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Social Studies

Huge site with links about the Civil War
Information about civilizations from long ago
Explore historic events and birthdays on specific days
Take A.P quizzes in European history for practice or to see what you know
AP U.S. History Quizzes
Take A.P quizzes in U.S. history for practice or to see what you know
CIA-run site with background notes on many countries.  Updated periodically
Portal for students and teachers with lesson plans, teacher guides, activities, games, quizzes, and more
15,000 person database of famous people
Links to biographies about 27,000 people
Information on black history
Collection of Civil War Photographs
CIA-run site on world facts
Gateway to statistics from 100 federal agencies
Festival information from around the world
Site with links dealing with the French Revolution
Web page with links to other pages about the history of early American colonies
 Enter geographic terms and match them to actual places
Take quizzes in Global Studies for practice or to see what you know
Google News
Searches for news articles
U.S. and World history, interviews, and features
Overview of the Holocaust through pictures, music, documents, art, movies and literature
Information on 3,000 years of world history
Archives organized by an inventor's last name
Info about Japan's culture, economy, and geography
Guide to electronic resources in medieval studies
Site dedicated to Abraham Lincoln
Explore 100 major documents in U.S. history
Website for Indigenous people around the world
Graphics, text, timelines, documents, and animations of selected topics in American history
Current, published political cartoons
In-depth information about countries around the world
Learn about people who have no nation to call their own
Links to women's history sites