Workshop banquet

The conference banquet will take place on Thursday, September 14, in the restaurant Panorama located at the top of Stone Mountain, with one of the best views in the whole of Gdynia. Before the banquet, we plan to visit the Emigration Museum housed in the historical building of the Marine Station in Gdynia, dedicated to the history of Polish emigration, being written every day.

Getting out

There are at least two options. For both of them, you can use the blue 24-hour ticket you got (and which must be validated, only once, either upon entering the bus or before starting your trip with the SKM train, for the first time).

OPTION 1. Take the bus S, getting on at the bus stop 'Armii Krajowej' (in Gdynia, see the map below) and getting off at the bus station 'Bohaterów Monte Casino' (in Sopot). Just to let you know, at some bus stops (but this is not the aforementioned case), marked in addition with 'NŻ', when you want to get off the bus, you must press the bell (also giving the driver plenty of time to stop safely). For planning your way back, you may use a journey planner, including bus timetables:

the bus stop

OPTION 2. Take the SKM train, getting on at the railway station 'Gdynia Główna' (see the map below) and getting off at 'Sopot'. For timetables, see (Passenger Center).

the SKM railway station