During the winter, meetings take the form of informative lectures, practical microscope sessions or social events. Lectures are held on the second Thursday of the month in Goytre Village Hall at 7.30 pm. Tea and coffee are available at the end of the session when people exchange their news and views. Non-members are welcome to attend these meetings.
Directions: Goytre Village Hall NP4 0AW is located in Penperlleni off the A4042 between Cwmbran and Abergavenny.

Throughout the beekeeping season, a monthly meeting is held at the association apiary when work appropriate to the season is carried out. Extra sessions may be necessary, which are advertised in the monthly newsletter. There are special 'Taster Sessions' for prospective beekeepers, who may also attend apiary meetings by arrangement. Beesuits are available for visitors and beginners. Apiary sessions offer an excellent opportunity for experienced beekeepers to share their wisdom and for new beekeepers to gain practical experience.

Once a year, there is an association dinner, which is held in October. The AGM is held on a Saturday afternoon in November in Goytre Village Hall, which is followed by a talk.

Association Diary 2017               

Thursday 12th January
Goytre Village Hall 7.30pm

"Elephants and Bees"
given by Brian Durk

    Thursday 9th February
Goytre Village Hall 7.30pm

"Spring Inspections"
given by Frank Gellatly

Thursday 9th March
Goytre Village Hall 7.30pm

"Swarming and Queen Selection"
given by Michael Hunt

Thursday 13th April
Goytre Village Hall 7.30pm

"Top Bar Hives"
given by Alistair Campbell

Sunday 14th May 2.15pm 

 Ochran Farm Apiary

 Sunday 11th June 2.15pm

Ochran Farm Apiary 

Sunday 9th July 2.15pm 

Ochran Farm Apiary 

Sunday 13th August 2.15pm 

 Ochran Farm Apiary

 Sunday 10th September 2.15pm 

 Ochran Farm Apiary

Thursday 14th September
Goytre Village Hall 7.30pm

"Simple Techniques to Establish the
Floral Origins of Honey"
given by Andy Poulter

11th October 2017
Goytre Arms, Penperlleni

GBKA Annual Dinner   

Saturday 11th November
Goytre Village Hall 2.15pm

 AGM followed by a talk
"Investigating honey bee foraging using
 pollen DNA meta barcoding"
given by Laura Jones

 Thursday 14th December
Goytre Village Hall 7.30pm

Social Evening