A Beginners Course is held each year beginning in February and is comprised of:
  • 8 weekly classes on the theory of beekeeping 
  • 6 apiary sessions to gain practical experience 

Course fee £150; in addition to Membership of GBKCIO.

Taster Sessions: Prospective beginners must attend a Taster Session at the association's apiary to experience beekeeping in action before being accepted on the Beginners Course. However as applications for the course exceed the number of places each year, attendance at a Taster Session does not guarantee a place on the course. 

Please contact the Beginners Course Tutor or the GBKCIO Secretary  for more information about the course and to book a place at a Taster Session.

Bee suits and gloves are provided for beginners attending the Taster Sessions and the practical sessions of the Beginners Course.