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BEES for sale 

HONEY for sale
Contact: Tel: 01495 785712
Posted 2018

EQUIPMENT for sale

Maisemore Extractor, brand new £400+; accept £200
Contact: Nicholas 07557099391
Posted February 2018

APIARY SITES available
N.B. GBCIO hold no responsibility for agreements between beekeepers and landowners

Llantilio Crossenny; 12 acre smallholding with orchard
Contact: Jane & Nick Perkins
Tel: 1600 780505
Re-posted March 2018

Newcastle, Monmouth SO427173; 30 acres organic 29 yrs: hay meadows; woodland; orchard
Contact:  mailto:anneggleton@waitrose.comTel: 01600 780449
Re-posted March 2018

Llanfrechfa, Cwmbran; large garden & orchard
Contact: John Challenger Tel: 01633 484546
Posted August 2017

Penperlleni, Saron Road; field
Chris Evans Tel: 07811 294053
Posted May 2017