One big cube made up of many 
Rendering 12x12x12 blocks - how do I apply some 'variety' and height to the blocks?...

Welcome to Green And White iOS Games Development, the home of Bubbsy and
Yorick's Revenge.





I just want to point out that any code given away on this site is for educational purposes
only.  It cannot and must not be used to create the same game as the code give away
and released under a new name (this has happened twice now).  
The code, graphics and music are copyright 2011-2012 Green and White.  
If you do want to use the code as is and the graphics and music you need the written consent
from Green and White to do so, failing to do that and you will suffer severe legal

Yorick's Revenge can be found on the App Store:

Bubbsy can be found on the App Store:

Toast Boy

Added code for simple platform game, with joystick movement and flick screen.

See Downloads and select toastboy.  Note platform SVG is for first screen, use inkscape
to create SVG files for other screens.  PM me for information on this

Source give away for Yorick's Revenge procedural landscape. (See licensing notes at top of page)

Download code here.

Giving away Bubbsy V2.0 Source code (See licensing notes at top of page). 

I hope the code helps people to produce their own games and I hope people maybe go and buy Bubbsy from the above link due
to giving the code away to actually see what it looks and plays like.  The game took almost 10 months to complete.

The source code download can be found here or from the link on the left. Again, please see licensing notes at top of page.

All our games are written in Objective-C and some C++.  

Bubbsy uses tiled for the tile maps and Inkscape was used to create the SVG files which are parsed by my own parser (see svgparser.m ).  Game is powered by Cocos2d so many thanks to Riq and contributors of this superb 2d game engine and big shout to everyone on the coco2d forums.  Box2d was used to handle collisions and player movement - thanks to Erin Catto and contributors for  this amazing physics simulator.

Ok, go download the code and download the game :-)