Our aim is to encourage, improve and advance beekeeping through membership of our group.

Advantages of membership include:
  • Talks by invited speakers on a wide range of beekeeping topics 
  • Workshops e.g. checking for Nosema apis and N.ceranae
  • Association apiary meetings
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Third party and product liability insurance
  • Insurance against loss form bee diseases
  • Equipment hire
  • Association library
  • Discounted subscriptions for Beekeepers Quarterly and Bee Craft
  • Theoretical and practical course for beginners

Possibly the most important benefit is the opportunity to exchange views and learn from the experience of other beekeepers.

Full Membership :- includes  British Beekeepers Association capitation fee, giving benefit of BBKA membership and third party insurance; and £2 Bee Disease Insurance for 3 hives (additional payment required for more than 3 hives).
Full members are encouraged to register with The National Bee Unit on BeeBase
Associate Membership :- for beginners without bees and those embarking on the Beginner's Course; beekeepers who are a full member of another beekeeping association; spouse/partner of full member; retired beekeepers; anyone who wishes to support beekeeping.