• Ekaterina Beresneva /National Research University, the Russian Federation/
    → Pareto-optimal algorithms for metric TSP
  • Sylwia Cichacz-Przeniosło /AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland/
    → The zero sum partition of Abelian groups and its applications
  • Joanna Cyman /Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland/
  • Magda Dettlaff /Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland/
  • Agata Drzystek /University of Zielona Góra, Poland/
    → Acyclic sum-list-partitions in graphs
  • Tomasz Dzido /University of Gdańsk, Poland/
  • Hanna Furmańczyk /University of Gdańsk, Poland/
  • Grzegorz Gancarzewicz /Cracow University of Technology, Poland/
    → Zhu condition for edge hamiltonian graphs
  • Mou Gao /Dalian University of Technology, China/
    → Hamiltonian prisms over some graphs under toughness conditions
  • Mariia Gordenko /National Research University, the Russian Federation/
    → The mixed Chinese postman problem
  • Izolda Gorgol /Lublin University of Technology, Poland/
    → On lower bound of induced Ramsey numbers
  • Mariusz Grech /University of Wrocław, Poland/
    → Cyclic automorphism groups of edge-colored graphs
  • Jarosław Grytczuk /Warsaw University of Technology, Poland/
    → From 1-2-3 conjecture to Riemann Hypothesis
  • Gabriel Jakóbczak /Jagiellonian University, Poland/
    → Majority coloring games
  • Adam Kostulak /University of Gdańsk, Poland/
  • Marek Kubale /Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland/
  • Magdalena Lemańska /Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland/
  • Andrzej Lingas /Lund University, Sweden/
    → Efficient detection of small pattern graphs
  • Bernardo Llano Llano /Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana – Iztapalapa, Mexico/
    → The dichromatic number of some circulant digraphs
  • Rober Malona /Opole University, Poland/
    On the generalized Redei-Camion theorem
  • Mateusz Miotk /University of Gdańsk, Poland/
    → Bipartization of graphs
  • Adam Morawiec /University of Wrocław, Poland/
    → From rooks to matchings, via marriages
  • Urszula Pastwa /Warsaw University of Technology, Poland/
    → Colorings of R2 avoiding patterns on lines
  • Semih Piri /Kastamonu University, Turkey/
    → Partial geometric difference sets and Cayley graphs
  • Kamil Paweł Powroźnik /Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Poland/
  • Joanna Raczek /Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland/
  • Monika Rosicka /University of Gdańsk, Poland/
    → Classification of labeled grids
  • Ingo Schiermeyer /TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany/
    → On the chromatic number of 2K2-free graphs
  • Jerzy Topp /University of Gdańsk, Poland/
  • Magdalena Tyniec-Motyka /AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland/
    → Orthogonal one-factorizations of complete multipartite graphs
  • Ismael Gonzalez Yero /University of Cadiz, Spain/
    → On some relationships between independence and domination in graphs
  • Radosław Ziemann /University of Gdańsk, Poland/
  • Rita Zuazua /Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico/
    → On the super domination number of lexicographic product graphs
  • Paweł Żyliński /University of Gdańsk, Poland/