is a derogative indication of a person who untruthfully convinces people with simplified descriptions of reality and with prejudices. Remarkably enough it is part of political business in general, of all political parties, to inform with an inherent tendency towards one's own political advantage. Every german democratic party already has called another to be populistic when the latter dealt with a problem in a way that wasn't accepted by the other, as a matter of course on the political left side, too. It is, in fact, extremely populistic when the established parties create fear with hint on a supposed human fault when it comes to climate change and thereafter present themselves as the only ones who are able to curb it - taking the money of taxpayers. If populistic means "not differentiated enough" the use of this term for calling someone names is populistic by itself. Petrus at heaven's gate speaks on the phone, caption: Just a moment please, I note down. Right-wing pop... does one spell that with an o or an u? On sign: media obituary telephones.



$700 billion bailout for financial sector raised by taxpayers. What will the educating effect on recipients be? On sign right above: here you go for refueling. On gas pump: given as a present. Text motorbiker: So, thank you, ok ... see you next time then ... --- Caption: ... as I've heard you have always a lot in reserve!

A new climate survey edited by Potsdam Institute which is administrated by Hans Joachim Schellnhuber (at same time counselor of federal government in climate affairs) calls again into mind the dangers of rising sea level adding now that this climate effect was to be expected sooner and faster. Caption: supply bottleneck in witches' kitchen. On saucepan: panicking about climate. On vapour going up: economy under state control through climate change. Cooking is Angela Merkel and shouting: Schellnhuber! More firewood! -- On firewood: new! alarming! survey on climate! -- Answering: comes immediately, mistress!




Obama's main sponsors were advantage-takers of subprime-mortgage business when being in leading positions in mortgage lending banks. On trousers: Gone-rich gainers of Community Reinvestment Act, i.e. through subprime lending business which was enforced by Democrat's legislation. Text Obama: Hey, I'm going to solve your mortgage crisis! -- Hey, it's all the fault of the Republicans! On marionette's threads: donation-$. Caption: American puppet show.

 Initial public offer of state-owned railway company Deutsche Bahn AG at stock exchange is being postponed due to current finance crisis. Text of cattle: Government! Government! On sign: stock exchange. Lying in the dust is Deutsche Bahn's CEO, Hartmut Mehdorn. In his hands: stock of Deutsche Bahn.



In northern German town Luebeck photos come to the public on which the chairman of the local leftist party (aka PDS aka SED) poses underneath a portrait of soviet socialist dictator Joseph Stalin during a birthday party in Stalin's memory. The photos were taken in 2004. The leftist party claims today that the depicted situation had only been of slapstick character. On column in cyrillic letters: pro Stalin! Balloon: Listen, there are no celebrations commemorating Stalin's birthday at our Linkspartei ... -- Caption: ... besides, your request hurts my religious feelings! On poster: The leftist party - meeting room 1927-1953.

N северном немецком городе Любек фотографии прийти к общественности, на котором председатель местной левой стороной (он же ПДС он же СЕД) ставит под портретом Советских Социалистических диктатора Иосифа Сталина во время дня рождения Сталина в памяти. Фотографии были сделаны в 2004 году. Левых участник утверждает, что сегодня изображается ситуация была лишь в хлопушка характер. В колонке кириллицей: про Сталина! Шар: Слушай, Есть не торжествах празднования дня рождения Сталина в нашей Linkspartei ... - Подпись: ... Кроме того, ваш запрос Болит моя религиозных чувств! На плакате: В левой партии - зал заседаний 1927-1953.

German car factories throttle their production. On hammers: Value added tax increase to 19% since 2006, permanent agitation: car is an enemy of environment, climate propaganda. In cloud: Throttling of production. Caption:  Why hello, these must be the effects of global financial crisis. Acting persons here are Peer Steinbrueck, minister of finance, Sigmar Gabriel, minister for environmental issues and federal chancellor Angela Merkel.



Federal chancellor Angela Merkel announces a government-granted guarantee that no saver will endure any losses during financial crisis. On poster the former minister for social and employment affairs, Norbert Bluem, and his famous failed announcement: The pensions are secure! -- and the meanwhile necessary addition -- (at least my own!). Balloon Merkel: The savers' (female and fefemale) deposits are herewith secured by government ... --- ... at least if they pay the necessary contributions. Caption: What will the name of the new baby be? Savers' solidarity contribution? Capitalism curbing tax? Financial crisis sparing cent?


On sign above: Being hostage of subprime gang. Balloon: tough to port... -- At the helm: market. On helm: credit lending. On right iceberg: house-loan for everybody. On water surface: favor-of-the-electorate-waters. Caption: ... and if we crash into ice, we will tell around everywhere that it were your capitalist greed that drove us into that.



German media write negatively about Sarah Palin's political features, the same features they praised in leftist Ségolène Royal when she was candidate for presidency in France and whose election chances they wanted to improve. Typewriting figure sits on block "german media". Balloons: Dear reader, McCain and Palin are bad candidates and in no case must be voted for! -- But I may not take part in the voting anyway! -- Further the election system in USA is totally undemocratic. Caption: fierce outside-election campaign.

German Bertelsmann foundation produces a study on muslims in Germany. But it uses tricky questions in its interviews. Balloons on the left: Bertelsmann religion survey. Is it your opinion that muslims above all achieve salvation, Mr muslim? -- Of course not! ... --- Spoken text on the right side: Do you know what the truth is? They are tolerant, pluralist, wise! -- Thought balloon: Not 'above all'! - 'exclusively' is correct!! Caption: Asked one's way to the goal.



The European Union pays media and journalists for advantageous coverage of its policies. Spoken text: Now sing your songs extolling me ... Caption: CrEUlla De Vil completing her street-credibility-toilet.

Attempt of the Bush-administration to solve the banks' liquidity problems stemming from the mortgage crisis by a $ 700 billion bailout, paid by taxpayers. Caption: Having a try in vulture deterrence.



German federal government (balloon): Tell us, big mama: what shall we do? In background: financial crisis. Caption: But the oracle remained silent.

Retreat of CSU-party's chairman Huber after only one year in office. Painter says: You chairmen become so quickly has-beens, one cannot finish any portrait of you. Caption: Gallery of party-chairmen.



A german soldier who shot at car passengers at a post in Afghanistan because he feared life danger for himself is subject to investigation by a german district attorney. Scandalous: the soldier will have to pay a lawyer on his own. On signs: Germany/Afghanistan. Balloons: If you shoot I will impeach you and you will have to pay your solicitor by your private means. -- If you shoot, your defence minister will have to come here again and pay blood money. Caption: Pocketed in Kabul.

Kicked out of tavern "comfortable majority inn" are bavarian CSU-politicians Erwin Huber and Guenter Beckstein. CSU party lost its absoute majority during elections last sunday. A majority which it held for more than 40 years. Kicked away by door is Franz Maget, the leading SPD candidate. SPD gained less than 19 percent of votes. This is the worst result the SPD ever achieved in Bavaria. The second worst result was in 2004, for which Maget also was responsible as SPD's front-runner. Nevertheless, Maget behaves always as a kind of victor after tremendous defeats. Balloon Maget: Look ... this way one does receive a kick! Caption: A professional shows how.



Text on signs: Save stone resources! We only have borrowed them from our children! -- 20 years from now they will be used up! -- No depletion of stone supplies! -- Balloon: Of course these blockheads are as mad as a March hare ... -- Caption: ... but there will always be political business with anxiety, believe me!

Spoken texts: Stop! Police! -- Nazis out (3x), stab and speak rhythmical -- Oh, I see! You could have told us this before! -- Caption: Open-sesame from Cologne for fool's licence in violence.



U.S. financial crisis. Finance sector pilot Peer Steinbrueck, German federal minister of finance affairs, gives recommendations on how to pilot correctly. On plane: U.S. finance system. On plane's hull: The government always does it better. Balloon: Pull the regulation-lever up. You are flying like novices! Caption: Aviator's hints from mishap-pilot.

On cat: U.S. financial crisis. Caption: Look how we try to pull her away! Cat is saying an German counting-out-rhyme.



Labour conference in Manchester. Brown: missed? Executioner: try to nod once, then you'll know. 28 per cent behind tories.

Confer caricature as of 20080918. CEO of scandal-shaken German bank KfW, Ulrich Schroeder, claims to be irresponsible for the bank's suffered financial damages as he had not been in office for long. On bulkhead: KfW bank group -- governing board's sleeping cabins 1st class. Looking out of window are economy minister Michael Glos, chairman of governing board, and finance minister Peer Steinbrueck. Balloon Schroeder: It is only 11 days that I'm captain and it is impossible for me to know already all levers on this ship! Sign on lever: flooding valve. Caption: annoyed intonation from the bridge.



Text reads: The political left is a church. As such it doesn't equal to those churches that derived from christianity and therefore were somehow open for the free will, but it equals Islam. Like Islam it takes itself for kissed by a god who holds the good and the truth as his own property. Like Islam it never acknowledges its fault and its mistakes. Like Islam it demands a world after its own vision, a society based upon the lines of its prophet Karl Marx. Like Islam it enslaves its own partisans, intimidates them, stupefies them even when they are intelligent. Like Islam it doesn't accept that you think the other way and when you do so, it despises you. It asperses you, draws you into trial, punishes you, and if Koran or rather the party orders to kill you, it will shoot you. (...) Like Islam, finally, the political left is anti-western. (...) Socialism bases itself upon collectivism. Collectivism turns down individualism. And whoever turns down individualism at the same time is turning down western culture. Oriana Fallaci, La Forza della Ragione/ The Force of Reason, German: Die Kraft der Vernunft, Berlin 2006, p. 254. Caption: Not to forget its petrophily: the obsessive addiction to throwing stones.

The new friends of the Merkel-CDU as seen in Cologne 20080922. Balloon: ... after coordination with most important counselors I vowe ... against? ... -- Caption: ... against! abolition of VW-law. -- On her back: USA is at fault. Lying behind Merkel is a member of the so-called antifascist action, which is extreme leftist. The Volkswagen-/VW-law is a specialty of German stock company legislation. It grants a blocking minority to the government, even if a private investor, here: Porsche AG, in fact is a majority stockholder. The unions want to preserve this law, the EU wants to abolish it and already has threatened Germany with a billions-of-Euro-fine if German laws aren't modified this way. Merkel's CDU is step by step tending to the left.



The goods of democracy and open societies seen as shy deers, killed by a left-extremist stoning mob in Cologne on September 20th, 2008. The anti-islamization demonstration was finally forbidden by police as violence from the left protesters came to extremes. Politics, media and unions accompanied these incidents with malicious comments and stupid announcements that supposedly democracy had won a victory. On deers: Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, human rights, equality under law, protection against malicious gossip, nonviolence. Text from horns: well done, you civil and democratic force! Persons in black are the self-called antifascist fighters who in fact behave themselves in the worst fascist way which remembers of Hitler's SA. In Cologne this weekend they reportedly were very young: Man, how good that mum paid my trip to Cologne! Caption: halal-like sounding the mort in Cologne.

Many German journalists covering the riots against the Anti-Islamization-Congress in Cologne choose an astounding spiteful style of language when it comes to opponents of islamization in Germany and Europe. Around cloud: rotten cabal, right ... far right ... doesn't matter: nazi-gang, shall they drown, brown fire raisers, then the brown rabble regrettably had to stew on the Rhine-ship, brown sauce, dirty folks, scarecrow for civil society. On sign within cloud: Opponents of islamization are not welcome here. Caption: media coverage with lifeblood, wit and intelligence. (These were the three words which the mayor of cologne, Fritz Schramma, was using when he commented on how the Anti-Islamization-Congress was terminated.)



A demonstration of people who are worried about islamization tendencies in Europe is to take place in Cologne. Already before beginning the participants are massively aspersed as being national-socialist, as being morally on one level with Hitler and being generally hostile against strangers. In propagating this illusion, leftist offenders feel encouraged and legitimized to throw stones against human beings they dislike. Local and regional politicians (Schramma, Ruettgers) support this unrealistic view of demonstrators as they mingle the words "political right" with "rightist extremism" purposely. On signs of attackers: non-leftist plus non-muslim equals nazi -- only a dead opposer of mosque erection is a good opposer of mosque erection -- we are the good ones --peace! -- all we bring is love and pleasure -- kill all who insult islam! On flower: freedom of speech. Caption: Observe the "good ones" carefully - and act then in the opposite sense.

Communists Lafontaine and Wagenknecht claim to expropriate big fortunes in private hands as, how they say, those couldn't possibly be attained without exploiting the labor force of working masses. Lafontaine: We will expropriate all big fortunes. Wagenknecht: And we will start off with this at once. Caption: One doesn't talk of what is named big or not - one will show it.



On Building: KfW--state-owned bank. On banknote-wrappers: 300? 500? million Lehman-transfer. -- 10 billion rescue of IKB. Federal chancellor Merkel speaking, caption: tax reductions can't be promised by my government presently due to certain professional customs!

Wannabe-governor in Hesse, Andrea Ypsilanti (SPD), falls for a trick played by a radio moderator who pretended on the phone to be social democrat's chairman Franz Muentefering. She talks seven minutes with that radio man and doesn't find out the wrong identity. Later SPD announces to file lawsuit against the radio station, which claims having deleted the audio file in which the Ypsilanti talk had been saved. Nevertheless the file became public on the internet. Holding receiver here is Muentefering saying: So what? Maybe I promised you to learn a password for telephone calls to you ... Caption: ... one can stick to a promise but must not, as you know very well. -- Ypsilanti promised not to cooperate with the leftist party Linkspartei before last elections but now intends to let her be elected governor by Linkspartei members of parliament in Hesse.



Film director Bernd Eichinger presents his new movie The Baader-Meinhof Complex in a preview to a selected audience. The aforementioned film on Terror in Germany in 60's/70's refers to book The Baader-Meinhof Complex by Stefan Aust, published in 1985. Aust cooperated with Eichinger in realizing this movie. Caption: Hope to see you again soon.

The mayor of Cologne, Fritz Schramma, recommends the closing of window-curtains to residents at Heumarkt in Cologne in order to express protest against demonstrators which he slurs and asperses as fascist and extreme right-wing extremist. This is about a congress against islamization of europe which will take place at Colognes's Heumarkt (haymarket). Balloon: Curtains remain closed. World is too embroiling to you. Caption: PC-governess leads. On hat: Islam is peace.




Repeatedly occurring phenomenon of comparisons with Hitler and Nazism in Germany's political debate. Most recently former federal chancellor (1974-1982) Helmut Schmidt (SPD, depicted here on right side) noted similarities between rhetorical techniques of extreme-left-wing politician Oskar Lafontaine (depicted here on the left side) and those of Adolf Hitler. Balloons: You right-wing guy! -- You demagogue. Caption: Hitler-moustache-throwing-competition in times of failing politics.

On building: Stock exchange. Spoken Text: Is it you? This morning you were still a young, dynamic broker with dark hair ... -- Caption: The evening of September 15th, 2008.



On bottle: Subprimal - makes finance plants stronger. Caption: moneyhouse-shrub after executed fertilization.

On hangar: Berlin - air mobility command of federal ministry of defense. Balloon: A VIP needs urgently a lift from Friedrichshafen to Tromsö, Colonel, Sir ... Caption: Tell Mrs Schavan, she should simply go by foot once - that would do her good and would be good for climate too! Good night! -- Confer caricature as of 20080819.




Public debate in Germany remembers history of terror group RAF (red army fraction). End of september 2008 an apologetic movie by director B. Eichinger will start in cinemas.  Judgments of court Hamburger Landgericht forbid naming of a sentenced murderer as a murderer or even reporting that former terrorists intend to change their names. Text on clothes of barber: I am a leftist-loved terror veteran. On customers clothing: I am a dumb taxpayer. On journals: Myth RAF, it was not all bad, consider the matter closed - freedom now, Eichinger's flood in cinema. Text judge: Yes he murderd your family. Nevertheless you will remain seated there, nor discriminate him neither give away his new name, never call him murderer ... Caption: ... on the whole forbear all what could obstruct is resocialization. 

On parking-place-sign left: to shopping mall 150m. Sign right: to shopping mall 2m. Balloon above cars: Oh, this shortage of parking place! Fox to hare: Don't worry, cars never come just here!! Caption: "Here we can say goodnight without any danger!" (German saying: Where fox and hare say goodnight = in very retired parts.)



Chairman of CDU-fraction in Berlin municipal house of representatives, Friedbert Pflueger, is voted out of office by the majority of his fraction. On sign: Corridor of CDU-fraction.  Caption: no-go-area in the municipal house of representatives.

Balloon woman: You surely are with a company in the nuclear branch and member of CDU party, aren't you? Balloon man: Harhar, member of the greens for decades and successful with windmills, low energy bulbs and insulating stuff. Caption: climate protection campaign creates parvenus.



Balloon: Victory! All infidels have been expelled! Caption: Wait a minute ... who's going to pay my rent right now?

Spoken Text by German minister of the interior, Wolfgang Schaeuble: Hands off ... Caption: ... all mine! On back of man left: Address data dealer.



Resignation of social democrat's chairman, Kurt Beck (depicted left). He complains that media had falsely reported the decision-process of finding a SPD-candidate for chancellorship in coming elections in 2009. Following the media Beck was forced to accept Frank-Walter Steinmeier (right) as candidate whereas Beck himself puts much value on his version that he decided voluntarily for Steinmeier. This case had, according to Beck, irreparably damaged his authority as a chairman. Furthermore his proposal for Steinmeier as successor in chairholding was turned down in SPD's leading group. Successor will be his pre-predecessor as SPD-chairman, Franz Muentefering (middle). Decisive factor for Becks resignation probably are the very bad opinion polls of SPD party during the last months. Spoken text: Look where you are standing ... Caption: Finally fallen yet.


Caption: Of course the applicants must be capable of speaking German fluently! What were you thinking of?! -- Especially in the sphere of business talk in german companies there is a growing fashion of mixing up german and english language, called d-english. Obvously there is often no liking or no ability of speaking real English or real German. The presumed intention is to leave the impression of being international and a cosmopolitan even if one never has been abroad.



On box: Donations for antifascist fight against the political right. Balloon: Hey! Donate! ... Caption: ... you surely see that the nazi problem gets more serious, don't you! -- Since march 2008 there is a new agreement between federal states of Germany thereupon swastika- or SS-graffiti  will statistically be counted as extreme right-wing propaganda offences, irrespective of detailed knowledge about the motives of offenders. Up to then that statistical classification happened only when the background of the offence was successfully investigated.

Caption: You will be astonished how good the government can multiply your provision-porcelaine for your old age. On sign: provide now! On sprockets: Tax on security-revenues -- Tax, inflation, tax. On pennant: fully tax-paid.



Caption: Flower of evil. Text on leaves: Islam, Red socialism, brown socialism, violence (Gewalt, three times), multiculturalism, hatred against all what is german, unqualified immigration, hatred against dissenters, USA, Israel, Jews and global trade. In favour of total governmental power, against privacy and private property, blind belief in leaders, sexism, birthrate politics, homophobia, blood and honour, racism.

Judgement on terrorism in vienna, criminal court. Text judge: the frozen eight million dollars on the account of terror group Abu Nidal have to be transferred ... Caption: ... as it emanates no danger anymore! Audience with plates: We know where you dwell, infidel!



Chairman of german leftist party "Die Linke", also known as PDS-party of democratic socialism, aka SED-socialist united party of Germany (and single leading party in former GDR), claims that uniting of parties SPD and KPD in 1946's soviet occupated part of Germany didn't take place only under political pressure from the soviet union. Oskar Lafontaine, depicted here, on the contrary emphasizes that there had also been voluntary decisions in respectable numbers in favour of a fusion. Members of SPD massively contradict and declare Lafontaine to be a liar. Texts in sickles: Stalin = friend of mankind, wall = protection against the west, KPD+SPD=voluntarily, firing order at the border = lie, GDR = treasure of happiness. Text Lafontaine: Gysi was not inofficial agent of GDR's secret service. Caption: history's smith of your confidence.

A vast majority in so-called EU-parliament accepts an initiative of a parliamentary group around swedish member Eva-Britt Svensson, vice-chairwoman of committee on women's rights and gender equality. Following to her ideas it shall be forbidden to display women in advertisings that show them in a way she claims to be discriminating, e.g. in a kitchen, at the baking oven. On billboard: Officially corrected by EU. All for breastfeeding mother. Handwritten beneath: cliche role. Caption: Emissary of Brussels' feminism playground rids Europe of decadent advertisements.



Obama's party highlights the pregnancy of Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter and thus aims at John McCain. Plate besides the painting reads: Bill, these towels in your office are so useful! Oil on canvas, 1998. Balloon: The disordered sexual ethics and the double standards within the Palin family urge some doubts about the leadership abilities of McCain! Caption: Press meeting in US-Democrat's party headquarters, 2008.

German defense minister Franz-Josef Jung travels to Afghanistan and pays blood money to Afghans whose family members were shot at a Bundeswehr post when the car they were driving in approached way too fast. In doing this,  Jung wants to avoid a blood revenge against Bundeswehr soldiers taken by the afghan family. Caption: Three good reasons to refuse german draft. Texts above left to right: guarding of agriculture -- protection of islamic social order -- watch of flies over trousers of politicians having the shits. Balloon Jung: Take it, we have more than enough, but please don't force our lads to shoot! On box: blood money.



Conflict Georgia-Russia. Text old EU-woman, teethless speaking: I condemn your doings in Georgia very definitely. Balloon russian men in background: Do you understand her? -- Not a single word ... Caption: ... according to her body language she wants to thank us for reliable energy deliveries.

In 2007 about 4'100 bank accounts in Germany were looted via Internet after personal identification numbers were stolen by means of manipulated software. Balloon: For doing penance recite now all your PIN- and credit card numbers three times. Caption: Phishing guy does phishing everywhere.




Barack Hussein Obama's staging in Denver. Caption: Far poll-skies above 60-million-dollar-convention-rocket.

Takeover of german Dresdner Bank (frog) by german Commerzbank (princess). On ball: competitiveness. Caption: I'm quite sure I talked about kissing only!



Federal chancellor Angela Merkel was elected mightiest woman alive by Forbes magazine. Merkel: You leave Georgia be or I ... -- Putin/ Medvedev: ... or? --- Merkel: ... make a second knot into my ribbon so I won't forget what you did. On sack: annexation. Caption: The only threat Moscow has to take serious indeed.

Balloon with songtext: Your misery is not your fault, it's the fault of society, of society, as long as it is not socialist... Text judge: You obtained tens of thousands Euros of social security benefits by devious means. What did you think when doing this? Text on ipod: Leftist music - greatest hits. Caption: Why so? That were only restitution payments by society!



Studies say that boys are massively disadvantaged in school today as feminism is a ruling doctrine not only in society but in schools, too. Teaching staff of schools consists mainly of women, male teachers are meanwhile exceptional. Family minister Ursula von der Leyen, depicted here alongside with main german feminism ideologist Alice Schwarzer, declares she had no problem with girls becoming better pupils than boys. Cynically she sees the reasons for this in an improved equalization of girls which is actually a discrimination of boys. On chest: inferior! biologically hazardous! Text in balloon: Girls! We always said that you will overtake boys as soon as you are fairly equalized with them! Caption: restricted possibilities of development in feminism's material box. Paper in hands of girls show A-grade, paper in hand of boy show E-grade.

The german IKB bank is a 90%-subsidiary of german state-owned KfW-bank. A few days ago the federal government managed to sell the IKB bank to US-investor Lone Star. Before, IKB was in severe troubles because of the subprime crisis and therefore in need of cash aid from tax-financed governmental funds - that bank received billions of Euros. Depicted here is finance minister Peer Steinbrueck saying: Thanks to your generosity we managed to get rid of her ... and we received a butty as a bonus! On saw: treasury. Caption: Peer and taxpaying Michel as lucky ones.



The chief of police in Berlin, Dieter Glietsch, on June 25th 2008 ordered to hoist the rainbow flag as a symbol of homosexual movement in front of police headquarters in Berlin. Policemen were ordered to line up and salute during hoisting ceremony. This act may signal: the german state recommends becoming homosexual. Letterings under flags, left to right: homosexuals' flag, heterosexuals' flag, asexuals' flag, obeses' flag, somnambulists' flag, bed-wetters' flag. Balloons: Glietsch! I said: only the rainbow flag. -- Yes, Mr Wowereit. (Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin, is confessedly homosexual). Caption: Governmental anti-discrimination policy in its final stages.

Nobel laureates in economics meet in Lindau on Bodensee, Germany. They complain that macroeconomic models produced ever since have little to do with reality, are too simplified. The majority of them pleads for more governmental influence on investment markets to prevent financial crisis like those experienced right now. The idea obviously is that persons in supervisory authorities are more clearsighted and reasonable than market participants, simply because they are tax-payed. In fact, governmental influenced institutions recently took part in the great subprime error and weren't more clearsighted at all. Text in cloud: financial crisis. On boat: Economical science. Balloon: Hey! Our models aren't right at all! --- I got it! Assume that is given a regulatory rubber that erases the cloud ... On eraser: state. Caption: fools' ship with unsinkable refrain.



Text in big box: While police tries to catch the turkish? arab? marquee-sadists (Bad Sooden), into-coma-floggers at an electoral information stand (victim Mr Breninek), stabbers-with-honor-motives and so on and so forth ... Caption: ... german judges prepare trial for case of offender's detention. Texts on canvases: suspended sentence in order to preserve life chances in the future, suspended sentence as victims were only shitty germans, suspended sentence as offenders are victims of society, as they have a good social forecast.


Participants of a so called climate-and-antiracism-camp, a one-week lasting action in Hamburg-Lurup, commited dozens of crimes, violent offences and molestations against private persons, attacks against public buildings and supermarkets. Finally they tried occupating a power plant under construction in Hamburg-Moorburg, for which intention a police force of 1'000 was necessary to prevent. The permission for this dubious event "camp" was granted by Hamburg state senate which consists since last elections in 2008 of christ democrats CDU chaired by Ole von Beust, depicted here, and green-alternative party GAL. GAL sympathized with the camp action and demanded consent from CDU for permission. CDU presumably agreed to avoid any quarrel in their coalition with GAL. On scarfs: Left-wing extremist action camp. Caption: How charming your godchildren are, darling!



On chicken: Georgia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Poland, Belorussia. Caption: A summer afternoon's imagination in the backyard.

Upon request by a parliament's member the ministry for environment announces the cumulated tax-financed costs of minister Sigmar Gabriel's sponsorship for a polar bear called Knut living in Berlin Zoo: EUR 11'900. Text Mr Gabriel: Some day the tax dosh didn't suffice anymore to feed me and him ... so it came to a climate change between us, such things can happen just quickly, you know ... Caption: .. but as pickled knuckle of bear he still does quite well!" On dish: federal lining budget.



 Doping test at olympic games. Caption: Always me!

German minister for family affairs Ursula von der Leyen cheers on fathering children by showing the incentive tax-financed parent's money. Statistics say the birthrate in Germany has increased in 2007, Leyen interpretes this as a success of her political concept of governmental parent's rewarding. Caption: copulation cheergirl rejoices at german motherhood-joy.



Debate between Bundestag fractions on new rulings in citizenship legislation. One leading social democrat's politician, Sebastian Edathy, attacks the deviating christian democrat's position in this question with the nazi vocab "voelkisch", i.e. racial-ethnic. Caption: after-work-routines at Bundestag. Text left: Please, not once more, colleague Edathy! Text left: I am chairman of interior committee. I may vomit wherever I want, you so-to-say-nazis! -- In front of Edathy the motto engraved on the Reichstag's portico "Dem Deutschen Volke",  i.e. dedicated to the german people.

The health committee of german federal parliament Bundestag on visit in San Francisco and Sacramento, California, USA. After those members of parliament had left heading for home again, the german consul general in San Francisco complained about extraordinary bad manners of this group during the visit in a letter he wrote to foreign ministry in Berlin. Scribbling on wall: Lousy service here! Balloons above: Wanna have tourism fun, don't like to meet my appointments -- coffee? nigger sweat is this! -- Treat us kindly at eye level. Balloon below: Sorry a thousand times! That is not the kindergarten of german Bundestag ... Caption: it is its health committee on California visit!



In a small german town, Bad Sooden, a group of about six young men late at night entered a marquee where many people were celebrating a harvest festival.  They wore arm-, chest- and leg-protectors and began to attack the celebrators with telescope-sticks, tear gas sprays and wooden bars without any warning. Reportedly they shouted "shitty germans". After they had injured about 13 persons severely they fled after a presence that lasted only a few minutes with their cars. All witnesses described the offenders as of south-european appearance and so it was reported by police. Some german media nevertheless reported this incident under the headline of violence from the right, i.e. of hostility against immigrants. Caption: Violence from the right becomes a problem of world-wide dimension, see the report... . Text under Allah-is-great-execution scene: dressed up neo-nazis cause a bloodshed on a muslim's celebration. Text underneath: donations account for the fight against the political right +++ account number 666...

Repeatedly german politicians are publicly accused of using the air transport wing of the German Air Force (Flugbereitschaft der Luftwaffe) for little reason. In these days of cost-curbing efforts everywhere education minister Annette Schavan, depicted here, is under fire because of going from Stuttgart to Zurich by helicopter for delivering an interview and a speech. As the helicopter stationed in Berlin had a long way even to board Mrs Schavan at Stuttgart her passenger costs altogether were at least EUR 26'500. Caption: Some government-puppy in here? Your shopping-copter blocks the entrance of our stock!



Caucasus war between Georgia and Russia. Former federal chancellor Gerhard Schroeder sees Georgia being at fault for the conflict. Being on the payroll of Russia's Gasprom, his opinion is not quite surprising. On signpost: Georgia. Balloon: Georgia of course triggered this off ... Caption: Passage at arms and a singing chewing gum.

The german Schaeffler combine tries a hostile takeover of german tire producer Continental AG. Continental's CEO Manfred Wennemer wants to prevent this, his supervisory board is not strictly against. Tire marks show the word "no". On tire destroying belt: hostile takeover. Caption: A CEO shows profile. (German word "Profil" synonymous with "tread").



Federal chancellor Merkel's talks with russian leaders on the Georgia and Caucasus crisis. Merkel: Our proposals for a solution of the Caucasus crisis are therefore blah Georgia blah Abcha blah Osset blah ... Putin: Let's talk straight, Mrs Merkel ... did you bring us money - yes or no? -- President Medvedev and I still have to work! Caption: Favorable talking partner for solution-finding in territorial conflicts.

 After a break of an ICE-3-high-speed-train's axis in july 2008 german railway corporation Deutsche Bahn strives for assuring safety with axles. One measurement suggested is to close train's toilets in order to save the weight of irrigation water in the tanks. Train officer: Please go first in here, dear passengers ...  Caption: ... we have to unweight our wagon axles. On boxes: loo for using before train starts.



 Doping standards at olympic games in Beijing 2008. Text on medals (left to right): dedicated to most audacious doping sinner --- longest undiscovered doping sportswoman. Caption: Two honest medals of honor.

 All german citizens are about to receive a standardized tax identification number this year which will be valid from cradle to grave (and for 20 years after one's death). Text on baby's belly: in bondage by german redistribution-taxation-state. Text gangsters: Of course it is odd to exist only as a number anymore ... but one gets used to it ... Caption: ... hide your dosh as good as you can - we'll find it anyway!



August 13th is commemoration day of erection of the Berlin wall in 1961. Just on this day wannabe-governor of Hesse, Andrea Ypsilanti, swears in her social-democrat's fraction to accept a toleration by the Linkspartei-fraction, as SED formerly known and, as such, responsible for the killing fields behind the wall in Berlin and the death stripe amidst Germany. On stone: In memory of victims of SED-tyranny. Text from behind stone: Yes! More! Make me mighty! Caption: Wreath-laying: The dignity of the ceremony badly disturbed. -- The tattoo with hammer and circle was the coat of arms of the SED-state "DDR". SED = Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands = socialistic united party of Germany. DDR = Deutsche Demokratische Republik = German democratic republic.

As opponents of islamisation in Europe plan to gather in Cologne in September 2008, radical left groups in this city show their understanding of pluralism and democracy by slurring and aspersing the participants as national socialists and racists. They start an action to prevent opponents of islamisation from visiting Cologne's pubs. Caption: Those who aren't in favour of our issue, don't have any opinion but are criminals! Text on plates: Germany perish! -- Cologne citizens! Dont buy from opponents against mosque erection.




Olympic games in Beijing, China. Exclamations of audience: world record! -- gold medal!. Caption: Are fear hormones to be looked at as doping substances?

Members of supervisory boards of german stock corporations get in focus because of their compensations, their privileges and the number of their board mandates. On vessels above left: compensations, free services, session fees. Label on armchair: model free-of-sorrows. Text worker: Modernization of balance law. We are ordered to refurnish here ... Label on chair: model money-for-labour. On binoclars: supervision. Caption: new challenges in the office of supervisory board's member.



Russian invasion in Abchasia, South Ossetia and parts of the core land of Georgia (Caucasus). Left half: Federal chancellor Angela Merkel and her foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier at Russia's window, throwing stink bomb "recognition of Kosovo's Separation" (happened earlier this year). On plate: Russia. At table: Russia's prime minister Wladimir Putin. Balloon: Don't forget: independent states are under protection of international law! Right half: Putin throws stink bombs "recognition of Abchasia's separation/ of South Ossetia's separation" into Europe's window. Text Putin: Don't forget: It's independent and allied states that we'll defend! Caption: ill-judged stink bomb policy and its echo.

Prosecution authorities in several federal states of Germany decided for no longer charging illegal internet exchanges of music and movie files, if the number of files transferred remains under 3'000 (music) or 200 (movies). On CD box: music and movie files. Text on wall: shit on copyright! Text on shirt: Equal justice under law. Text fat woman: Exchange normally is forbidden, ok? ... Don't take it too far, ok?... Caption: ... I'm justitia  - you know what that means, ok?



Some awkward politicians in Germany ("children commission of the Bundestag") get ready to push a ban on products that combine food with toys in one. Especially the so called surprise-eggs (Überraschungsei or abbreviated Ü-Ei) are mentioned. Caption: Last effort of a born quitter. On dress: politics. On broken eggs: health market, workplace market, energy market, construction market, education market. Text old woman: Buuut on youuu I'll show what I can.... On stick: regulations and bans.

Climate politics. Citation reads: And some mighty who wanted to put himself right with his people hitched up in front of his horses - a donkey, a famous sage ... -- Caption: ... but in the cities dwell the well-fed, famous sages, - the draughts. -- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra. (Publication date 1883-1885).




Caption:  Track-trailing and nibble-loving. Song out of funnel: Leftist party - never! On mush: power. SPD politician Andrea Ypsilanti doesn't cease to fiddle around with the leftist party Linkspartei, whose votes she would need to get a very narrow majority for being elected as governor. Before elections earlier this year she affirmed each and every day she wouldn't cooperate with the Linkspartei. Then her social democrat's party got the second-worst election result in Hesse ever and now she seems not to be overly concerned with the niceties of faithfulness to her given promises.

 In case of calm? Then we'll make our own wind ... Caption: ... using inexpensive Eco-nuke-energy from abroad! Speaking here is federal minister for environment, Sigmar Gabriel. Plate on reactor building reads: shut down.



 Caption: corridor of german state secrets. Plates on doors: Plans for future discretionary powers of EU -- Factual numbers on public debt and unemployment  -- Taxation plans 2009. Balloons: May I have a look into? -- Asking is what you are allowed. Text on PC-Screen: Criminal statistics with details on cultural background of offenders. Balloons: And what is in there? -- That's what you may not even ask!

Some german consumer-protection agency gets all aerated with the news of supposed worryingly rised uranium levels in drinking water. Balloon from TV moderator: You heard what the expert said. In drinking water alarming H2O levels have been discovered wihout that there were defined limits for health danger. Donate now ... pay now ... become finally a treehugger. Caption: The milli-mega-giga-micro-doesntmatterlitre-fearhormone-show.




On plate: correspondant's cell number 21433. Caption: censoring measurements were relaxed. Now I'm able to do my journalistic work with my hand tied.

Chairman of one of the biggest german worker unions ("ver.di") goes on holidays while his comrades just are battling a strike at Lufthansa Airways for higher wages. In the meantime Frank Bsirske takes a first class holiday flight to Los Angeles with further destination French Polynesia - carried by Lufthansa. As a member of Lufthansa's supervisory board he may call on this for free. Text right above: Greetings from the South Seas. Handwritten by Mr Bsirske: I arrived safely. Begin with strike. Full sollidearity! F.B. . On suitcase: ver.di - against excesses in manager's salaries. Caption: Bsirske discharged: His letter of solidarity now has come in.



Balloon: Just wait at least until we chased Clement down the  plank. -- Some groups in german social democrat's party SPD strive for excluding former economy minister Wolfgang Clement from the SPD. He had publicly critizised several political concepts of his party, especially the ideas of governor candidate in Hesse, Andrea Ypsilanti, SPD.

German liberal democrat's party, FDP, lately criticize transferring of development aid to China, a country that predictably soon will be economically stronger than Germany itself. On locomotive the head of minister for development aid, Heidemarie Wieczorek. She says, transfers were stopped since March 2008, due to Tibet crisis. Text on loco: German development aid to China. Holding stop sign here is FDP secretary general, Dirk Niebel. On water tank: german public debt. Caption: Heard the whistle and awoken.



Germany's people's partys CDU and SPD record remarkable member losses. The effect is even stronger at SPD's so that for the first time in history of Federal Republic the CDU has some hundred more members than the SPD, namely 530'755. CDU-chairwoman Merkel to SPD-chairman Beck: Gotcha....Caption:...
you all sink faster than we do!

German constitutional court Bundesverfassungsgericht rules that smoker's ban laws for gastronomy are partly unlawful. Small restaurants and pubs with only one small guest room are now legitimized again to permit smoking to their guests. The first initiative for smoker's ban in gastronomy came from federal government in 2005. The laws later were made by each of all 16 federal states because that case fell in their legislation sector. BVG-judge on backseat speaking to chancellor Merkel: No - it is not all the same if you push away some "old and climate-endangering stinkers"!! Plates on cars, left to right: real life -- legislator -- constitution. Caption: Once again failed in driving test.



Driver of wheel loader speaking: Death, death to israelis. Poster in background: journalist's summer course '08 in reporting and apt expression. Balloons with thoughts of journalists (left to right): Terror in Jerusalem: attack with ... mygod ... grader? --- Deadly assassination with ... ahhh ... bulldozer? --- Suicide-amok-assassin-ah-murderer uses tractor ... no ... oh ... wheeled digger! Phew! Caption: Hot tip for article-vocab book: wheel loader.

On poster: Workshop 2008: crisis-proof creation of capital resources. On chart: money sock. Caption: I somehow had imagined this event very differently.



Young persons mostly with immigration background are stabbing and injuring in the streets while being already sentenced, prison punishment suspended. Judges set these persons free because they again and again assume that the accused is not likely to repeat the crime he committed. On door: Blood-courtroom A-B. In balloon: The accused is sentenced to 2 months of prison suspended because of of grievous and dangerous bodily harm. Arrest warrant is suspended... Caption: ... because there is no danger of repetition or escape.

Caption: Politicians - always helpful with real-life-advice. Left: When "climate-warming" fails to arrive in winter. Finance-senator of the federal state of Berlin: A warm pullover will help! Freezing man: Gagagas prices, frofrofrost, heheating expenses, cliclimate taxes... Right: When "climate-warming" takes place in summer. Environment minister Sigmar Gabriel: "getting nude will help". He carries a box "climate-protection-contribution". Sweating man: Heat... all my fault... carbon dioxide reduction, only nasal breathing.



Judge: You are sentenced to prison because of grievous and dangerous bodily harm. Accused: Careful! I converted to islamic faith yesterday. On back of accused: Blood and honor. Judge: Oh, I see! You had to fight for blood and honor. Well - the victims came within an inch of being killed. A EUR 600 fine and 10 hours of anti-aggression-training will do as punishment. Accused: Allah is great, really. Caption: On the way from "equal justice for all" to "individual case justice".

After delivering Radovan Karadzic to European Court Serbia will be able to call for lots of money from EU. Beginning with regular payments when once being member of EU, ending with reparation payments for war damages suffered in the Kosovo war. Behind the counter: serbian prime minister Mirko Cvetkovic. On plate: You are served here by serbian government. Balloon: Well chosen, Ma'am. On till: To be paid. Caption: war criminals on sale ex warehouse - now only for a short time.



Obama's all-show-speech in Berlin. Many fine sounding and desire-flattering phrases, but no hint on how. Caption: gasbag causes platitude-cloudburst over Berlin. Left the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, who sycophanticly brought the city's guestbook to Obama's hotel for getting a signature in it. Earlier that day Obama namely refused to visit Wowereit in his Berlin townhall office. On the right side the victory column in Berlin, where Obama delivered his show.

German federal government decides to introduce an electronic identity card which allows to integrate fingerprint data. Alas, governmental ambitions to ascertain intimate corporal details presumably won't rest there. Caption: Weekly obligatory weighing. Text above: people's scale. Text on machine under slots: electronic identity card, electronic health card (on which individual health data shall be stored). Balloon on the left, underneath face of minister of the interior, Wolfgang Schaeuble: Your ideological dependability in climate protection issues: poor. Your doubts about wisdom of authorities: alarming. Your electoral intentions: dangerous. Last reprimanding before you will be institutionalized. Right balloon underneath face of minister of healthcare, Ulla Schmidt: your weight 25% over plan. Your fathering activity: 100% under plan. Your blood-nicotine data: not acceptable. Your nutrition: too fat. Your identity card herewith is cancelled for butter purchasing. Tattoo on the back of naked man: RFID chip officially sealed.




German media do their best in propagating their view to the german public that Obama was the best, the one and only candidate for US presidency, especially during his visit to Berlin. Every remark, every encounter, every gesture is reported in hooray-style on online-live-tickers. It is most obvious opinion-engineering by journalists who must see themselves as people-educators, who have completely forgotten to separate between commenting and reporting. Caption: 11.05 a.m.: Obama blinks his left eye and chases away a fly with his left hand from Merkels back.

European Parlament in May 2008 forbad its members to employ relatives or loving-mates as assistants with a salary up to € 15.500 per month. There was a lot of misuse up to then and was queried by inspectors. In July 2008 the president of European Parliament and his vices found a way to thwart that ban. Long-term family-assistants who were affected by that ban had protested though and achieved a transitional period until 2014, in which they are allowed to keep their well-waged status. On poster: Friday. 7.00 am: Receive session fee for friday. 7.10 am: Flight home for weekend. Balloon; Here's your monthly cheque, Mr. assistant ... just hand it over to your mom. Caption: Payday in European-pro-forma-parliament. ((German wordplay: "Schein" means "pro forma" as well as "bank note"))



Federal chancellor Angela Merkel underway to her summer vacation. Her husband says (caption): You may stop now, Angela. The photographers are out of sight since 20 minutes.

 Federal labour minister Olaf Scholz arguing in favour of minimum wage (balloon): there is unjustness in german society. Millions are working and earning too little for living ... these are the heroes of our times. Text worker: Hey, not so fast. Don't forget that I 'get accustomed to work' and am 'given the feeling of being needed'... (caption:) not to mention the 'social contacts'. On plate: One-Euro-Job, made by SPD. These forced-upon-jobs for the long-unemployed were introduced in 2004 during the term of social democrat chancellor Schroeder. For a minimal salary these workers often do the same job side by side with colleagues who are regularly employed and paid. The passages in apostrophs above were arguments presented then justifying those one-euro-jobs.




20080720: Of 612 members of german parliament Bundestag only nine took part in a public swearing-in of young Bundeswehr army soldiers on the lawn in front of the Bundestag, i.e. the Reichstag building. Texts from left to right: burrrp/ farrrt/ You look so dry, hehe ...hupp/ Listen, I massively cheated with my additional earnings data/ Look, I had a shakehands with a soldier on the Reichstag lawn and wished him well! ... Caption: social blunder amongst members of german bundestag parliament. 


Text man entering room: How was your day?. Text on left monitor: order booking. Text on right monitor: complaint hotline.



 Germany's federal ministry for health initiates many costly new PR-campaigns of doubtful benefit. In balloons: Walking on Wednesday against drowsiness, Life has weight - against anorexia, Being fit - against obeseness. On head of minister Ulla Schmidt: Federal ministry for occupying health bureaucracy. Text men in foreground: Which bubble will we emit next? On newspaper: Researchers: Biking makes men impotent! Caption: Screwing instead of biking - altogether against low fertility rate.

When delivering his intended speech at Berlin's victory column Obama may encounter the established "love-parade"-subculture. Many people in Berlin and elsewhere in Europe meanwhile are habituated in stripping their clothes on public streets whenever there is celebration atmosphere. In balloon: Honestly, Barack Hussein. Nobody was able to guess how much customs have changed here since Kennedy's time! On stage Berlins mayor, Klaus Wowereit.



Members of public services face being endangered by groups of young immigrants in town quarters with high immigrant's population: police personnel, fire brigades, teachers and emergency doctors complain about being threatened or injured or sexually harrassed. Nevertheless most german judges set those young criminals free again after police once succeeded in arresting them. Imprisonment sentences, if they ever happen, are mostly suspended, even in cases of committing severe physical injury.  In balloon: Feel the cultural enrichment inflicted by the greatest treasures of our society. They shall prove to be good citizens, again and again. Caption: ... anyone who flinches will face disciplinary proceedings!

Caption: The symbol of this competition.



Israel hands back five living terrorists who have been imprisoned in Israel to libanese Hezbollah party. In turn, Hezbollah releases the corpses of two israeli soldiers (Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev) that were kidnapped by Hezbollah in 2006. Balloon: No handing-over without removing the anti-theft device. Caption: At the exchange counter of the party of allah.


Balloon: Always the same for years... Caption: Why can't you once tell your ex-husband that he should slave more silently for your maintenance?



 Election campaign mottos of Barack H. Obama show big amount of randomness.

On lifebelt: tax money. On hands: private banks ((e.g. Bear Stearns)). On water: Real estate crisis. Caption: Look, Fannie - how they are waving and showing solidarity with us shipwrecked.



1987 retreated prime minister of federal state Schleswig-Holstein Uwe Barschel was found dead in a bathtub of Geneve Hotel Beau Rivage. During the following years the cause of his death was never unambiguosly determined. The charge was dropped in 1998. The examining district attorney, Heinrich Wille, uttered repeatedly that there were adequate hints for assuming murder crime. In 2007 he intended to publish a book with his findings. His superior officer, Erhard Rex, forbad this publication. He argued that Wille was not permitted to make private money with a book by using knowledge he gained while being in public service. Wille seeked for judicial help in order to legally circumvent Rex' ban. This legal process found its end today when the highest german court, the Bundesverfassungsgericht (BVG) in Karlsruhe, refused to accept Wille's petition. In balloon: To heck with article 5 Grundgesetz ((article 5 deals with right for free speech and opinion)) Caption: ...kill it - otherwise we will blow up here! On barrel: Truth in Barschel case. On fuse's flame: Wille book project. On eagle: persons, parties, secret services, politics, judiciary.


New waste incineration facilities being built all over Germany. These serve at the same time as power plants using the heat that develops when burning waste. It is said by operating companies that doing so is good for climate protection. Rarely discussed in public are the dangers deriving from poisonous emissions of incineration products that are scarcely known. Of thousands of emitted reaction products only a few are supervised.  Therefore incalculable dangers for health of present and future generations are present. At the moment the public energy debate is mainly tied to the aspects of withdrawal from nuclear energy use (in which case - ironically - danger factors are namable and known). In smoke the structural formulas of dioxines and furanes. On plate: 20 years after withdrawal from nuclear energy. On building left: waste incineration power plant. On building right: shut down. Caption: Appalling stuff! Even being shut down nuclear power plants make humans ill. (Confer caricature as of 20080619.)



Today in Paris: Establishing the Mediterranean-Sea-Union which comprises all 27 EU member states and 16 states neighboured to the mediterranean sea - plus the palestinian autonomy authority. On table of german Michel some contribution-invoices he has to pay for already existing memberships, e.g. in the climate-protection-club, the development-aid-club, the EU-club, the NATO-club. Federal chancellor Merkel enters with ID card for a new club (caption): Hey, now you belong to a reeeeally cool new club!

After constructive weaknesses in brand new public buildings already became visible in the past (new Berlin central station lost façade elements during a storm, concrete-made columns of the new holocaust memorial got rifts only a few years after dedication) now the new Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery) building causes headlines with leaking window sealings. Allegedly federal chancellor Merkel even has to abandon parts of her office during repairs. On trash can left below: for unlawful governmental garbage. On bin liners some new laws that were created by Merkel government and declared as unlawful by german courts in 2008 (except smoker's ban, in which case a ruling is still expected). Caption: Signs of decline of a then major-economy-nation. Merkeltekel = play on words with Menetekel = writing on the wall.



Fire incident at nuclear power plant Ringhals, Sweden. Some workers on the roof inadvertently set fire to roofing felt. The fire was extinguished after a few minutes, operating of the reactors was not affected at all. Ideology-driven german media transform this into headlines like this: Roof workers set fire to Sweden's biggest nuclear power plant. Or: Fire near reactor core. In balloon: Hey, Lars. A sack of rice has tilted over here. Would you mind to bring me a shovel, please? On newspaper: Extra. Grainy substance in atomic pile. Cooling system endangered?!


Express train ICE 3 of Deutsche Bahn derails in cologne while leaving station. Reason is breaking of an axle. On newspaper: Broken axle of ICE 3. Caption: May I comfort you with a gratis newspaper?



Senseless, resultless, costly and anachronistic: the G8-summits seem no longer useful but for vanity of those politicians who meet there. Big letters: 2020 ... 20% (carbon emission reduction aim), 2050 ... 50%, Yee-ees, Reduuuuce-meee. Balloon: Well, these guys in there seem to have found again their G8-spot. Caption: Carbondioxide-climateclimax in Toyako.

 Anti-nuclear lobbyists highlight that uranium supplies are limited, but naturally don't have the weakest idea, how big these supplies really are. Balloon: Folks, that was it. The sun is off. Let's ask the Iranians if they are prepared to accept our solar cell devices in part-exchange for electricity. Caption: pitch-dark 3 billion years from now.




Judgment against two young men with turkish and greek immigration background who attacked and severely injured an elder man on a Munich subway platform in December 2007. Balloons: 12 years, you shitty racist german? What I want is one week anti-aggression training, suspended, as usual. -- 8 years, you election campaigner for CSU party? All your colleagues would sentence me to do therapeutically social help hours at most. -- No deportation at once? Is that decision necessary? On box: detention costs. Caption: general discontentment.

30%-state-owned and VAT-freed Deutsche Post AG is said to be about producing a gratis-newspaper as a publisher. If so it would act side by side with german fee-financed broadcast institutions ARD and ZDF in privileged harvesting the advertising market. Balloon: If you kindly pay your contributions, they will perhaps leave some morsel for you ... On pennant: private media and publishers. On cherries: advertising market. Caption: Eating noisily in state-owned protectorate.




End of grand coalition in Vienna. On snail: grand coalitionees in Germany, Kurt Beck and Angela Merkel. On plate, stop-sign-like: quarrel's place. Caption: Sheet lightning from Vienna.

The bio-fuel campaign and the climate-carbon-reduction campaign in general turn out to foster massive cost-pushing effects on food and energy sector. As sorcerer's apprentices shown here: Environmental minister Sigmar Gabriel and federal chancellor Angela Merkel. On buckets: higher energy- and food prices. Caption: Loss of control with bungling apprentices in jiggery-pokery.



Human rights violations in several german state-controlled security services: army (Bundeswehr), fire brigade (Feuerwehr), riot squad (Bereitschaftspolizei) and prisons (JVA) during recent years. Title: State's power and cruelty. Caption: From family's album of the human-rights-goody-goody.

 German debate on whether it is morally tolerable to show a wax facsimile of Adolf Hitler at Tussaud's, Berlin. On persons: magazine's editorial staffs. Balloon: We are honoured, dear Mr Hitler - don't show up in a wax figure cabinet ... your place is here ... as usual on our front page for improving our print run.



Newscast "Tagesthemen" of german state TV broadcast chain "ARD" shows US flag with mistaken colour sequence (additional white stripe at the bottom), confer caricature as of 20080623. Caption: The presumable next ARD-"slip in flag creation". Newsline: Who shot Muhammad al-Durrah? ((Gaza Strip, 20000930.)) Balloon: Courts will be busy with this case in future as well ... and now the weather-forecast!

Chancellor Angela Merkel announces prolonging of a programme of transferring tax money to the eastern federal states (former GDR). The additional solidarity-with-the-east-tax (Solidaritaetszuschlag) is now due to be prolonged until 2019, although it had been introduced to operate for only a few years from 1990. Merkel's party, the CDU, registers bad demoscopic numbers there, whereas the Linkspartei (leftist party) shows up as best. As ghosts shown here are Gregor Gysi and Oskar Lafontaine. Caption: Here am I - your money courier and ghostbuster.




 On chancellor Merkel's bag: Lisbon. Caption: Come on, Mr Mugabe. Leave me some bristles to clean my soles, too. On doormat: People's opinion.

Former EADS-CEO Gustav Humbert was interrogated by french financial police, suspicion of share trading with internal knowledge. This case is another of those where CEOs and former CEOs get in trouble with fiscal authorities and/or judiciary (Sommer, Ricke, Telekom; von Pierer, Feldmayer, Siemens; Zumwinkel, Deutsche Post; Ackermann, Esser, Mannesmann). Balloons: Is your problem dealing with insider trading or illicit earnings? Press key one, ... with corruption or bribe money? Press key two, ... with excessive compensation or salary? Press key three, ... with illegal spying on employees? Press four.  Caption: Executive board member suffers ordeal with Telephone-hotlines.



A false-flag video published on the internet evoked murder-threats against a prominent german reviewer and critic of islamization in Europe. Thousands of appeals for killing Udo Ulfkotte appeared on internet pages, e.g. Youtube. Ulfkotte and his family were in need of police-protection and forced to leave their house, to move to a secret place. And though they were repeatedly informed, nearly all german media didn't take notice of this egregious case. On banner: Murder Udo Ulfkotte! On circus ring: multiculturalism hooray! EU-Lisbon treaty vivat. CO2 = danger for climate. On pennants: Islam means peace. Always think of german guilt. Caption: And again a news-poor day ends in the german media circus.


 China's three-gorges-dam is possibly to be seen in connection with the devastating earthquake in Sichuan province as of May, 2008. The additional weight of 39 billion tons of water pounded back may have had significant influence on tectonic stability. The epicentre of the earthquake was located in a depth of 90 km, about 600 km distant from the three-gorges-reservoir. Caption: The big throw forward.



On bag: new gun laws. Balloon over minister of justice, Brigitte Zypries: Empty completely all of your pockets, citizen. Is there anything more you got with you that could be named a dangerous object? Balloon over citizen: And what do you ask these guys? Caption: Shut up, citizen! It's me who asks questions here! 


Federal cartel office sanctions fusion of two major chains of food shops after it had firstly turned down this fusion some months ago. Balloon of emblems T(engelmann) and E(deka): Are our children allowed to marry? Balloon president of cartel office, Bernhard Heitzer: No ... No? ... ah ... well ... lisssten ... let me say ... yes! Caption: A muzzy registrar.



Zimbabwe. Mugabe wins "run-off vote". On shovel: "elections". Caption: Avalanche.

In Germany several final school exams caused annoyance. In some cases the exam tasks allegedly were faulty as external experts said these questions were insoluble. In some other cases examinees managed to obtain the questions in advance. Therefore thousands of examinees had to repeat their exam. And even after the repetition there were allegations that there were again known questions amongst the examinees, spreaded beforehand by internet and SMS. Caption: Education minister doing examination preparations. In balloons: My gosh, hopefully all sample solutions are right ... but what if examinees have photographed the questions and put them on the internet ages ago ... the scandal ... my office ... my pension claim! Big letters: Fear, cold sweat, trembling, stomach ache, sleeplessness, sorrow, panic ...




In balloon: Reading device for electronic health card, printer for patient's ruling, printer for organ donor card and send-to-neverending-sleep-syringe. Caption: cost-curbing equipment in clinicars as of 2010.

On balloon: Educational standards. In text-balloon above-right: More fuel! We're loosing height! On pump below-left: Tax-pump, operated by typical german "Michel". In air streams out of balloons: guaranteed getting one's remove, free studies also for the incapables,  guaranteed hauptschule leaver's certificate, hostility against technics, levelling and egalitarianism, multicultural experiment. Caption: Expert for hot air exercises his profession.



On November 30th, 2005, federal chancellor Angela Merkel in her government statement called for venturing more freedom. Presently she directs her energies in saving the actually freedom-restricting Lisbon treaty. On carriage: Let's venture more freedom. (Double meaning in German: More-freedom-carriage.) Caption: When did you say the brakes will be unapplied?

Using redistribution of income via taxes as a supposed weapon against poverty in fact causes poverty. Germanys taxpayers finance EUR 700 billion/fy as redistribution sum for social purposes. Nevertheless, poverty builds up. On truck: aid to developing countries. On load: for-free-transfer fertilizer. On wheel: Poverty fighting by state. On plants: determination, ability to think on one's own, courage to face life, education and knowledge, hope. Balloons: Poverty of diversity has increased again! -- Well, we just have to redistribute much more! 



Soccer Euro Championship, upcoming semi-final  between Germany and Turkey. In balloon: Your boys will definitely loose this match, understood, Loew? (Joachim Loew is coach of german national soccer team). Caption: ... a german victory would be racist and destructive for integration! (Integration of the turkish minority into german society is meant.)

National action plan against obesity is being initiated by german federal government (from left: Sigmar Gabriel, Angela Merkel, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Peer Steinbrueck, Ulla Schmidt). On banner: In shape. National action plan against obeseness.  Caption: Federal government. They do something for themselves.



Domestic violence. On bag: social worker. In balloon: There's a problem with violence in your marriage! You surely know that you can leave home for women's refuge ... Caption: ... or be helped by police in turning your husband out!

High petrol prices. On cake: petrol vouchers for persons being on social security. On monster: Redistribution bureaucracy. Balloon Merkel: There you go ... Caption: If you continue excercising you will have lost 3 milligrams 20 years from now!



Euro Soccer Championship, semi-final between Germany and Turkey. Remembering the soccer match between Inter Mailand and Fenerbahce Istanbul on November 27, 2007 in Mailand Germany may be well-advised to remove all signs and symbols from its team shirts that possibly could insult islamic feelings. After the Mailand match an attorney from Turkey announced lawsuit against UEFA and FIFA because of a big red red cross on mailand shirts and demanded the result of the game (Mailand won 3:0) to be cancelled. German player with number seven is Bastian Schweinsteiger. "Schwein" in German means "pig".

 Newscast "Tagesthemen" of german state TV shows german flag with mistaken colour sequence when covering upcoming soccer match Germany-Turkey. Officials have no explanation for this embarrassing incident. On desk: graphics post. On plate: flag hating post. On screen: Germany. In balloon: Change these damned colours. I can't take this shitty flag anymore. Now I have to leave for green's group of regulars .... Caption: Late shift in "Tagesthemen's" editing. (Compare caricatures as of 20080618 and 20080605.)



 There are unconfirmed rumours that Angela Merkel, federal chancellor, formerly had been an informal collaborator (Informeller Mitarbeiter - IM) of former secret service of vanished "german democratic republic", the "Ministerium für Staatssicherheit". Her cover name supposedly was "Erika". Rumours say furthermore that 1992-resigned foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher had IM cover name "Tulpe" (tulip). Melody text: On the heath there blossoms a floret which name is Erika! Text Merkel: What an impertinent choice of music!! Caption: annoyance in honour court.


Juergen Sengera, former CEO with german WestLB, and Robin Saunders, former head of principal finance with WestLB, in court of Duesseldorf Landgericht. The story deals with heavy losses of WestLB after investment in Boxclever corporation. Sengera charged with embezzlement, Saunders appears as a witness (who was already sentenced formerly to a fine of EUR 1 million in the same affair). On prayer wheel: Don't know anything. Cannot remember. I wasn't involved at all. In balloon: Of course I got an acquittal - it functioned perfectly ... I'll hand back your prayer wheel soon ... Caption: see you soon, Mr von Pierer. Heinrich von Pierer, former CEO with Siemens Corporation, had argued quite similar when being confronted with bribe money payments within the Siemens combine.



EU reflects on repeating the referendum in Ireland. Merkel:  What a picture is it that you are offering here? Sarkozy: Push off, poor idiot! Caption: Press Up! Resistance down! Press up! Resistance down!  

New waste incineration facilities being built all over Germany. These serve at the same time as power plants using the heat that develops when burning waste. It is said by operating companies that doing so is good for climate protection. Rarely discussed in public are the dangers deriving from poisonous emissions of incineration products that are scarcely known. Of thousands of emitted reaction products only a few are supervised.  Therefore incalculable dangers for health of present and future generations are present. At the moment the public energy debate is mainly tied to the aspects of withdrawal from nuclear energy use (in which case - ironically - danger factors are namable and known). In smoke the names of diverse dangerous chemical substances. On plate: no to nuclear power plants! Caption: Look, where do these suddenly come from??



 Caption: dictatory fatsos peer-to-peer. Spoken text by UEFA: ...then I banned the german coach - whoosh! - to the stands. German national soccer team's coach Joachim Loew was forced to leave the coaching zone by referee during the EM match against austria. The austrian coach had to leave, too. Reasons for this high-hand UEFA decision remain opaque.

 During election campaign 2005 the german christian democratic union (CDU) still postulated freedom of market, competition and less governmental regulations in its manifesto. These are foregone times. Now, the CDU strives for more regulations, more regimenting of citizens, all that under the flag of reducing so called greenhouse gases with no evidence in sight that man is able to influence climate at all. But with human foggy fears of nature catastrophies political profit is easy to be made, and the CDU wants to participate. Furthermore a parliamentary majority with help of Green party becomes easier after elections next year. On flag: hammer-and-sickle-CO2 - green -- hammer-and-sickle-CDU, carbon-dictatory union of Germany. In balloon: But in urinating on flag you won't imitate our party, will you? (compare caricature published 20080605.) On flag: Back to Ludwig Erhard (CDU, former economy minister and federal chancellor, leading politician in social market economy concept.) On plates: Climate! Be very afraid! -- Climate! Be more afraid - with us!. Caption: Wryneck's flag directed after the winds.



 According to an islamic fatwa by Dr Izzat 'Atiyya any man is only allowed to stay in a closed room with an unveiled woman (to whom he is not a relative) if she permits him to suck at her breast five times. Thus a "milkbrotherhood" is established. On plate: Anti-racism-bureau. In balloons: Help. What is the new colleague doing? That's sexism! -- Be careful! The colleague is muslim and is only allowed to stay with you as an unveiled woman in this office, if you have breastfeeded him five times ... Caption: ... so, on this occasion, prove your antiracist mindset!

To a high rate german students give up their studies. Experts say they weren't prepared well enough at high school (gymnasium), especially in maths and sciences. On plate: Everybody a chance! Struggling is imposition, class-repeating is inhuman. Abi = university entry qualification. Caption: Education - sticking machine and lubricated nose-diving station.



EU officials and many observers say, only 3 million irish referendum voters shouldn't decide the future of 500 million EU inhabitants. They hold back that these 500 million weren't even asked if they were willing to accept the EU Lisbon treaty, neither do they know how these people would opine - presumably they would alike show up a majority which says no. In balloon: You dare to block the european unification? Caption: All above, why aren't you naked and chained like the other 500 million idiots behind me?

Presentation of next-generation-Euro-banknotes. Balloon: Sensors measure time that the note stays with its owner. If it is not spent, the note decays to ashes... . Caption: ... after it had transmitted owner's ID card data to fiscal authorities! "Feuro" alludes to german word "Feuer" which is "fire".



Irish referendum turns down EU Lisbon treaty. In balloon: Ok, no more referenda. I can do also in a different manner.  On houses: Peoples of Europe. Caption: Two black eyes, a bloody nose: the post- and expenses-witch does not give up.

Unions and Greens call for abolition of the hauptschule, the lowest segment of german education system after passing elementary school. Pupil on the left spells the beginning of the first word hardly, union/greens-man on the right understands this as laughter: A joke - you find as well, huh? On plate: hauptschule as education facility. Caption: Not the hauptschule, the gymnasium is the right place for you! (gymnasium: highest segment leading to legitimation for university studies.)



The german federal government, composed of christian democrats and social democrats, again is engaged in endless quarrels about political decisions to be made. Today, after a meeting of the coalition committee, there was again only postponing but no deciding. Nevertheless both sides emphasized afterwards the functioning of the coalition and that it supposedly would be a successful one. In balloon, spoken by chancellor Angela Merkel: After adjourning all controversial issues we reach the last point on the agenda: Who of those present wishes to share power furthermore? Ask for show of hands! Caption: Tax-financed sado-maso club doesn't see any reason for closing down.

Public fee-financed broadcast corporations in Germany (ARD and ZDF) seek for unlimited rights to publish content not only on radio and tv, but also on the internet. To what extent this should happen is presently being debated. Raises in fee-rates due to the additionial offer are widely expected. In balloon: Here comes just more basic providing with media content. On cakes: Internet offers, tv programs, radio programs. Caption: ... please remain seated - meanwhile I do know where to find your money!



Parliamentary majority in Hesse fails to abolish study fees (which have to be paid since 2006 by students at universities) due to formal mistakes. Governor Roland Koch (his head on right side) refuses therefore to sign the law that already had passed parliament. Opposition leader Andrea Ypsilanti (with Y) wails (in balloon): Why must this concrete head be staying here while I drive along? On plate: study fee corner. Co-driver is Tarek al-Wazir of the greens. Caption: Wannabe-governor (female) gets to know so parliamentary driving physics.

Of all european nations only the irish people are called to vote for or against the European Union Lisbon treaty. Text statue of liberty: All Europe's peoples forced to be silent set their hopes on you. Caption: Liberty's torch against undemocratic darkness.



George W. Bush on his last trip as POTUS to Germany. Seen here hugging federal chancellor Angela Merkel, who says: I won't vote for Obama - neither do all german people! In background the Meseberg palace near Berlin, where the meeting will take place. Caption: Meseberg farewell-cuddling.

Politicians and media rejoiced at new generated jobs through climate-protection-policies. Alas, they hold back that these jobs are financed by taxpaying citizens who have to shoulder many new financial burdens imposed on them by make-believe climate-protecting laws. On the left german environment affairs minister Sigmar Gabriel saying: If you put more money on the table there will be additional 100'000 jobs! On pistols: climate-laws. On plate: Here financing jobs in climate-protection. On suitcases: solar cells, insulating stuff, expert's opinions, wind turbines, bio fuel, energy saving lamps. Caption: special trend for policy-winners.



 Socialism always finds a reason to name himself indispensable for welfare of mankind. Spoken text: Of course climate change and neo-nazism are the biggest problems ever ... In smoke: multiculturalism. On bage: redist upcomig Hitler-Empire only with us. On shoes: Avoiding upcoming death of environment only with  us. -- Setting up the paradise for workers and farmers only with us. Caption: International socialism keeps itself standing.

A referendum on the ratification of EU Lissabon treaty is about to happen only in Ireland. Europa on the taurus:  The place you bring me to - there won't be referenda permitted, will they? Namely, I hate referenda. They inhibit me in my beaurocratic development blah blah ---. Taurus: I could have possibly left this annoying bitch on the beach, but me old donkey must always pay attention on cup size ... Caption: The first trip to Europe.



Again a german judge sentences young criminals to a few years suspended only. The group of apparently six turks and one german had arbitrarily attacked two german young men in Hamburg with a knife and a broken bottle, injured them severely. The judge states that the group acted extremely cruel, but doesn't send them to prison as he emphasizes the educating effect he claims his sentence had; the law governing young offenders didn't give him space for a more severe sentence he says. Balloons on the left, top-down: Oezem! Volkan! Ahmet! Leave him be! -- Why so? He is simply a shitty-german potatoe! -- And even if the cops catch us we will be set free at once by our judge-pal. Come on, it's fun! On the right, top-down: You loosers! This IS our judge-pal. --  Yees. plss educate me, you socially disadvantaged! Behind arrow: educational issue! Caption: Certainly a sympathetic stand-in wil be found!


The federal high court (Bundesgerichtshof) repels the suit of TV presenter Dieter Bohlen (left) and Prince Ernst August of Hannover (right). Both demanded indemnification from British American Tobacco Corp. which used their names in satirically fashioned advertising posters for cigarette brand "Lucky Strike". In match flame: BGH-sentence. Caption: pipe-smoking personalities.



 Leading members of the up-and-coming-organization of german green party were photographed as they apparently urinated on a german flag which laid under their feet on the floor. The organization named "green youth" later tried to mitigate massive public criticism on this issue by claiming that the incident had been only a pretended urination with an art-and-satire-related character. Caption: the next but one german foreign minister with anti-authoritarian education is internationalist, animal-friendly and anti-repressive in bladder-draining. On bag: green youth. On paper in bag: child benefit. In balloon: All germans are pissers except me, because I piss on Germany! Person which is urinated at is a soldier of german armed forces (Bundeswehr) whose uniforms show a small german flag near their shoulder.

Endless story of fruitless efforts in simplifying taxation laws. Caption: Right cleansing tablet, wrong dishwasher, unrestrained clause-foam development. Building is german parliament. On tablet: simplify taxation! On papers: new tax law, regulation of implementation.



Europe's soccer tournament, taking place during june 2008 in Helvetia and Austria. Captions above: The national flag of Helvetia since 1889. The national flag of Helvetia from 7th to 29th of June, 2008. Caption below: The EM-host does everything for achieving a nonviolent course of events.

Public opinion polls see german social democrats at 20%, after they gained 34% in last federal elections 2005. Chairman Kurt Beck is nevertheless confident, citing here a campaign of liberal democrats (a one-place-percent-party then) during the elections of 2002, "project 18" (percent). Caption: Believe me - I'll reach my aims for the SPD. 



 French celeb Brigitte Bardot sentenced to pay a fine of EUR 15'000. She was accused of committing hate-speech against islam. In balloon above: For this racist hate speech you will pay a 15'000 EUR fine. Below: Muslims force their customs upon us. On garment: For money from the state. Caption: "This custom by the way is called dhimmi-tax, you unveiled slut!"

Caption: Milk producing farmers on strike: Already the question for justice in distribution comes up. In balloon: If there wasn't only this taste of silicone! On plate: EU-milk quantity rationing authority. 



Governor of federal state Schleswig-Holstein, Peter-Harry Carstensen, mourns on voter's losses his party Christian-Democratic Union (CDU) had to accept in recent local elections. Free voters associations, by contrast, were remarkable successful.  Carstensen chairs a coalition of CDU and Social Democrats (SPD) - both parties were loosers in recent elections. In balloon: But ... I truly love y'all ... . On plates: Free Voters Associations.Caption: Kiel's father of the people at wailing wall. ((Kiel is the capital of Schleswig-Holstein.))

Editor-in-chief (female) fired in german women's lib magazine "Emma". Reasons remain unpublished. Founder and dominant person at Emma's, Alice Schwarzer, declares her successor in position of editor-in-chief, Lisa Ortgies, for not suitable for being responsible, only a few months after assumption of her new function. In balloon: Honestly speaking, I believe Eva Herman is right! ((In Germany former TV-presenter and book author E.H. is commonly seen as arch-enemy of feminism affairs)). Caption: Lisa Ortgies begs for ban.



 Headline: "Honor" -murders. Text on the left:  Patriarchy is the reason ... Text on the right: "... not islam" Caption: He who will find the difference, will get an additional big-eyed virgin for patriarchal permanent-sex-orgy in the beyond. (Male islam warriors who fall for proliferation of islam are guaranteed a number virgins of same age for their sexual pleasure after death (see Qu'ran, e.g. 37-40).)

In balloons: Against rightside-parking, destroy cars - save the climate. Caption: Politically doublecorrect resurrection of 68fold state-financed highly respectables. Most influential circles in Germany, who are leftist and had their political shakedown in 1968, are willing to tolerate violence from the extreme left as they claim it to be an instrument against the alleged threat of a new hitlerism, which they equal undifferentiated with the term "political right". In that respect former chancellor Schroeder coined the term "resurrection of the respectables".



On octopus: state. In balloons (clockwise, beginning on left hand side: overaged cordless telephone in service - EUR 2'000 fine. No insulation against warmth losses: EUR 55'000 climate fine. Homepage of "Junge Freiheit" (young freedom) visited: EUR 10'000 contribution for the fight against the political right. If you haven't the EUR 87'000 EUR available in cash, sign here for using your home as a payment. No E-health-card, no passport with biometric data in use: 20'000 EUR fine for refusal against state supervision. Caption: Expropriated more quickly than one can say "....".

Caption: Found by chance during a razzia on executive floor at Deutsche Telekom's. On plate: Department for spying, rigorous unofficial. The abbreviation "Stasi" stands for the secret service of former "German Democratic Republic", a has-been-spy ("IM", i.e. inofficial co-worker) thereof Gregor Gysi (on photo), nowadays chairman of bundestag's fraction of "Die Linke", is suspected to be. On persons: public prosecutor. On box: confiscated. On plate in room: card-file of indolent measurement executors.



Desision-making in german social democrat's party SPD. Chairman Kurt Beck and his vice chairmans Peer Steinbrueck, Frank-Walter Steinmeier obey to the commands of their  comrade Andrea Nahles in respect of the "P-Question". That is nominating an own candidate for the next term of federal presidency. Caption: Trousers on.

Numbers of unemployment are notoriously manipulated by government. Certain groups of people who have no job aren't counted in unemployment statistics as they are engaged in state-financed education measurements, experience early retirements, work in artificial employments or have simply given up hope of ever finding a job and therefore don't register themselves as job-seeking. On plate: Full employment comes into sight! On columns: Unemployment. Caption: Protest of the stage-cellar-children.



Daily ordeal of teachers in german schools. Seeing their authority systematically destructed through politics they have to endure humiliating behaviour of their pupils who use cellularphone-cameras during lessons to produce exposing movies which they publish on the internet. On board: German lesson 2008. On screen: SMS terror, celly videos, mobbing via internet against teachers. In balloon: Smile for audience all over the world. Caption: How the underprivileged of tomorrow experience their "social disadvantaging", extensively financed by taxpayers.

The planned centralized health database puts intimate medical data at risk as data protection is inadequate. On plates: Electronic health card - patient's data base. High security fence! - 3-Bit-Crypto-key. On screen: Medical reports, patient: N. Honorable. Insert text: Children's molester, HIV positive, maniac-depressive, endangered of committing suicide. Caption: "There you go, dear neighbour. You better hadn't let grow your tree's branches into my garden!" 



 In a polling station. Text in balloons: Voter, Michel Meier-Mueller ((very common names in Germany)), registered in polling list, here you have your ballot, ID card not needed here. Caption: How the he-goat became a voter.

Scandal with Deutsche Telekom. Longer than one year phone calls of managers and members of Telekom supervisory board allegedly have been overheard. Text in balloon: Again a phone call in which both partners complain about our overhearing scandal! Text on plate: Cafeteria - just listen in! Text on screens: young voices, old voices, overhearing menu, complaint call, neighbour's gossip, intimate conversations, random. Caption: Noon break at Telekom's.



In balloon: Climate change on jupiter is because of human farts! Caption: The universe wanted to find out something about itself - and created Al Gore! 

Chairman of german social democrats party (SPD), Kurt Beck, first wanted his comrades to re-elect federal president Horst Koehler (christian democrats)  in upcoming "Bundesversammlung" (federal assembly). Then, after party-intern strives for nominating an own candidate, he revised his position saying that his rich-traditioned party had a right to  do so. Text on paper: "Koehler-reelection". Text Gesine Schwan (SPD): me.. me... me.. Caption: personnel leadership through fingerpointing.



A Frankfurt/Main judge, Klaus Drescher, denies that a young german man with afghan roots who was charged with trying of manslaughter against a jewish man had antisemitic motives or the intention of killing his victim with a knife after calling him names ("shitty jew") and threatening him with murder. Reason: The accused had pricked only once and fled then, therefore the court found him guilty only with dangerous bodily injury. He got away with three years unsuspended. The victim survived the attack, but was forced to stay in hospital for several weeks. Text in balloons from left to the right: "Shitty jew. Now I'm going to kill you!"--"Are you mad? That is evil antisemitism!"--"But we are playing that I'm a german-afghan who already has injured also non-jews!"--"Do you like to have an ice-cream?" Caption: The spoiling consequences of young people watching court-shows on TV.

German state records a strong increase in tax revenues. On lions: debt service, re-distribution of income for social (and voter-convincing) purposes. On meat: new debts in public budgets. On wheelbarrow: Taxes. Text of "politics"-Person: "Deliver less ...?" Caption: "... no way! My lap-lions are growing and might react testily!"



 Increasing the members-of-parliament-allowances (in German synonymous with "diet") synchronized with wages' development in public services is postponed by chairmans of  the biggest fractions in the Bundestag after harsh attacks from the public. Depicted here: Peter Struck (left) and Volker Kauder. Nor did they do the right thing neither do they have the backbone to hold fast to their convictions. The law that the increase was based on namely remains unchanged yet. Text on plate: Taxpayer's grill. Text on banners: What is right must remain right (esp. if it's us who defines it)--We want our extra special (german literally: extra sausage)!!! Caption: Withdrawal of the diet-sausages.

On bear: Conjuncture index. On ball, table: I rise. In balloon: I fall. Caption: Again and again 'surprising' for observers. The development of such indices is often attributed by "surprising" in german media news.



 German Social Democratic Party suffers from her chairman acting clumsily. Due to several changes in chairmanship during very recent years she cannot afford to publicly look for substitute.


German Labour minister Olaf Scholz tries to push SPD's political project of inducing minimum wage. He is reasoning with the results of a poverty report his ministry contributed. Numbers used therein are scarcely reliable as the stem from years 2004 and 2005 only. On top, poverty in middle classes is worsened through high tax rates. Text in balloon: As poor as you are now I have tenfold reason to plunder the rich! Text on sack: Different kinds of contributions to the state. On quiver: poverty report. Caption: German Robin Hood.



On May 13th dutch cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot is arrested by a force of  around 10 policemen, searching his house, seizing his computer equipment, for the criminal offense of "publishing cartoons which are discriminating muslims and people with dark skin". Text in balloon: Hatred! Hatred against the west! Text without balloon: Allright, guys. So we are better going to arrest that one...  Caption:  ... for he is all alone and owns paper-cutting knives at most!



Text on shoe: I am an appeaser to terrorists. Balloon: That's an ugly shoe you presented me! Caption: And it fits perfectly!

German federal chancellor and her cabinet lying in the sand, being passive as remaining time until next elections passes by. Text Merkel: No worry, guys. As soon as we're gone down ... Caption: "... we'll rise value added tax rate to 25 percent. That will turn things upside down - an we'll be above again!




 Dalai Lama's visit to Germany. Members of federal government refuse to meet him in fear of chinese anger. Text: Who is afraid of Dalai Lama? Nobody here... / And if he comes? / Then we run! Left to right: Dalai Lama, economy minister Glos, federal president Koehler, foreign minister Steinmeier (foreground).

There is a debate of inducing a duty for food producers to print more detailed information about nutrition risks on packages. Text: Your health passport number has been recorded. Do you really want to buy this very fat-containing food? Warning. Caption: Do you want the total consumer's protection?



Socialist President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez describes german federal chancellor Merkel as belonging to the "same political right as Hitler belonged to". 2006 he compared israeli defensive action against Hezbollah with Hitler's holocaust. Text: I knew it - you cactus are also all ...  . Caption: The hallucinating of Caracas.


Germany's media favor Mr Obama and recommend strongly Mrs Clinton should give up her rally for being elected democratic-party-candidate. One can almost hear them sigh how they regret not to be able to vote by themselves. Caption: "Just a moment! This is a scale and not a wastepaper-bin!" Scale hand shows "go on!", not "give up!"



Distribution of power between Russia's Putin and Medwedew remains still opaque. Text on wall: office of the president. Text in balloon: Hey, prime minister, the batteries are run down again! Caption: Power and its antechamber. 

Former CEO with Siemens corporation Heinrich von Pierer will not be subject to legal investigation in respect of the Siemens corruption affair. Text in balloon: I know that I don't know anything.



A muslim declares himself insulted by a definition of "rightist extremism" given on german website "net against nazis", as all aspects cited there match with observable attitudes of real existing islam all over the world, e.g. antisemitism, justification and admiration of Hitler, discrimination of and violence against women, belief in superiority of muslims and inferiority of "infidels".

Text: "Cyclone Nargis should have interfered indeed as riots took place last fall ... nevermind, let's begin with distribution of food resources!"



On Explosives: Allah is great. On Legs: The jews are our dogs. On snake: western socialists. In balloon: "Careful! You know how evil the holocaust was. You won't bring about a new one, will you?" Caption: 60 years of Israel - and a giddy congratulator. 

The governmental "Hartz four"-reforms of german labour market (of 2002) are massively criticized by budget revision authority "Bundesrechnungshof". It complains that the attempt of re-activating the long-term unemployed by forcing them into artificial low-wage-jobs is both fruitless and costly. Caption: Labour-market-reintegration-turbo-engine, finest engineering piece by government.



Meeting of an editorial staff. A young member is being reprimanded after having proposed two stories about child rape by some muslim offenders in San Diego, USA, and Bradford, England. The staff is focused on the austrian Amstetten case and the offender Josef Fritzl. 

German members of parliament "Bundestag" read their calculation of personal revenue surpluses after unanimously having voted for a rise in allowances' increase. Meanwhile the bundestag's president, Wolfgang Thierse, calls them for a resolution against managers' greed of exaggerated salaries in companies.



 In Thuringia, a german federal state, minister candidate Peter Krause is mobbed by members of german international-socialist parties. They propagate massively Krause to be a Nazi - with no proofs but allegations and accusations, partly drawn from false citations, partly by focusing on single syllables Krause once spoke. Heavily assisted by influential socialist media they achieve that Krause resigns from his plan of becoming minister.

Text on bag: Members' of parliament allowances increase (=in german homonymous with "diet increase")-sweets. Eagle ist the coat of arms of the german bundestag. Caption: fat hen with addiction for dainties.



Text on plate: Joseph-Fischer-School. In balloon: No unnecessary escalation, please ..." Caption: "... while pupils are taught the fight against the political rightists!" Each and every first of may ultra-left activists meet for rioting against the police and damaging cars, streets and buildings - and call it 'anti-fascist' fight against right-wing nationalists, even if this counterpart remains invisible.

Text on traffic lights: Smoking forbidden; Smoking permitted with reservation; Smoking allowed. On newspaper: juristic weekly, current decisions on relegation of smoker's bans. Caption: gastronomer's daily studying duties.



Caption: To avoid further embarrassments the olympic torch run exclusively takes place in the Gobi desert now.

After the collision of a german express train "ICE" with a flock of sheep in Germany's longest railway tunnel there are upcoming extended duties of shepherds. Balloon: What do you know about railway tunnels? How fast is an ICE?



Repeatedly occurring mischief through surprising actions of Germany's foreign secret service, the "Bundes Nachrichten Dienst". Political supervising mechanisms seem not to be functioning. Even a BND-initiated surveillance action against an afghan minister was unveiled and led to a public outcry. German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier saw himself forced to official excuse. Caption: Authority of notorious permanent  offence. Federal chancellor Merkel: "That is excluded, dear Nicolas ... the head of the animal home assured me that all snoopers are well supervised ..."

German Social Democrats suggest to urge limitations in manager salaries upon companies -- and they summon to induce guaranteed elementary school certificates. Left, with hammer: Minister for labour affairs, Olaf Scholz. Right, with papers: SPD-vice-chairwoman, Andrea Nahles. Caption: Do determine claims -- do benefit of sympathies -- do punish performance.



Caption: His friend and helper. Text in balloons: "Don't fight, you german! If you injure him you'll be charged with excess in self-defense ... moreover you'll have to face the strive for blood revenge of his whole family for the rest of your life, the police won't be able to help you ... I can't interfere now, because I would find myself threated, too, and would loose my job because of xenophobia ... even if I arrest him, the court would grant him an immigrant's discount on the amount of punishment and let him run again ... so keep a stiff upper lip and endure this ordeal politically correct!" Offender calls his victim names in a racist way.

Caption: "Did you think about my offer?"



German parliament's building in Berlin shows the motto "Dem Deutschen Volke" in its portico, which means "Dedicated to the German People". This people has, alas, no right to decide at the polls about ratification of the fatal Lisboa's EU treaty. The parliament settles this in lieu of without questioning. Therefore, the motto at the Reichstag's portico should urgently be altered to a more honest version: "Without (ohne) the German People".

Vehicle novelties by Porsche-Volkswagen as the participational conflict between corporate management and unions ("IG Metall") proceeds. Another trench is between VW-Porsche and the federal state of Lower Saxony, which owns VW-shares in the amount of 20,1 percent with the privilege of a "golden share". VW-Porsche strives for abolishing this.



As the presidential nomination race between Mrs Clinton and Obama remains open the decision will take place on democratic national convention in August 2008. Some democrats will cheer after the result is proclaimed, some may think of voting for the republican candidate instead.

Politicians start to pamper their voter-groups with additional grants and sweets, financed with taxpayer's money. The social welfare and election-preparation fairground.



A court in Dortmund sentences an immigrant man from Iraq to suspended nine months jail punishment after he, repeatedly steering his girlfriend's BMW without driving license, had killed a biker in a traffic accident. Some years ago german movie actor Martin Semmelrogge was sentenced to jail (not suspended) after repeatedly having steered a car in lack of driving license. The impression is, again, that persons with immigration background enjoy certain advantageous treatment in german courts.

Caption: Food priceless because of climate chimera, carbon values as always, saver of the world starved. On plate: I drive with bio-fuel!



Text in balloon, said by typical German "Michel": "What-are-you-doing-there?" Text federal chancellor Angela Merkel: "Doing what's written down in law, sweetheart..." Caption: "... yet a terrorist showed up in your appartment!" Installing video surveillance cameras on the right is federal minister of the interior, Wolfgang Schaeuble.

Germany's big people's partys, CDU and SPD, suffer from erosion through political dissatisfaction of their stakeholders. Chancellor Merkel, CDU, says to Kurt Beck, chairman SPD: "How do you manage not to catch cold feet, colleague?" Out of Merkel's CDU-block breaks the middle-classes-block, attacked by Merkel's secretary Ronald Pofalla. In sun: "contributional war against taxpaying citizens".



German judges in their re-socializing group regret bitterly their scandalous decisions concerning young immigrated criminals,  their notorious equation of offenders with victims and realize them as egregious wrongdoings.


The typical German "Michel" reaches, alas, "full employment" by obeying to the financial necessity of being engaged in several low-salary-jobs 24/7/365.  Indeed, the morbidly high regulated german labor-market doesn't exclude the probability of "full employment". 



German citizen without immigration background -- the best choice of a role you can make if you are masochistic.



Little Nojoud Nasser (8 years) from Yemen dares to flee from her husband and abandon her islamic-law-marriage after having been raped and trounced by him many times. EU-multicultural-doctrine says instead, these atrocities had nothing to do with islam and points out that misuse of children can be found even amidst catholic priests.



Brasil discovers new offshore oil field estimated 33 billion barrels. Such surprises let shortage-preachers appear ridiculous, who since decades notoriously claim that the planet will be running out of oil twenty years down the road. 



China's death penalty execution industry, dealing with human organs. Caption: winner's platform and olympic metal undergoing pre-tests. Text in balloon: "Sing aloud the hymn!" 



Germany's social democrats party comes to terms with a plan for privatising the state-owned railway company "Deutsche Bahn". Only a minority share of 24.9% shall be offered at stock exchange. Text in balloon: "Dear investor, yes, we now have a seat for you - but you'll have to bleed for it!"



German Federal Chancellor Merkel surprises in public with décolleté. Caption: "You better turn away for a moment. Politics is not youth-free here!" Text on advertising: France's first lady in the nude. Text in balloons: Ladies and Gentlemen - the chancellor of the federal titpubl ... republic of Germany!" -- "What does Carla Bruni have, what I have not?"


Politicians (shown here: federal minister of finance, Peer Steinbrueck) are at the gold reserve of the bundesbank again. Officially, they take it for no longer needed for securing the value of the currency. In fact, they would take advantage from a sale as they could finance useful election promises to influence voters at polls 2009 by prolonging the tax-financed welfare party. 



European and German federal law against "discrimination" violated: TV candidate makes an ugly-woman-discriminating choose .


Typical different echo in the media on critical movies dealing with religious books.



Chinese olympic-fire-troopers don't gain sympathy in the western world due to rough manners. Olympic spirit obeys to cheer-duties along chinese five-year-plan.

 Finance minister of the federal state of bavaria, Erwin Huber, is not fed up with the mess of billions of euro missing in subprime-crisis-shaken BayernLandesbank - and flirts with a far bigger dung-hill - the post of federal finance minister.



Caption: "Islam: Infantility as a program." Remarkable parallels in behaviour between some grown-up muslims and stubborn children. 

Former SPD-"finance expert" Ingrid Matthaeus-Maier retires from post of CEO of "Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau", a state-owned bank, incorporating the IKB bank, due to subprime crisis. Federal finance minister Peer Steinbrueck utters that time has come to engage a "professional" for that job.



Reform of inheritance taxation law.  According to this, company inheritors will get discount on tax volume only if  the company will exist at least 15 after inheriting and guarantee stable wages at least  10 years on a level that is marked by the average of a 5-years-period before. More subtle complications are to  be expected.